The Abyss Demon of The Heavens

Chapter 8: Lawbringers

Talia pressed her forehead to the ground and said respectfully.

”Great Demon, I beg you to make me your slave so that the world can live in the abyss of pain and misery forever. ”

Carlo followed the memory to cast the ”soul contract. ” The Purgatory fire blazed, and Talia let out a painful, muffled grunt. Her forehead lit up with a complex brand of crimson, which soon faded beneath her skin. From now on, Talias soul was in Carlos hands, and life and death were all in his hands.

The contract was completed, and the systems voice in his head rang out. ”The primary task of the first dimension has been completed: issuing 100 experience and 1,000 evil value. ”

Carlo was happy; he did not expect such a simple task to give him a full 100 points of experience and a thousand points of evil value.

Immediately after that, the system sounded again.

”Dimensional Main Quest Two unlocked ”.

”Traces of evil are appearing on earth, and the hounds of heaven will follow the scent to find you. ”

”Destroy them, let the hated holy light die out in the darkness forever, and the Seven Monarchs will appreciate your despicable act. ”

”Destroy the forces of heaven, reward 3000 experience points, and 30,000 evil points. ”

”Kill a Son of Divine Grace, and earn 1000 experience points and 10,000 evil value points. ”

”Luring a Divine Grace Son into the abyss will earn you 2000 experience points and 20,000 evil value points. ”

After that, a tattoo slowly appeared on Carlos left arm: a grinning demon head. Carlo felt something and knew that it was equivalent to radar for monitoring the so-called ”Sons of Gods Grace, ”

The demon tattoo would sense when a Son of God appeared in his vicinity. The reward for mission two was so generous that Carlos mouth watered at the possibilities, but it also showed the difficulty of this mission.

”Dear master, where are we going next? ” Talias face showed a hint of cruelty. ”Should we kill all the remaining villagers? ”

Carlo gave Talia an admiring look, the womans heart was vicious and ruthless.

Carlo snapped his fingers and said casually, ”Well talk about that later, You need to wash all that disgusting urine off your body and then find me some clothes. ”

Our dear Carlos was still naked.

A few moments later, Talia washed up and returned to the barn, bringing Carlo a clean linen cloak.

Carlo put on the cloak and the wide cloak just to cover his demonic form; he was quite satisfied and nodded, but frowned: ”Talia, you still smell disgusting. If you were not my slave, I would really like to burn you alive. ”

Talias face showed a guilty look, and she fell to her knees, saying, ”Dear master, I am sorry; I will punish myself. ”

After Talia finished, she mouthed a series of incantations, and a small green flame rose from her white palms. She pressed the flame to her face; the flame burned the flesh and made a ”zippy ” sound, and the air was filled with a burnt smell.

Talia held back without saying a word, and until the fair and beautiful face was burning like an evil ghost, she was sweating to get closer. What the hell happened to this woman to make her look more like a demon than she is?

Carlo looked at Talia with interest but opened his mouth to ask another question that interested him more. ”Talia, what kind of magic are you using? ”

”Master, its the Magic Code of Karapos. ” Talia pulled out a thin notebook from her bosom and handed it to Karo. Carlo casually took it over and flipped through it. It was said to be a magic code, but in fact, it was a certain witchs magic notes, on which there were ten thousand magic spells recorded.

The power of this magic was not bad, but the means to cast the spell are very cumbersome, requiring a long incantation and a variety of precious potion powder that, for ordinary people, maybe a treasure, but for Carlo, is not even a necessity.

Carlo glanced at the last page of the spells record.

”What is this Karapos? ”

”The evilest and greatest witch in the world. ” Talias face showed a trace of worship and fanaticism, but after noticing Carlos gaze, she hastily pressed her head and said, ”Of course, shes worth nothing before you, Master. ”

”She once put a kingdoms people to sleep for a whole year and killed a powerful knight chief, everyone hated her, cursed her, but feared her just the same. ”

Her magic notes circulated on the continent for a hundred years, and every witch who got them had great power and became the most feared being in the world.

”I also got these pages by coincidence. ” Carlo laughed and then casually released a flame to burn the notebook to ashes.

”Talia, forget about Karapos. ” Carlo looked at Talia and spoke, ”I will grant you the power of the Abyss. ”

Talias face showed ecstasy, and she said excitedly, ”Thank you, master. ” Carlo tapped his finger on Talias forehead and gave her dozens of spells he had specially selected from the ”Demon Basic Magic. ”

Talias lips were trembling with excitement as she carefully kissed the tops of Carlos feet. ”Well, we still have things to do. ”

A wicked smile appeared on Carlos face as he gazed through the barn into the distance.

Every mortal in this world, in his eyes, is a walking experience point and evil value; even if a little the accumulation of less becomes more.

As long as you kill. Sooner or later, you will upgrade

”Lord Baron, spare us; its all his daughters fault, that stinking Talia. ” The remaining villagers fell to their knees at the entrance of the village as seven or eight imposing cavalrymen and dozens of heavily armed guards surrounded them.

The baron, who was as fat as a pig, sat on the carriage and asked while playing with the trigger finger in his hand, ”Where is Basset? Tell him to come out and see me. ”

The villager who answered earlier replied with fear

”The village chief has taken the men to capture Talia, just over the barn; I can take you there, Lord Baron. ”

The baron nodded in satisfaction and casually waved his hand, saying, ”In that case, you are of little value. ”Root, kill them all. ”

”Yes, Lord. ” The leader, a knight whose entire body was hidden under thick armor, nodded lightly and slowly raised the lance in his hand. The rest of the guards also raised their weapons in their hands.

The villagers all kowtowed and begged for mercy: ”Lord Baron, its not our fault; let us live, please. ” The pleading soon turned into screams—moans of pain accompanied by the sound of swords and spears piercing flesh and blood spattering—playing a concerto of death in the small village.

The baron spoke coldly: ”This is a mercy; every one of you will be buried for what you did to my son. ”

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