Chapter 16.2 – This Is How My Magic Works (3)

BY ARTHAS – JULY 24, 2023


“……In the third test, you will face the mana golems to retrieve the mana cores.
Five golems in total, and your objective is to collect as many mana cores as possible without shattering them.”

Dirac's expression held a hint of gloom as he explained the test to the candidates, his voice wavering weakly.
Most of his meticulously prepared plans had turned into failures.

“However, as I said before, this test will be conducted as a group test.
Cooperation will be highly valued, so make sure to coordinate well with your teammates.”

Yet, Dirac wasn't ready to surrender.
This time, he had a trick up his sleeve.

Presently, there were an odd number of candidates participating in the 〘Mana Detection〙 test.
Consequently, one person would be left out, unable to form a group.

‘And at that moment…’

The plan was to assign an assistant supervisor, whom he had secretly recruited beforehand, to assist Ulan.
The assistant supervisor would then try to break all the mana cores before Ulan could retrieve them.

Checking his plan once again, Dirac waved the box he'd prepared.

“Okay, then, let’s determine the groups by drawing lots, starting with those with the highest amount of mana.”

With this method, Ulan would be the last one left.
A grin spread across Dirac's face.

Whirr! Whirr!

Suddenly, the lottery box burst into flames.


It was an abrupt and unexpected situation.

Dirac was taken aback and hastily threw the burning box away.

The culprit behind this was evident—only one person among them could be using magic at that moment.

“What are you doing…?”

“I'm sorry.
I have changed my mind.”

The one who set the box on fire was Deflyn.

She was the Chancellor of the Department of Magic, her gaze fixed on the candidates with a cheerful smile.

“I believe there's a fairer method than this.”


“Yes! We will determine the groups based on the amount of mana each candidate possesses.
The one with the highest and lowest mana will form a group, and so on.”

In that moment, Dirac comprehended her intention; she planned to place Ulan and Dilia in the same group.
While he couldn't fathom her reasons, that was her aim.

However, as soon as she finished speaking, a few students voiced objections.

“But isn't that a bit…?”

“Isn't it unfair?”

“What? Why?”

“If you look at it that way, then Ulan and Dilia would be in the same group, and they're currently ranked first and second, aren't they?”

“Hmm, I guess so.”

She muttered thoughtfully.

However, it was only a brief moment.

“Ah! Then how about this? If Ulan and Dilia's group fail to retrieve all the mana cores, they will receive only one point.”

With a rather odd suggestion, Deflyn displayed a bright smile.

“But, if they manage to recover all the cores perfectly, not only will they get five points, but I'll also grant a special benefit, one that might be of great use to them in their future life at the academy.
As the Chancellor of the Department of Magic, I promise this.”


Her final words caused a commotion in the examination hall.

The Chancellor of the Department of Magic—Deflyn—had made a clear declaration.
And when even the supervisor, Dirac, didn't contest it, the commotion only grew louder.

“How about it? Isn't it a reasonable condition?”

No one opposed it.

Regardless of whether it seemed fair or unfair, she was the Chancellor of the Department of Magic, and her words couldn't be challenged.

At that moment, Ulran murmured softly, as if contemplating.

“Not bad.”

Currently, he had already earned 10 points.

Even if he failed to retrieve the mana core and receive only one point, he would still get at least a B-Grade.
That would be enough to secure his admission.

However, if he succeeded in achieving his goal, he would also receive the “special benefit”.

In other words, he had nothing to lose.

“Right? So, shall we proceed like this?”

“I don't mind.


“Swear on your mana and name.”

Ulan's gaze grew intense.

In response, Deflyn wore a puzzled expression.

“Swear? I'm the Chancellor, the Chancellor of the Department of Magic! Do you think I won't keep my promise…?”

“There's a good chance you won't,” Ulan interrupted her words.

Immediately after he spoke, he fixed his gaze on her.

“Because your eyes are full of lies.”


“I've seen many people with eyes like yours.
Those who possess such eyes cannot be trusted.”

His words seemed to linger menacingly in the air.

Deflyn's eyes changed strangely.

Not her usual emotionless demeanor but a glimmer of intrigue.
After staring at Ulan for a moment, she suddenly burst into laughter.

“Ahaha! Very well, I swear on mana and my name, Deflyn Chernihiv, that I will fulfill the promise I just made.
Is that okay?”

Ulan nodded wordlessly.

It was a sign of acceptance.
Dilia, too, accepted Deflyn's offer without objection.

As he watched Ulan and Dilia join the group, Dirac wore a helpless smile.

‘Haha, I’m screwed.’

Of course, he still had the option to intervene.

However, if he did so, Dilia would also suffer.
It would be no different from provoking Deflyn's wrath.

As the image of research notes fluttering away like wings danced before his eyes, Professor Dirac lost consciousness right there and then.

* * * * *

Upon Professor Dirac's fainting, Deflyn, the Chancellor of the Department of Magic, stepped in as the new test supervisor.
Surprisingly, none of the examinees opposed this change.

Ulan and Dilia, now grouped together, remained silent, each engrossed in their own preparations.
Dilia gently wiped her staff, while Ulan wielded axes in both hands.

‘Retrieving the mana core is not difficult.’

Just like hunting demonic beasts, he could slice them from the surface and retrieve the cores.
The use of tools was permitted in this exam, after all.


He could take a different approach, as he did in his previous life, and seek Dilia's assistance.

She had an affinity for mana, easily sensing its flow and locating the cores. 

Either way, this test was a guaranteed victory for him.

As he entertained these thoughts, someone poked his back.


“……I can't see,” the silver-haired girl frowned.

It was Dilia.
She moved closer, inspecting Ulan as if observing a strange creature, and then pointed behind her.

“In the way.
Behind you, watch.”

He couldn't help but laugh at her words.

It was almost the same as what she had said when we first met, when she had casually asked, “Are you a giant by any chance?” while scanning him from top to bottom.
Just like now.

She looked him up and down with an annoyed expression.

Back then, after realizing that Ulan was a warrior of barbarian origin, she said with an expressionless face, “Don't get in the way for no reason, step aside.”

Back then, he had thought she was ignoring him. 

However, as they spent more time together, he understood that Dilia struggled to express herself fully.
She simply didn't want to witness her comrades getting hurt right before her eyes.

Am I drunk on nostalgia?

Lost in thoughts, Ulan recounted the response he had given to Dilia's greeting at that time, not leaving out a single detail.

“I refuse.”


“I don't listen to the words of a cowardly mage.”

“What nonsense…”

“No matter what you say, I will fight ahead of you.
That's what a warrior is supposed to do.”

With a wry smile, Ulan took the lead.

Dilia furrowed her eyebrows.

But she didn't utter anything unusual.
Their test preparations were nearly complete by then.

Ulan and Dilia were the first to begin.

Under the watchful gazes of the other candidates, the assistant supervisor's shout echoed through the examination room.

“The test begins!”

In that instant, the mana golem sprang to life.

Its eyes glowed a bright blue; Dilia grabbed her staff and was about to mutter a spell.

However, Ulan was the first to act.

Thump, thump, thump!

Unhesitatingly, he hurled his axe; it spun through the air and struck the golem right in the center of its forehead.

“……..Huh?” Dilia mumbled absentmindedly.

The golem was split in half.

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