After this i thought to ask ROB SAMA some questions

(MC) ”i was wondering how did so much souls died i think this number is to much GREAT ROB SAMA ”

(ROB) ”Oh about that its not only human souls it includes all living being such as humans, plants, animals and some other spiritual beings ”

(MC) ”can i ask about the wishes and thier details and ristrections i have a feeling there are a lot of things that i don know about so please ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA tell me so i can make

my wishes according to the rules ” i said politely so he could give me a favor like Ramiris.

(ROB) ”Hahahahahaha good, very good you know your place and respect those who are above you i like you hahahahahaha ”

(MC) ”Oh the answers of my questions ”

(ROB) ”So now listen mortal i don tell anyone else but i can tell you about it since you asked politely. you cannot wish for unlimited wishes you cannot wish for power above a certain limit and for your understanding that limite is like Unique skills so now you understand and you cannot wish to became something equal to a True dragon that will put the balance off of any world you go to and for the details you can add as many as you want but guess what it has a limit too hahahahaha ”

(MC) ”So i can make a wish as detailed as possible with in the limit so can you please give me sometime to think about my wishes Oh Great ROB Sama ”

(ROB) ” You knew i like you kid and anyways i have nothing to do and i can wait for sometime

hahahahaha ”

(MC) i started thinking about my wishes according to the rules i can wish for any thing that is not an Ultimate skill or something like a True dragon so after thinking about it probably i took more than 20 minutes to think about my wishes and after that i begin to State my wishes.

which looked like this

1: I want to be reincarnated in the world of tensura before millim nava becames a True Demon Lord.

2: I wish my race to be a Dragonoid and a very handsome face and i will not age. my face and body will look like at the age of 17 – 18 years old and the rule to have 1 of the same kind of Unique and Ultimate skills at a time in the world do not apply on me.

3: I want all the sin serise Unique skills with the effects that i have in my mind and Unique skill Great Sage.

4: i wish for Magicuel breeders down graded version to the maximum capacity of the wish.

5: I wish to customize few of my emotions.

After hearing my wishes he said

(ROB) ”All the others can be done but wish number 2 and 3 is a lot from what rules allow ” he said that like he wanted to Grant it but has some hesitation and after talking with him for a while i started my plan.

(MC) Your are wondering why i wish for something that is above the requirements to tell you the truth i have something in my mind to make him Grant my wishes and while talking i realized that he doesn like reading others mind because he thinks no one can lie in front of The Almighty ROB and theirs no need to see what other is thinking and knowing has wishes before he could say will be boring.

i said ” Oh what a shame i thought THE ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA can do whatever he wants so he cannot even grant a simple wish that he said he would are you sure you are THE ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA or are you perhaps an imposter acting like him ” i said provoking him and doubting has position and power guess what to my surprise it worked.

(ROB) ”Mortal do not think that i THE ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA can not even grant a simple wish as that so be it. now you believe that i am THE ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA hahahahaha ”

(MC) ” I will believe it when it is granted ”

(ROB) ” I said didn i to Grant your wishes now worship me mortal hahahahahaha ”

(MC) ”Oh ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA please forgive this mortal for doubting your power punish this mortal for doubting you ” i sad bowing and crying because of my Ultimate otaku acting skill that came with it.

(ROB) ”Ill forgive you this time but do not think about doing this again or you will be punished by me and you wish you were died hahahahahaha ”


This time i thought and was sure of it he was Ramiris male version after praising him for a while he said ” Enough with this kid now i will begin the reincarnation process ” and after this i customized my emotions and with that i lots consciousness .



thanks for reading this fanfiction see you later love form your lovely Author-kun.

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