Chapter 1 – The Strongest Filial Piety System, Master Feng Wanxi

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Cloud Prefecture, Nine Realms World.

This place was full of peaks and clouds.

There were immortal cranes flying high, and there were cultivators walking through the air.

Magnificent buildings could be seen scattered about, and this place was like a fairyland on earth.

The peak of Immortal Mountain.

A woman lazily lay on a boulder in the morning, sleeping.

She wore a white jade silk dress, outlining a graceful and seductive figure, and her three thousand green threads were scattered freely, with soft jade and delicate flowers.

Her skin was as white and soft as white jade, and her features were exquisite and beautiful.

The breeze blew, the silk fluttered, blowing the long skirt, a pair of smooth white long jade legs under the long skirt were faintly visible.

At this moment, a white-robed young man with a handsome appearance and gentle temperament approached.

He walked up to the napping woman and looked at the stunning woman sleeping on the boulder with a complicated gaze, muttering in his heart.

“This earthy master of mine is truly beautiful.”

The young man’s name was Chen Chang’an, and he was not from the Nine Realms, but had crossed over from Earth three years ago.

After seeing the dangers of the Nine Realms, he joined the Immortal Life Sect by chance and became a mediocre disciple.

And to stay alive in this world.

In these three years, he remained low-key and never caused any trouble.

However, he didn’t expect it yesterday.

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He was actually seen by Feng Wanxi, one of the four Immortal Life Sect elders, and accepted as her direct disciple.

For a time, there was an uproar in the sect.

Countless disciples in the sect were even filled with envy and jealousy toward Chen Chang’an.

They knew that Feng Wanxi was a top-level practitioner in the Cloud Prefecture, with terrifying strength and invincible swordsmanship!

She had once wiped out a sea of demons with a single sword, slaughtered 100,000 demons, and was known as the Green Phoenix Sword Immortal.

On top of that, she was also known as the most beautiful woman in the Cloud Prefecture!

Almost everyone did not expect that an workman disciple of mediocre talent, except for being slightly handsome, would be so lucky and chosen by Elder Feng to be a direct disciple.

Hence, they were envious and jealous of Chen Chang’an!

In fact, even Chen Chang’an himself had an unreal feeling when he was accepted as Feng Wanxi’s disciple.

In the past three years since he crossed over, his cultivation had never broken through the second level of the Qi Refining Realm due to his mediocre qualifications, and he had lived a humble and substandard life.

He thought that he would live like this for the rest of his life, then get married and have children, and stay in the Immortal Life Sect until the end of his life.

But then he was accepted by Feng Wanxi as her direct disciple, and at the same time unlocked an exclusive benefit for rransmigrators-the [Strongest Filial Piety System].

The system turned on, binding directly to his Master, Feng Wanxi, and then entered the loading process, as a result of which his soul fell asleep and he passed out.

It wasn’t until noon today, after the system finished loading, that Chen Chang’an woke up leisurely.

After waking up, he understood this [Strongest Filial Piety System].

After understanding it, he could not wait to try it out.

And the target of that endeavor was, of course, his Master, Feng Wanxi.

After all, this [Strongest Filial Piety System] was what the disciple had prepared for his master to perform his filial duty.

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Without further thought, Chen Chang’an took off the white daoist robe he was wearing and gently co

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