“>The other candidates watched in astonishment.

“Uh, that's incredibly fast.”

“Were the mana golems that weak?”

“Are they the same age as us?”

Amazement, awe, jealousy, and envy mixed in the gazes they received.

With all the different looks they received, Ulan and Dilia realized that they were close to their final goal.
And so it was, as they faced their fourth mana golem.

Dilia's eyebrows twitched.

“What was that just now?

For a moment, she felt an unfamiliar surge of mana.

As a precaution, she scanned the surroundings of the exam hall.
In the process, her gaze met with Deflyn's.


Pure desire burned in Deflyn's eyes; it was the intense gaze of a researcher driven by strong obsession.

Upon seeing this, Dilia had a gut feeling.

She must be up to something.

And then, suddenly…

Boom! Crash!

With a loud boom, the ground suddenly split in half.

A fifth mana golem had emerged.

It was different from the golems they had faced so far.

Its body swelled as if it would burst at any moment.
The once calm eyes blazed like flames, and an enormous amount of mana spewed out like steam.

‘A rampaging mana golem!’

A magic golem is a puppet powered by magic.

Mana golems were puppets moved by mana.
If they were infused with more mana than they could handle, they were highly likely to go into overload and run amok.

And right here, right now, the only one who would do this was…


Dilia bit her lip tightly.

She had no idea why she had done this or what her intentions were.
But what mattered more at this moment was dealing with the golem first.

And so, she quickly began chanting a spell, attempting to create a protective barrier. 

However, time was woefully insufficient. 

Wham! Crash! 

The attacks rained down fiercely.

In the midst of that fearsome onslaught, her composure shattered in an instant.
The spell was unfinished, and Dilia's face grew pale.

‘No, it's too late!’

Anticipating the imminent pain, she tightly shut her eyes.

Thud! Thud!

A massive arm swung towards Dilia, as though the impact would crush a part of her body.

However, surprisingly, there was no pain.

What was that? Dilia cautiously opened her eyes.
Then a look of surprise crossed her face.
She had found someone she hadn't expected.

“Are you unharmed?”

It was Ulan.
Dilia was puzzled.

Why was he here? Wasn't he supposed to be fighting far away? She felt flustered in the midst of confusion.

“You looked like you were in danger, so I came to save you.”

He must have read my expression again.

While her golden eyes trembled with uncertainty, Ulan's voice reached her again.

“You're safe.”

One last blunt word.

With a final blunt remark, Ulan's gaze turned firm.
Then, he grabbed the arms of the mana golem and forcefully slammed it to the ground.


The man golem was thrown upside down.

Soon, a giant fist flew toward it.

Wham! Thump! Thump! Crash!

A merciless barrage of punches.

She wondered why he didn't use his axe, but he must have left it behind when he came to save Dilia from danger.

'For me…….'

She had vaguely heard such words before.
For a warrior, a weapon was as crucial as life itself, they said

But to the extent of abandoning his weapon and coming all this way for her? Why? Dilia couldn't rid herself of the perplexing feeling.

And then, at that moment…


The mana golem that Ulan was striking so defiantly exploded with a resounding noise.
It meant that the mana core was destroyed.

Fragments soon scattered in all directions.

The examinees gasped and inhaled.
Their eyes blinked rapidly as they stared at the scene with dazed faces.

The examination hall was suddenly silent.

After a while, various reactions followed.

“D-Did he really knock it down with his fists?”

“Did he defeat a mana golem with his bare hands……?”

“That was a rampaging golem, too.”

“That barbarian, is he a real mage?!”

Amidst a flurry of reactions, Dilia's eyes caught sight of a large hand.

It was a hand full of calluses—Ulan's hand.
Still slumped on the ground, she looked up at him, her lips puckered in surprise.


“Because you're important.”

The question was barely out of her mouth.

But Ulan gave a straightforward answer.
At that moment, numerous thoughts flashed through Dilia's mind.

Important? What does he mean by that?

I just met Ulan today for the first time, didn't I?

Does he somehow know that I am a princess of the kingdom? Or is he a mercenary hired by the kingdome to be my bodyguard?

All sorts of speculations came to mind.

Dilia shook her head vigorously.

No answer would come from pondering it alone.

Instead, she should just ask him directly.

“What do you mean?”

Suppressing her trembling, she asked the question.

And then, Ulan, who had been answering with confidence, seemed to hesitate.
He had a rather troubled look on his face.
What could possibly be the reason for that expression?

His golden eyes flickered.

“This might sound a little weird, but…….”

Ulan rattled off.

His words slurred and he scratched his head; as if trying to figure out what to say.

Then, suddenly, he crouched down to face Dilia.
In a hushed voice, as if whispering, he said something only she could hear.

“We will be together in the future.”

“……what, what?”

“In 10 years, no, 30 years, we will still be together, so I saved you.
That's the only reason.”

{T/N:- Ulan, the RIZZoner.}

An answer she never could have imagined.

His words left her once again in a dazed expression.

Future? Thirty years? Together?

‘That sounds like…….’

Dilia's cheeks blushed ever so slightly.

Her eyes trembled with uncertainty, and she felt an unusual sensitivity throughout her body, with her heartbeat pounding in her chest like never before.

As she continued to unfold the wings of her imagination alone, Ulan spoke calmly.

“Don't think about it too much.
It's not something you need to worry about right now.”

No, how can she not overthink it when he suddenly says something like that?!

Dilia wanted to shout out in frustration.

But she couldn't.
An unwelcome intruder had appeared between them.

“Wow, this is really interesting.”

A cheerful voice, bouncing with energy.

A girl with apricot-colored hair.

“Who would have thought you could knock down a golem with your bare hands?”

The grinning mastermind behind this commotion

It was Deflyn Chernihiv.



The term 'Elf' has been changed to 'Fairy' for Dilia.
That means she is a half-blood between a human and a fairy, not between a human and an elf.


The term Mage will be used now instead of Wizard.
I will make the changes in the previous chapters.


I thought releasing this chapter in its entirety would be a better idea.
So, there might not be a chapter tomorrow.

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