I slowly stood up from the carter cleaned my clothes and half opened my eyes looked up in the direction of the Demon. She is standing there without a care in the world and looking on me with a smirk on her face. i slowly walk to get out of this carter but the teenage girl throw another nuke at me i asked great sage to copy the magic that was thrown at my face. i dodged the attack and there was an explosion in the back i looked like a badass protagonist with the explosion in the background.

[Notice: copying of fire magic, water magic, earth magic and ice magic is successful now master is able to use all elemental magic]

Thats something i need to test and try experimenting with different magic combinations

while that can wait after i deal with the little girl in front of me. seeing me dodging her attack she seems to be annoyed by my resistance.

MC ”Great sage can you…..use the wind magic that we just copied and…make me fly or create flight magic ” standing and scratching the back of my head like the previous nuke hadn happened.

[Answer: it will take 30 seconds to make the spell with the help of thought acceleration. Do you want to create the spell.

Yes/No ]

MC ”Yes ”

I am waiting for great sage to finish the spell creation and tried to communicate with the teenage girl who was looking at me the whole time.

MC ” the hell girl…..it hurts you know ”

After some slince she spoke

??? ”What do you expect from my magic its made to hurt people ”

She looked at me like looking at an idiot i wanted to ask her why did she come her. although i already know why.

MC ”Who are you and…why did you attack me ” i asked while pretending to not know anything about her and looked like and idiot who didn even know why he is being attacked.

??? ”This is my territory and you are an intruder so i came here to kill you and you have killed a lot of my people how can i let you go ” she said like she cared for her people its not like she fryed her subordinates in Oil when they did a mistake in the work she give them or she had the mindless monsters to eat them alive shes not a person like that she cares for her people. what!!!!! you don believe her. she doesn care if you believe her or not.

??? ”Who said it is your territory. it is my territory not yours keep your hands off of my territory bitch ” with an emotionless face said the being to the teenage girl.

I herd a feminine voice which doesn possess any shred of emotion in it.

??? ” Fu*k off bitch no one wants you here so don bother people and get the hell out of here. this is my territory not yours ” the blue haired girl said with anger and irritated at the site of the person in front of her. she did not wanted to rip off the mouth of the person in front of her. shes a good girl she would never do that.

I heard the massage from great sage that the spell has been created successfully.

MC ” Great Sage use this… spell to make me fly ” i said while yawning.

[ Answer: Understood master do you want to activate the spell.

Yes/No ]

MC ”Yes ”

After saying yes to great sage I felt myself being high in the air and i give great sage permission to control my movements and land me on the surface.

I flyed high in the air and landed on the ground 20 meters away from the blue haired girl and when i looked at the other person who have arrived there I looked at her and the Blue haired girl. there was only one word in my mind and that word is beautiful.

MC ” Beauti…..ful ” the words on my mind escaped my mouth without me noticeing that what i said in my mind is no longer my secret .

The other person who has arrived she had green hair, green eyes, green shirt, black skirt with green linings , thighs high white stockings with green in mix and a face that every woman dreamed of extremely beautiful and there was not even a bit of emotions on her face she was like those Wise emotionless people. her hight was the same as the Blue haired girl.

The girls looked at me when they heard the word beautiful escape my mouth as if they Know about it. it was natural reaction they got from everyone. they even have become bored of the same compliment.

MC ” You two beautiful ladies…i have a offer to make can you…give me some of your time ” while yawning and scratching has eyes.

??? ” I don want to ” said the blue haired girl with a face that no one knows what is she thinking its definitely not about frying the boy in front of her in Oil definitely not.

??? ” I don have time for you ” said the green haired girl how could she accept a offer from a lowly human or maybe monster who didn even know them. if he has known about them he would have never come here.

MC ” lets introduce ourselves…..before we fight ”

??? ”It doesn really matter your going to die anyway. although you are as strong as us but you lack experience you have a lot to learn ” said the green haired girl

??? ”Hey green head stop interfering with my prey i am the one who saw him first ” said the blue haired girl.

MC ” Hey great sage how should i introduce myself…from now on i don have a name ” i said in my mind.

[Answer: Master you have to find that on your own]

I cursed in my head that I don even have a way to introduce myself.

??? ” let me introduce myself your going to die so I thought to let you know who is the one going to kill you ” said the green haired girl.

??? ” I am one of the seven premordial demons. i am Primordial Green also know as vert ” said the green haired girl now known as vert.

??? ”I am Primordial Blue know as Blu nice to meet you ” said the blue haired girl now known as blu.

MC ” I am a nameless monster but Author-kun referes to me as MC nice to meet you ”

The two demoness looked at me confused and thinking about who might this Author-kun be.

Vert ” Your a unique one you
e this strong without having a name you have my acknowledgement ”

Blu ” No more chit chat here i come ”

She he said while running towards me with full speed she throw a punch directed to my face but i give a punch of my own. our Punches meet with each other and it created a shock wave around us the primordial blue got thrown in the air her hand was broken and the bones in her right arm were shattered she balanced herself in the mid air and landed on the ground 50- 55 meters away from me she had a evil smile on her face like she has meet someone where she can go all out she is very excited and its been a long time since she has felt this.

She used her natural regeneration ability which is comparable to awakened demon lords infinite regeneration and her arm was fixed in an instant.

[Notice: Intrinsic skill infinite regeneration has been acquired successfully]

MC ” Good job great sage….your the best ” i said in my my to great sage

While i was communicating with great sage i got a little distracted form the battle. i saw Blu rushing towards me but this time she was running at a greater speed than before she reached me in a second and did the same but this time i only blocked her attacks she throw punches, kicks at me i just blocked everything with my hands it continued for almost five minutes she backed off and put some distance between us than she looked at her fellow demon.

[Notice: Magic spell body enhancement, magic spell speed enhancement, magic spell strength enhancement, magic spell magic attack enhancement acquired during the battle between Master and the Primordial Blue]

MC ”Great sage very good…..i have forgotten about the spell coping…thing you should always do…..things like that ” i said praising great sage for her good deed its not like i need them but still it was a good thing to have more power.

Blu ” Vert did you see that this person is not normal. magic has no effect on him i confirmed it before when i throw a lot of magic spells at him and it seems physical attacks did not affect him either. Ive given it my all but i didn even put a scratch on him my unique skill is also useless what should we do ” said the blue demoness to her fellow demon.

Vert ” Why should i help you ” she said with a smirk on her face. she wanted to take revenge when the blue demoness insulted her in front of her subordinates. although they had fought for a few days non-stop but she still hasn forgetten until now.

Blu ” Its not time to take revenge on me what should we do about this monster ”

For some time vert thought about this and come up with an answer that every primordial would do in this situation.

Vert ” We will fight to the end i am at least going to cut off one of has arms what about you ”

Blu ” Same for me lets fight together its a disgrace for us primordials to gang up on someone but he is very strong so it doesn count ” she said with a wide smile on her face.

Because demons can die full they will be born again with all there memories and skills so there is no need to be afraid of death. thought the demon due rushing towards the boy in front of them who was yawning and scratching has head.

I am still standing there and watching as the two demoness rush towards me with tons of magics

on there hands everything they have learned in there life they were going to go all out for the first time in a very very long time.


Almost 5 Hours later

We have fought for almost 5 hours and there wasn even a scratch on me while the demoness bodies were full of wounds they didn even have enough magicuels to hell themselves. both of them were out breathe and breathing heavily completely exhausted vert was missing her left arm and her right arm and legs were broken she couldn even stand.

On the other hand Blus both arms were missing and her left leg. her right leg was broken and the bones were shattered . they both have acquire pain nullification in their battle they couldn feel Pain any more but they were exhausted and couldn even move a bit from there places just waiting for there death looking at the sky.

When they were waiting for there deaths they saw the boy. No call him a monster and it will still be polite he is a true demon in front of them he didn even show mercy to beautiful girls like them. they watched as the boy came and looked them in the eyes.when the boy looked at them in the eyes only one thought come to there mind and that was its the end.

MC ” So now you want….to hear my offer ”.

Vert & Blu ” just kill us already you demon ” they both said and thought that after the hellish nightmare now hes going to torture them with has words.

MC ” Don talk about killing…if I wanted i would have already killed you….so listen i want you two to become….my subordinates ”he said while yawning and rubbing has eyes its been very tiring the whole day and he just wanted some sleep.

Vert ” You have defeated us you can do whatever you want ” she said without any emotion as if it is the end of her life.

Blu ” Yeah whatever she said ” now she looked like a completely obedient child.

MC ” Don say it like that you
e…..not going to be Slaves ”

Blu ” So what are you going to do with us. make us your killing machine or something similar ”

MC ” No i am not a bad person… i would never do something like that….. to two beautiful ladies like you i am…..a gentleman ”

They both looked at each other for a while as if saying at same time yeah you beat the hell out of two beautiful ladies and tortured them for five hours and your the one saying that your not a bad person even us demon are Saints in front of you.

Vert ” So what do you want ”

MC ” MAIDS ”he said looking at the two figures in front of him.

Blu ” You want us to become your maids right ”

MC ” Yes that would be correct ” he said calmly like a Nobel Man as if he hadn beaten up two beautiful ladies a while ago.

Vert ” Maids??? what are those ”

Primordial Blue now as if all of her exhaustion had been gone she begin to explain what maids are to her fellow demon. and how did she know about them was because she had done some investigation on humans few centuries ago and from those investigations she has found out about maids they were very useful and did all the house work. she wanted maids too so she can laze around and dump her all work to them. and she was successful in maid getto project and had trained her subordinates to become maids. in short she knows everything releated to maids.

After Blus explanation vert understood what maids supposed to do and honestly she was excited to become a maid. she looked at her fellow demon and they gave each other a nod. and by now their lost limbs were back they both stood up and sit on one knee placed their right hands on there chest and they both said at the same time.

Vert ” My Lord I The Primordial Green Swear My Eternal Loyalty To You And Become One Of Your Maids ”

Blu ” My Lord I The Primordial Blue Swear My Eternal Loyalty To You And Become One Of Your Maids ”

MC ” I am very sleepy now that… every thing is done i am going to sleep… take me to one of your places ”

Vert & Blu ” Yes Master ”


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