The Abyss Demon of The Heavens

Chapter 7: The Magic Code of Karapos

In the abandoned barn, the sunlight fell through the cracks of the leaking roof, eroding into dappled gold flakes in the darkness.

A beautiful young girl, barefoot and clad in linen, sat on her knees in the darkest corner with a frantic and devout look on her face.

In front of her face, the eyes of a frog, the left foot of a black cat, the blood of a bat, the tongue of a lizard, and the tail of a centipede were placed in a specific position in the shape of a pentagram, and in the middle of the pentagram was a bloodied heart.


The young girl kept chanting under her breath.

”Thank you for all the sins I have suffered and for all the misery that has befallen me. I am in prison, and I have only blood and bones to deliver.

May the will of the evil one walk on earth as it does in the abyss. ”

The young lady recited the incantation three times, opened her eyes, and pulled out a sharp dagger from behind her. The last step of the ritual was to cut off her right index finger.

The young girl is a little hesitant, struggling at this time, outside the faint sound of noisy footsteps.

”Ah! ” A voice like the cry of a wild cat rang out at the door, ”Talia, you deserve to go to hell… My poor Jimmy. You ripped out His heart!!! ”

A sneer of disdain spread across the corners of Talias mouth. Hell? What do they know about hell?

The door to the barn was broken by angry villagers, and Basset broke in with the villagers in full armor.

”Talia, you wicked witch

, the fire of God will crucify you, and your soul will never be reborn. ”

Talia no longer hesitated and quickly cut off her index finger, splashing red blood on the ground like a demonic rose flower.

Talia quickly recited, ”Evil and great being, may you heed my call and come down to earth, so that the fire of the abyss may burn everything ”

”Stop her! ”

Basset shouted in horror, picking up the toilet in his hand and throwing it at Talia.

The rest of the villagers followed suit and raised their buckets as well.

The full urine made a yellow or green arc in mid-air and drenched Talia in a flash, instantly emitting a pungent stench all over her body.

Talia was motionless, and her expression was dull; she did not know whether it was because the expected sight did not appear or because she was covered with unimaginable filth.

”Ah! ” Finally, she let out a crumbling scream.

”Ill kill you all! ” Wrapped in the yellow urine, Talia no longer had her youthful and beautiful appearance but looked more like an evil ghost that had crawled out of hell—dirty, ugly, and disgusting.

”The Witch is showing her true face! ”

Basset shouted, raised the hoe in his hand, and took a bold step forward.

”Lets go together and kill her! ”

Talia recited a long incantation quickly and urgently and pointed her missing index finger at the crowd, but nothing happened.

”Damn it, my magic! ” Talia cried out in horror.

Bassey was emboldened and encouraged, saying, ”The witchs black magic is no longer effective. ”

The villagers boldly stepped forward, their fierce eyes wanting to tear Talia to pieces.

Talia took two steps back with a look of despair in her eyes.

Just as Bassey was about to approach Talia, a ripple suddenly appeared in the void between them, as if a stone had broken the surface of the calm water.

A small black hole slowly formed, and the wind blew up in the barn for no apparent reason, causing dust to fly.

The black hole grew enormous making everyone forget about the matter a hand and just stared at this amazing scene in front of them.

A foot slowly stretched out, then legs, body,…

The full face of the visitor was finally fully revealed in front of everyone: a pair of bat-like, tiny wings flapping slightly, the slender and beautiful body suspended in mid-air; the head of the dark purple horns; and, behind, a poisonous snake-like tail; he handsome features; and red eyes, giving people an extremely evil feeling.

Carlo has descended to this unfamiliar surface in the blink of an eye.

The strength of this lower plain was weak, which makes his body feel like a thick layer of chains were removed. All of his abilities are greatly enhanced; even his wings were greatly enhanced flapping hard wings and making him float upward.

The His whole person instantly became many times stronger; the feeling was wonderful.

The only thing that made him feel uncomfortable was that the air seemed to be filled with a pungent smell. The stench was extremely potent.

Carlo frowned and covered his nose and muttered, ”Whats that smell? ” It stinks! ”

Carlos words shattered the calmness of the room, and a villager stammered, ”This is evil… the devil! ”

”Hahahaha!!! ” Talia laughed wildly and pointed at the villagers, ordering Carlo, to kill them! ”

The villagers backed away in fear, and some of them threw the urine from the toilet at Carlo.

The scarlet pupils of Carlo fiercely contracted; his two wings made a nimble dodge when he figured out what the source of the stench in the air was.

At that moment, the voice of the system in his head sounded: ”The main quest of the realm is open. ”

”Mission 1: Kill the peasants and enslave the sorceress Talia. ”

”Mission 2: Not yet available. ”

Carlo froze for a moment and subconsciously looked at the woman behind him with a crazy expression

And horrendous stench, and he couldn help but mutter in his heart: Is this ”mad woman ” the witch Talia in the mission?

Carlo sighed helplessly. ”No matter, lets kill the villagers first. ”

The villagers urine did not hit the devil; they have begun to retreat and run away.

Carlo casually threw out a ”weakness spell. ” This initial level of demon magic in the abyss can only make the bird demon slightly slow two or three seconds of the small spell but now has undergone a radical change.

A dark purple circle of light diffused from the hands of Carlo, instantly catching up with the villagers fleeing hastily, and then they were suddenly one by one, moved with sluggish movements, getting slower inch by inch.

The villagers became burning torches one by one and were reduced to ashes a few moments later.

Carlo looked at the system board and found that each villager had contributed one experience and ten evil points to him, just like stepping on a demon egg.

Carlo finally had the time to turn around, stroking his chin and looking down at the ecstatic Talia with a smile on his face, and saying, ”Okay, mortal, Ive fulfilled your request; now its time to offer your soul. ”

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