The Abyss Demon of The Heavens

Chapter 1: Reincarnation

”The system energy is insufficient. ”

”The system energy is insufficient. ”

Carlo was awakened by a series of alarms.

In front of him was a dark red glow, arriving through a glass-like ceiling.

Isn it too low?

Carlo reached out and pushed; the ”glass ceiling ”.

Light came in from the outside, and Carlo saw a dark purple sky.

Seven rounds of scarlet blood moon hung high in the sky above, and the airs had the faint scent of sulfur.

”End of scan; detected host: (Devil). detected Location; the abyss. The system has insufficient energy, to continue. ”

The voice that woke Carlos up just now sounded once again, but before he could say a word, it reverted to a dull alarming sound.

What going on? Carlo felt the clutter of uncertain thoughts and the increasing pain of a headache surging forward.

He tried to stand up and take a cautious look at his surroundings, but he stumbled and fell on something slippery.

It was only then that Carlo noticed his current condition, his thin, pale arms, his round body, and an appendage that appeared to be behind his back.

And then he began to feel his nakedness, he was without hair, and the only thing on his head were two small bumps, resembling goat horns.

Carlo finally understood his current identity: A small abyssal demon.

He saw the new demon eggs, He saw all the dark red eggs everywhere and countless small demons of different shapes and sizes crawling out of the eggshells, like a title wave.

An ocean of demons.

Carlos brain was soon occupied by a sudden sense of hunger.

He subconsciously searched for food to feed himself, but there was no food there, only eggs and broken eggshells all over the floor.


Carlo stared at the faceplate-sized eggshell that he came out of, and saliva kept coming out of his mouth.

Those broken, hard, and little evil-looking eggshells looked in his eyes at the moment as if they would make a delicious commodity.

Carlo finally could not resist jumping up, grabbing a piece of broken eggshell, and stuffing it into his mouth.

The taste is a bit fishy, but it is edible; it felt as if you bit into it a pretzel.

Carlo ate all the eggshells in a moment. The hunger in his stomach subsided a little, and his arms and legs became stronger. He could now walk upright, and even the wings behind him could flap twice, but he was still a long way from flying.

What should I do next? Carlo thought.

When he was thinking, the egg that Carlo was lying on emitted a ”chug chug chug ” sound and shattered.

And then, in Carlos astonished gaze, a newborn little devil crawled out.

This little devil has no human appearance at all, more like a combination of a lizard and a crab.

The first thing the lizard crab demon did when it opened its eyes was to eat its eggshell. Its mouth was full of fine and sharp teeth, and it gnawed on the eggshell with tremendous speed, passing the birth period in the blink of an eye.

Does want to eat me?

Carlo subconsciously took two steps back, but the lizard crab has already flown up and opened its sharp mouth fiercely towards Carlos.

Carlo dove to the side, the lizard crab bit empty and hit an egg behind him; the eggshell shattered, and the dark red egg whit

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