I am thinking about my looks and clothes after sometime i came to a conclusion that ROB was a lazy men and thought how about search on Google for handsome teenage MC character with cool outfit and found the handsome guy on Google and made my body look the same as the MC he found and reincarnation complete.

”Great sage what are my….. racial abilities and other Extra and… common skills ”scratching has head and yawning.


”so he was lazy to think about ….my racial skills or he was getting revenge….. on me it really doesn matter… i can copy any skills i want and i have a very… big pool of magicuels because of my race …being a Dragonoid ”

”Great sage hide my Aura ….and tell me how many years after….. Millim becames a True Demon… Lord ”


i started to think what will i do until Millim becames a True Demon Lord and a thought crossed my mind if Millim is not a demon lord than there is a chance my dream waifus are not Guy Crimsons maids with that i set a goal for myself to obtain Primordial Demon maids but for now i will focus on Mizari and Rein if i am correct the both of them lived near the hells gate in future Demon Lord Leons territory before they became Guys maids so now my goals are three.

1 :Search for hells gate.

2 : Make Mizari and Rein Submit to me.

3 :Go to the place where Guy Crimson and Millim will fight when she goes rampage mode and copy her Magicuel Breeder Reactor to name myself and my maids make friends with Millim Nava, Guy Crimson and Ramiris.

after setting my goals i take off to find and tame my maids i started wondering in the forest after hiding my aura monsters started to appear in front of me when i saw a giant serpent i did not feel panicked nor i feel excited i am feeling lazy because of my lazy buff from my wishes its not like i wasn lazy before.

but now i am more lazy than before and there is a big problem i can sleep no matter what i do or get tired because of my Unique skills Authority of Greed if i didn have Gluttony i couldn even eat because of authority of greed my body functions at the same time it don and if i eat something i have to manually remove the eaten things from my stomach and i do not want to cut my stomach to remove the food in it.

but thanks to the Gluttony i can decompose them into magicuels so this problem is solved. than i concentrated on the gaint serpent in front of me the serpent opened its mouth to bite me but to its Surprise the gaint serpents all teeths that connected to me break it felt an intense pain and let out an scream which was a pain in my ears i mean who wants to hear a big ass serpent cry because its teeths were broken. i picked up a stone from ground and used my authority of greed on it i changed its shape into a very small ball and channeled some Magicuels in it with the help of great sage and made when it is tigerd it will explode and throwed it at the serpent it went in its head and i made the ball explode with the Magicuels inside it like a grenade with that i saw an explosion where the gaint serpent was after the explosion there was a small carter and the serpent was in a mess and it looked like it wasn a serpent in the first place and there no sign of the serpent can be seen instead some burnt and squashed meat.

after that i found many monsters and fought with them or more likely slaughtered them because of greed i am indestructible and they can not damage me.

I wondered in the Forest almost for 2 month i also got some skills from the monsters i fought with (prideful one can copy any skills lower than unique skill with 100% outcome) Steel thread, steeky thread, body armor not like i need it i stopped copying those useless abilities because only unique skills are useful for me i asked great sage for magic sense because it is very useful and it only took 2 minutes to learn this skill.

I sensed some dryards keeping an eye on me and i was lost in this gigantic Forest i want to get out of this damn Forest to find my maids and looked at where a dryard was hiding and i said.

”don think that i didn …. find out you and the others watching…. me all this time come out or i will…. make you ” scratching the back of has head and yawning.

from the place where i was looking a dryard came out and she was very beautiful but my emotions regards to love were very low so i can not fall in love with any one so the highest is i like there company not love them or because best friend with them. she had green hairs and was identical to treyni i thought she might be one of her ancestors she looked worry at first but then after some thought she looked less worried that i was not hostile to her if i was i would have already killed her the moment i sensed her she looked at me up and down few times and finally she spoke.

” May i now how did you find out i was here ” said the dryard

”Do you think someone…. like me cannot find out you and …your people ” i said

”i see so what you wanted to know to call me here after learning of my location if you didn want to talk you would have already attacked me ” said dryard

”i was looking for the direction….. to get out of this forest and where… hells gate is located and the direction ….to go there from this forest ” i said

after getting the location i said goodbye to her and take off to the direction where hells gate is located.

walking towards my destination with my lazy style and it took 1.5 month to get out of this forest and in my way i fought with a lot of monsters but didn copy any of there useless skills and i am very OP as i am. walking out of the forest i rested in the end of the forest before taking off towards hells gate not that i need rest but to just lazy around for sometime after resting for a 3 days i started my journey towards Hell in my way i had to go to where future sarion Daynsty was and i fought with monsters and some humans but no one had any unique skills and those who had were just useless so i didn even bother to copy them bit i used Unique skill Envy to copy there sword style and i used Greed to change a sword into a katana with stillness of time it made it a lot more sharper to cut iron like butter and with greed it became a indestructible sword with extreme sharpness i placed my katana on my waist after 6 months on my way to hells gate i finally reached my destination i can see from here that there are a lot of demons wondering near hells gate after seeing the gate a smile appeared on my face unconsciously and i was very close to my goal number 2 and i sensed a lot of lesser and greater demons wondering there but there were no Arch demons i think Arch demons mostly were serving there respective Primordial Demons and all of them lived in hell because they thought everyone was a weakling outside and there were few people who were able to summon Arch demons. from this point i started my slaughter on lesser demons and greater demons.


From today onward our MC will be known as Demon Slayer.

Nah, i am Just joking there is no way our MC will settle with this lame title he is an ultimate otaku he wants more cool titles

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