The Abyss Demon of The Heavens

Chapter 6: The Massacre

Carlo saw a ”black cloud ” floating far away, and the little devils on the ground screamed and flew up one after another, into the black cloud.

The black cloud is getting closer and closer, and Carlo finally saw: It is a huge devil.

This demons back wing has wings covered with black scales and a wingspan of six or seven meters. Its wings are strong, and a slight beat on the ground will raise a hurricane for no reason, lifting several small demons to its open mouth.

The bird-like demon feeds quickly and eats a huge amount of food, flying all the way to eat, not knowing how many small demons, but still not enough.

Inevitably, it has set its eyes on Carlo.

Damn, Carlo hurriedly got up and ran quickly behind him.

He and this strange bird demons strength we
e not equal; facing each other face to face will only send him to his death.

The speed of Carlos escape was fast, but the speed of the bird demons flight is faster. It will take just a dozen breaths to catch up with Karo.

The devil birds wings shook, and Carlo, who was running furiously and felt a strong wind come out from his armpits, holding his body upward uncontrollably.

Carlo desperately wiggled his tiny wings behind him, trying to curb the upward trend, but to no avail. His fleshy wings are not much different from the wings of the strange bird demon and are decorative.

Carlo rose higher and higher, looking at the monster bird demons bloody mouth, which has slowly opened to meet his arrival. Carlo will be in the hands of the two sawtooth daggers that are thrown out, but the sharp daggers into the mouth of the monster bird, but like stones sinking into the sea, not a ripple.

The daggers were like stones in the sea.

”Weakness! ”

The black circle of light became bigger and bigger in mid-air, and finally, as the whole set on the strange bird demon, the strange bird demons body sank, the back seems to have added a thousand pounds of weight for no reason, and the movement became difficult.

The hurricane beneath Carlo fiercely disappeared.

But his body has not fallen a meter, the wind reappeared, Carlo has backed up a head, and the ”Weakness Technique ” effect has disappeared.

The magic resistance of the bird was too high, Carlo said in his heart. Usually, when he hunts, he throws one on the low-level demons, and those low-level demons become complete lambs to the slaughter, The fact was that they usually lasted for two or three seconds.

Or is it because the difference in strength is too great?

The spell of weakness, the spell of the curse, the spell of blindness… The monster bird demon was overwhelmed by these messy spells, and Carlo finally fell back to the ground.

But before he could escape much further, a roar of anger came from behind him, and the monster bird demon had already chased after him again with its blazing wings.

This was bad. Carlo curses in his heart; his miniature magic power has been depleted.

Carlo, staggering towards the monster bird demons mouth in mid-air, his body strength was useless; he can only watch himself going closer and closer to death.

No, I can be eaten like this.

Carlos brain was frantically running, looking for any way to help themselves out of the trap. Suddenly, he saw a light.

”Is the descent confirmed? ”

”Yes, yes. ”

The fishy, hot breath from the birds mouth was already puffing on Carlos face.

”The host is randomly selecting the descending plane for the host. ”

Damn it, hurry up!

”Selection is complete, ready to descend. ”

The sharp teeth of the bird demons upper and lower jaws were already chopping down, and Carlo couldn help but close his eyes.


The monster bird demon bit a blank, crashing his teeth in pain.

Huh! Where is that piece of meat right now? Why has he suddenly disappeared?

”Wheres the damn witch? ”

”my poor little Jimmy, hes only three years old. ”

”Ill burn her to a death! ”

It was noisy in the little square, peasants with pitchforks, hoes, and axes gathered, angry and agitated, spouting all sorts of vicious words, all of them aimed to kill.

”John, that wicked woman is your daughter. ” As the village headman, Bassey, who was a big and stout man and had great prestige in the small village, stepped forward, he grabbed the poor man by the collar and lifted him.

”You must know where she is, don you? ”

The old man with the scruffy beard and eyes looked a bit disoriented. Seemingly unable to accept the fact that his beautiful daughter had become a witch and killed the mayors only son, he mumbled and repeated, ”I don know, I don know anything. ”

Bassey was so angry that he slapped John twice, but he was so irritated, he clutched his teeth and shouted furiously ”Its his fault; he force Talia; he deserves to die ”

Bassey threw old John to the ground with one hand.

”You deserve to die, and your demonic spawn. ” Just as Bassey let John go, a peasant woman in the crowd rushed up and punched and kicked John, saying, ”That Talia has taken my child; tell me where she is! Tell me!!! ”

”All right, calm down. ” Bassey pulled the angry peasant woman away and said to all the villagers, ”We must find Talia before the Barons guards arrive, or the whole village will be dragged down by her. ”

Barse was worried: ”The Barons only son died in our village, and if the murderer is not handed over, the whole village will be destroyed in his anger. ”

The villagers eyes showed a hint of fear, and someone spoke up: ”Then what are we waiting for? Lets split up and go look for them. ”

The villagers were all in a state of shock.

”I… I found Talia. ”

Basseys eyes lit up, and he eagerly asked, ”Where is she? ”

The villager calmed his breathing and said quickly, ”I saw her sneaking into the barn with a sack on her back, and I didn dare follow her because I was afraid of her magic. ”

”Very well, lets go and get her now. ”

”But… ” Someone hesitantly said: ”She can do black magic. ”

A hint of hesitation flashed across Basseys face, but he quickly became determined and resolute: ”Everyone go back and bring the toilet; the filth will make the witchs magic lose its effect. ”

The villagers immediately perked up and responded, and after a few moments, they returned to the area one by one with their buckets, and with a single command from Bassey, everyone was ready to fight the legendary witch in great numbers.

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