Chen Chang’an was preparing to eat.


The bowl in his hand was snatched by Feng Wanxi.


“Master, that’s my rice bowl.”

Feng Wanxi plowed through her rice without regard for her image.

“This food is all mine, disciple, chew chew —- the kitchen should still have chew chew —- – leftover steamed buns from today’s lunch – chew chew —- tonight, chew chew —- you can eat that chew chew —–”

Chen Changan was speechless.

The only way to get the most out of this was to have fun.

Now he knows about his master’s hidden eating attributes.

Half an hour later.

Feng Wanxi, who was full of wine and food, burped and squinted comfortably, the corners of her mouth slightly curled in satisfaction.

“Disciple, your Master is so full ~~~~~”

Hehehe, full right.

Chen Chang’an felt happy in his heart.

“It’s good that Master is satisfied with the food cooked by this disciple.”

This time, it was enough to harvest more than a hundred filial points.

Today, he had 192 filial points on him.

With his bulging wallet, he could buy some good items from the [Filial Store] again.

Then, Chen Chang’an went to clean the dishes.


The dinner was already finished.

Feng Wanxi’s body looked so fat and boneless, she lazily lay down on the boulder to rest, calling out softly.

“Disciple, come here.”

“What else do you need, Master?”

Feng Wanxi took out a storage ring.

“Take it.”


“Since you’re my direct disciple, I, Feng Wanxi, won’t be stingy with you, so I’ll give you this storage ring, which contains the Immortal Life Sect’s Treasure Scripture [Immortal Life Sutra], and a hundred [Middle Grade Embodiment Qi Pills].”

Hearing Feng Wanxi’s words, Chen Chang’an’s heart trembled with great joy.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Go, cultivate well, your master has had enough to eat and drink, and is going out to digest a bit.”

“In these troubled times, demons are rampant and ghosts and monsters are wreaking havoc, your cultivation is too weak, you won’t have much strength to defend yourself if you don’t get stronger out there.”

Although Chen Chang’an’s qualifications were very poor, Feng Wanxi still wanted him to become stronger, after all, how to say it.

In just one day, Chen Chang’an had made a very good impression on Feng Wanxi, and she didn’t want him to die young.

Otherwise, who would massage and cook for her in the future?

“Okay, take care, Master.”

Feng Wanxi staggered down the mountain with the fragrant smell of wine.

Chen Chang’an couldn’t wait to open his storage ring.

He took out the [Longevity Sutra] and the one hundred [Middle Grade Embodiment Qi Pills] inside.

“Mater is worthy of being one of the Four Great Elders, the most bullish – and powerful – person in the sect, a generous attitude.”

Chen Chang’an sighed.

One should know that the [Immortal Life Teachings], which is the precious text of the Immortal Life Sect, can only be cultivated by at least core disciples in the Immortal Life Sect.

Himself is just a waste with mediocre qualifications and can only work as a workman, without the system, he will be an outer disciple at most, and an inner disciple will be quite difficult.

If Feng Wanxi hadn’t been her teacher, it’s likely that she would never have been able to access the Immortal Life Sect’s Immortal Life Teachings in her life.

As for the hundred [Middle Grade Qi Containing Pills], they were also extraordinary and were used by Qi Refining Realm cultivators for their daily cultivation.

This could speed up cultivation.

The days before.

As a workman, Chen Chang’an’s monthly ration was ten low-grade Qi-implacing pills.

A middle-grade Qi-implacing pill, on the other hand, was worth a hundred low-grade Qi-implacing pills.

Thus, it was equivalent to Chen Chang’an having to work for ten months before he could obtain one middle-grade Qi-implacing pill.

Now he had not expected that his master would give him a hundred pieces.

Chen Chang’an was deeply moved.

Master, you are a rich woman, and your disciple is so hungry that you want to eat soft rice while holding your thighs….

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