vered Feng Wanxi’s sleeping body.

At that moment, a cold, mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

[System Prompt: Host envelops sleeping Lord with clothes, granting +1 devotion value.]

A flash of essence flashed in Chen Changan’s eyes.

“Sure enough, just by taking care of your master, you can gain filial piety value.”

Then, Chen Changan opened his character attribute panel.

Host: Chen Chang’an

Bound Master: Feng Wanxi (Unique)

Cultivation Level: First Level of Qi Refining Realm

Daily login: Not logged in today (interact with your Master for a new day to log in and receive random rewards.)

Devotion value: 1 point

Skills: None at the moment

Talent: None

Open function: Filial Store

About the [Filial Store], Chen Chang’an had studied it.

There were all sorts of heavenly treasures, magic weapons, cultivation boosters, life span boosters, and so on.

Chen Chang’an stared mesmerized.

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In short.

The [Filial Store] had everything in it.

As long as Chen Chang’an had enough filial point, he could buy everything in the [Filial Store].

And how filial point was obtained.

This was through Chen Chang’an’s filial piety toward his master, Feng Wanxi.

For example, if you care for your master, look after your master, take care of your master and so on, you can gain filial point from Feng Wanxi by sending warmth to make your master feel happy and joyful every day.

And just now, covering Feng Wanxi’s clothes is a kind of filial piety, showing the apprentice’s care for his master, and indeed he has earned filial piety points.

But that’s only 1 point of filial piety point.

System, you’re too stingy, right?


But at this moment, Feng Wanxi let out a long and melodious beauty chant, her eyelashes trembling slightly as she lazily opened her eyes.

These eyes were bright and clear, as bright as stars.

“What beautiful eyes.”

Chen Chang’an’s spirits lifted as he hurriedly withdrew his gaze and spoke respectfully.

“Master, you are awake.”


Feng Wanxi got up, she scratched her flowing hair, stretched her body like a good little cat and yawned.

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Then pulling out a wine gourd from somewhere, she tilted her head and gurgled into her mouth, her body exuding the clear scent of sweet wine.

She gulped down a few large gulps before putting down the gourd and showing off her mouth in satisfaction.

Looking at the robe covering her body, she rested her jade hand on her chin before looking at Chen Chang’an, apparently thinking of something, but she could never remember it, and in the end, she didn’t bother to think about it.

“Hmm… I thought your name was whoever it was? I forgot, tell me your name.”

Chen Chang’an was speechless in his heart.

As a high-ranking elder of the Immortal Life Sect, he did not expect her to know his name, and it was the first time Chen Chang’an had seen such a casual reception of a disciple.

Similarly, this was also the first time Chen Chang’an had come into contact with Feng Wanxi.

Chen Chang’an had previously heard that she was ice-cold, righteous and majestic, and that people should not approach her.

But he had never imagined that her first impression would be so foolish and confused, even casual and spontaneous.

It was completely different from what the disciples of the Immortal Life Sect said.

Perhaps it was because she had just woke up.

However, Chen Chang’an liked this kind of master, so he could do his filial duty.

He bowed slightly and made an self-introduction.

“This disciple, Chen Chang’an, pays homage to Master.”

Feng Wanxi’s jade hand lightly covered her mouth as she yawned.

“Ha ~~~~ Chen Chang’an, that’s not a bad name, I’ll remember it.”

At the same time, a system prompt sounded in Chen Chang’an’s mind.

[System Prompt: Host interacting with Master, do you want to log in today?]

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