When i opened my eyes i was in a black void i looked around and it looks like i can see in 360° degree but found nothing everywhere i saw the black void i was trying to remember what had happened than i realized that i was shoot in the forehead and died.when i looked at my body there was nothing. i could not feel my body and i could not move no matter how much i tried.

[ 3 Person POV ]

In a black void there is nothing but a ball which seems semi transparent gives a glow of blue and purple the blue colour and purple colour are mixed together and the center of the ball has white colour.

||image here||

[ MC POV ]

Not feeling my body i started to panic what was happening to me why i could not move what was going to happen to me. am I going to hell or heaven but i really doubt i have a place in haven i am sure i will go to hell. because i have killed a lot of people after panicking for a while i started to calm myself down which took probably more than 10-15 minutes after calming down i started to assess my situation. and my Ultimate otaku instincts kicked in i realized that i was in the legendary void where ROB appears i started thinking of my 3 classic wishes to not annoy THE ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA i learned this from a lot of novels and fanfiction to not annoy THE ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA because if he was the type that is mansion in those than i am screwed i started to concentrate on thinking about my 3 wishes.

[ 30 minutes later ]

I heard a voice which said

??? ”Congratulations for being the soul of the planet earth since its birth the souls died there are counted and you were the soul that died so the death count became 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 all the supreme beings decided to reincarnate you and give you a second chance to live and ordered a festival to celebrate ”(ROB)

When i heard that i was shocked by the numbers of souls that died i decided to ask about it but then didn because i don want to piss off ROB because of ROB SAMA the restriction is removed and i could move freely when i looked at the person that said those words i found a man who look around 24 years old with a dignified look that showed that he was an omnipotent being whos looks were above handsome with black hair and red eyes looked like they can see everything has height was around 6ft with a pael white skin he lacked on the muscle part and was wearing a white robe sitting on a luxury chair he looked like a king sitting on has throne which appeared out of nowhere i was wondering how he was able to sit on a chair in this void but after some thought i realized he was ROB he could do a simple thing like this with ease. i saw him move has mouth to speak so i shuraged off my thoughts to listen what he is going to say than i heard

”Praise me mortal that i THE ALMIGHTY ROB is giving you five wishes to reincarnate with your memories intact ”(ROB)

I looked at him like i have seen someone who acts like this i decided to ask him about my questions.

i said ”Thank you for having me can i ask some questions i have if you don mind ” and i also added ” ALMIGHTY ROB SAMA ” i said this line after remembering a particular individual who loved it when other people praised her after hearing my words he started laughing ”Hahahahahahaha ” and get out of the dignified character i thought of him as Ramiris male version.

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