lial points, open [On-Hook Cultivation Function], today’s usage reduced 10 filial points, current filial points remaining is 62 points.”

The [On-Hook Cultivation Function!] was running.

Without doing anything, Chen Chang’an felt as if the system had created another self and was in the On-Hook Cultivation Space, earnestly cultivating and practicing [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility].

He himself, too, is getting stronger and stronger under the [On-Hook Cultivation Function]!

He did not need to cultivate on his own, but relied on the [On-Hook Cultivation Function], and became stronger and stronger, and also gained control over [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility], with inexplicable understanding in his heart.


Chen Chang’an was astonished.

And then.

Chen Chang’an picked up an extremely high-quality Qi-implacing without having to refine it.

He had his own [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility] to help refine and become stronger.

In the Cultivation On-Hook Space, Chen Chang’an’s physical body seemed to turn into a bottomless pit that devoured everything, plundering the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

There were wisps of spiritual energy growing within his body, flowing through his limbs and bones, soothing his body!

His weak flesh grew stronger and stronger!

From there, it returned to its being!

A few breaths later.

His body shook, he had actually broken through to the second level of Qi Refining!

[System Warning: On-Hook Cultivation Function gained half a year of cultivation, Host has broken through to the second level of Qi Refining].

Chen Chang’an was so excited that he wanted to cry.

It had been three years, three years.

Until today, he finally broke through!

“Resurrect, finally I really resurrected, this system is amazing, taking a very high-quality Qi-implacing and hanging out for a short time is equivalent to cultivating for more than half a year.”

“I’m really a genius!”

But soon, Chen Changan calmed down.

His eyes glittered as he looked at the extremely high-quality Qi-implacing in the jade bottle in his hand that was shining with neon light.

“Level 2 Qi Refining, this is just the beginning!”

Taking a deep breath, Chen Chang’an swallowed the extremely high-quality Qi-implacing in the jade bottle whole in one gulp.

“It tastes good, slightly sweet.”

Chen Chang’an commented while chewing heavily.


One hour later.

One hundred extremely high-quality Qi-implants were all refined in the [On-Hook Cultivation Function].

Although Chen Chang’an’s qualifications were very low, the [On-Hook Cultivation Function] did not depend on his qualifications.

Within an hour of processing, he had broken through from Qi Refining level 1 to Qi Refining level 5!

At the same time, he had also fully mastered The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility, and a faint golden light flowed from his body, significantly increasing the defense power of his physical body.

Chen Chang’an was told.

If The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility is fully mastered, he will be immune to all laws, indestructible by all disasters, reborn with a drop of blood, immortal, and unparalleled in his dominance!

“With that kind of cultivation speed, who can beat me?”

“I truly look forward to the day when the On-Hook Cultivation Function [The Dhamma of Eternity and Indestructibility] reaches its fullest extent, then I will not be afraid of death.”

Chen Chang’an felt happy.

“But if I break through so quickly, I’m afraid that Master will be suspicious when he finds out, and I won’t be able to explain it, so I still have to think of a way to do it.”

But soon.

Chen Chang’an found the same skill in the [Filial Store] – [Immortal Turtle Hidden Qi].

At a price of 50 filial points, it could conceal the breath of a cultivator, and could even perform secret realm, technique, and art disguise changes, so that even the Immortal God could not detect it.

The system products are definitely good, but the price is a little expensive.

The service value is low, only 62 points.

But, it is urgently needed.

It’s time to buy.

Chen Chang’an spent 50 points of filial piety to buy the study, and still has 12 points left to support what he needs for tomorrow’s [Hanging cultivation function].

Use the [Immortal Turtle Hidden Qi] to change the cultivation breath from level 5 Qi Refining to level 1 Qi Refining.

Chen Chang’an smiled with satisfaction.

“Isn’t this perfect?”

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