guys wanted to cripple me from the start, but you didn’t expect that it would be you intead, did you?”

And then.

Chen Chang’an bought another disposable talisman [Chopping Memory Blade Talisman] from the [Filial Store] with 5 filial points.

He used the [Chopping Memory Blade Talisman] and turned into a knife to cut off the heads of Li Shengtian’s three men.

All at once.

The three men became dazed and dull, no longer recalling the memory of their encounter with Chen Chang’an and their cultivation was wiped out.

Looking at the confused and dumbfounded trio, Chen Chang’an shrugged his shoulders and muttered to himself.

“You should be happy that you tried to cripple me instead of trying to kill me, otherwise, you three would be cold corpses right now.”


Chen Chang’an had no intention of cutting off this part of their memories.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Li Shengtian would not let it go easily.

A more important point.

He had heard before that this Li Shengtian seemed to have some connection with the Peak of Law Enforcement.

Once Li Shengtian prosecuted, there would definitely be trouble.

He didn’t want to cause trouble outside after he became Feng Wanxi’s disciple.

At that time, he would cause displeasure to his master.

So he cut off this part of their memories, and even if he himself abolished their cultivation, no one would know about it at all.

“With your cultivation abolished, I’m afraid you guys won’t even have a job as a workers so take care of yourself.”

Only after saying this, Chen Chang’an left casually, carrying vegetables and meat on the ground.


At dusk and sunset, the smoke from the cooking fire curled up on Feixian Peak.

A spiritual rainbow pierced through the sky and landed on the Peak of Immortal Mountain, none other than Feng Wanxi.

She smelled the aroma of food wafting from the kitchen and her beautiful eyes twinkled.

“Could it be the food my disciple cooked?”

Smelling the tantalizing aroma made Feng Wanxi gulp, and she couldn’t help but lick her sex-sensitive red lips as she walked quickly towards the kitchen.

Just in time, she met up with Chen Chang’an who walked out with steaming soup in both hands.

“Master, you have returned.”

“Disciple, this soup smells really good.”

“This is a clear, nutritious and exquisite stewed black duck soup, Master, it was made especially for you.”

“Then I’ll taste it.”

Feng Wanxi blinked and put her right index finger into the soup and gently stirred it, dipping it into the crystal-clear soup before putting it into her mouth.

“Wow ……”

Feng Wanxi’s eyes shone brightly, radiant, and she couldn’t help but praise.

“This soup is thick but not greasy, the taste is thick and fragrant, very good and delicious!”

“Disciple, you are great, this master is hungry, how long until dinner?”

Feng Wanxi had never eaten soup like this before, her appetite was now so great that she felt like she could eat ten bowls of rice!

Chen Chang’an replied with a smile.

“It’s finished, ready to serve at any time.”

He felt satisfied in his heart.

As expected of [Divine Cooking Art], it instantly whetted his master’s appetite.

When his master ate his cooking, she would be hooked.

Beep, beep, beep ……

It was like another wave of filial poin coming over him.

Chen Chang’an brought the clear black duck soup to the dining table.

On the dining table, there were always four dishes and one soup.

Feng Wanxi was curious as she looked at the colorful and fragrant dishes on the dining table.

“Disciple, what are all these dishes, why haven’t I seen them before?”

Chen Chang’an introduced them one by one.

“Master, these four dishes are dishes from my disciple’s hometown, they are fried phoenix tongue, osmanthus shark fin, steamed dragon carp and Dongpo meat.”

“Master, please have a taste.”

“Alright, then I will enjoy it.”

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