[Guild] Chae Yoo: Hyung

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[Guild] Chae Yoo: You need Linnaeus feathers, right?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Can I give it to you?


[Guild] I'm sleepy: oo How many do you have?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: About 50


[Guild] I'm sleepy: Give me all


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Haha, where are you now?


[Guild] I'm Sleepy: Go to Kelp Forest fast travel point


It has already been four days since I joined the guild.


After the first day, when I was shocked that I couldn't leave the guild, and the second day, when I was terrified of being stalked by Chae Yoo, I was easing down from the shock on the third day, and on the fourth day, I was slowly getting used to it.


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Hyung, what level are you right now?


[Guild] I'm sleepy: 207


[Guild] Chae Yoo: At level 208, there are the three evils that you can wear, would you like to have them?


[Guild] I'm sleepy: o



As soon as he realized that I wasn't refusing his offers, he started to pour out items with his eyes shining.
And I just took everything he gave me.


It is good to just stay for now and leave the guild after a week.
But when that happens, I will only be leaving the guild, that bastard's stalking will still be there.


The important thing is not only to leave the guild after a week, but also to cut off the interest of the incomprehensible Chae Yoo towards me.
Take everything he gives and never do anything in return.



Humans inherently have a 'reward mentality'.
If you are giving out this much, you will expect that even a small reward will come back.
And if those expectations are not met, you will be disappointed and heartbroken.


I smiled deeply as I watched Chae Yoo gather all the items I needed.


‘It's going according to plan.'



Accept it in moderation and ignore it in moderation.
Then I don't have to be stressed, and I’m still going to be able to get items, according to my wishes.


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Hyung, Hyung


[Guild] Chae Yoo: The shoes you're wearing right now are lvl three, aren't they?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: It's being sold out at the auction for lvl seven, should I buy it for you?


Level 7? I immediately stopped killing monsters and opened the auction window.
I didn't tell you what kind of shoe it was, but the price would be similar to the other level seven shoes.


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I shook my head when I saw that the level 7 shoes on the auction house were worth 800 million gold.



[Guild] I'm sleepy: No


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Why? It’s good


[Guild] I'm sleepy: I’ll be done with you if you buy it


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Meany ㅜㅡㅜ


[Guild] I'm sleepy: I need help in the swamp



Of course, there are conditions to this plan too.
Like not accepting extremely expensive items.


If you do something like that, then you’ll become a scammer who grabs a pushover and rips off an expensive item.
It’s a bit of a burden to carry the guilt of that expensive item.


The items I have received so far were only the materials required for the event quest or items to be worn that were below level five.
For those that were level 5 or higher, the probability of failing increases tremendously when strengthening, so the price often rocketed as well.


When I checked the ratio of game money to cash on a cash exchange site, it was about 100 million gold in game money to about 100,000 won in cash.
So, 800 million gold is 800,000 won.


'What is with this bastard, you're trying to give a gift of 800,000 won to someone you have only met for a few days.'


It was funny for me to think like this, but to be honest, it was a bit pathetic too.
Of course, the Guild master of the No.
1 guild on the server would have that much gold unlike me.



[Guild] The Hunter: What am I looking at?


[Guild] Bright Clouds: Just ignore it


[Guild] Park Seung-jin 99: Do they not give a damn? I think I’m going to go crazy soon haha


[Guild] I'm getting lazy: Oh me too lololol


[Guild] Drink some water: Why not just get married and use partner chat?


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Is that so?? Hyung, do you want to get married?


[Guild] I'm sleepy: Do you want to ;


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Well, I don’t want to be proposing through the Guild chat


Oh, is that right?


The past four days felt like it was endless.



I was able to ignore Chae Yoo's nonsense to some extent, and checked the whispers that came from Kim Dae-seok.


[Whisper] Soeso: Oh, I'm really sorry lolololol


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[Whisper] Soeso: I’m really responsible for leaving out this important information


[Whisper] Soeso: Loyalty! Loyalty!


Kim Dae-seok, who made a great contribution to the development of this situation, has promised to let me join his guild after this week, after he begged the guild master of his guild.


The guild to which Kim Dae-seok belongs to is , it was one of the guilds which had a good reputation and always maintained the top 15 ranking.


What’s more is that it was one of the few guilds that maintained exchanges with the No.
1 guild, Early Evening.


Newcomers are not welcome there too, but Kim Dae-seok, who somehow ended up introducing me to a stalker, explained the situation to the Guild master of his guild and agreed to let me join in.



…No, to be precise, it was an agreement.
If that fails, I'll have to go to another guild.


‘Why is it so hard to join a decent guild?’


It's been a few years since I've played an RPG, and I don't know much as I didn't join a guild in HOL.


[Whisper] I'm sleepy: I will be watching you


[Whisper] Soeso: I swear I’ll be faithful this time ^^7


What’s more important than that is the raids.
I've already hit level 207, so I'll have to prepare soon.


Most of the rewards from level 210 can be gained from raid quests, where party play was significant.


Of course, it’s possible to level up by solo play without a raid, but to do that, you have to clear the same quest 3 times or more.
So, no matter how lacking in control, I definitely have to participate in the raid quest.



[All] Chae Yoo: Hyung!


Hearing my request, Chae Yoo, who came all the way to the Hell swamp, rushed to me as dozens of leeches from the swamp were getting ready to fight.
I look at my stamina, it was affected by stamina drain that would kill me if I even got one shot of a wide-area skill.


The swamp leeches have very high defense and stamina, and it is a quest that can be cleared by catching 50 of them, so it is a time-consuming quest, but thanks to that good stalker, it took me less than 5 minutes to clear.






I aimed at a swamp leech at the center and dropped a fireball with accuracy.
Then, a group of monsters that were barely alive drenched with blood from time to time succumbed to death, and the experience points increased.



After receiving the experience of killing monsters and the experience of completing the quests, I successfully reached level 208.
Now, I can wear the accessories I got earlier.


[All] Chae Yoo: It was just 50, right?


[All] I'm sleepy: oo


[All] Chae Yoo: Did I do well?


[All] I'm sleepy: oo


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When I answered silently while cleaning out my inventory, which had become crowded with auto-acquired items, Chae Yoo said nothing for a while, and then immediately started expressing his emotions.
It was the blushing emoji that was created by pressing Alt F1.



I was doing everything to make a difference in his character so that he gets annoyed at me and loses interest.
So, I went forth with the plan.
When I turned off the inventory after I organized it, the guy, who was quietly waiting, asked me.


[All] Chae Yoo: Do you have more hunting quests?


[All] I'm Sleepy: 30 Black Ghosts to the East


[All] Chae Yoo: I'll come with you too


[All] I'm sleepy: Okay ㄱㄷ;


Since this is the northern end, it was faster to use a scroll to go east.
I opened the party window to move like Chae Yoo, I typed something in the name field, and clicked the Start Recruit button.


〈System〉 You have started recruiting people to form a party.


[All] I'm sleepy: Join the party ㄱㄱ;


Even though I chatted to ask him to join, Chae Yoo stood still for a while as if in thought.
What’s wrong with you again?


[All] I'm sleepy: ?



As there was no response for over 3 minutes, I thought that he might have left without a word, so I chatted once more, and just then, the sound of joining the party rang.


Chae Yoo has joined the party.


[Party] I'm sleepy: Why didn’t you join right away?


[Party] I'm sleepy: Are you using a scroll?


There was no answer this time as well.
What are you doing now for real? I didn't want to waste any more time, so I used the scroll.
The flashing effect obscured the screen, and the scenery changed shortly after.



The black swamp boils and rises like lava, sprinkling debuff rains from the sky.
It was only when I put on the robe for blocking the debuff, that Chae Yoo started chatting.


[Party] Chae Yoo: Just a little


[Party] Chae Yoo: surprised…


[Party] I'm sleepy: About what


[Party] Chae Yoo: to be in a party with hyung


[Party] I'm sleepy: It’s just being together, is there anything more than that?



There are many surprises it seems.
It wasn’t my first time playing in a party.


[Party] Chae Yoo: I can’t believe I’m in a party with you


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[Party] Chae Yoo: You did say you were going to let me join you


[Party] Chae Yoo: When I join a party, there's a title that gives buffs


[Party] I'm sleepy: Is that so? Then use it right now


[Party] Chae Yoo: hahahaha


I don't know why he’s laughing, but Chae Yoo, who’s complex was good and stood in my way, changed his title straight away.
As soon as the title name 〈Grandmaster Pursuer[1] Chae Yoo〉was changed to 〈Sacred Master[2] Chae Yoo〉, my character's health increased, and the mana recovery speed became noticeably faster.



[Party] Chae Yoo: Increases stamina by 20, recovery mana speed and experience by 3%


[Party] Chae Yoo: It’s not an actual buffer title, there aren’t many useful buffer titles


[Party] Chae Yoo: Sad ㅜㅡㅜ


[Party] I'm sleepy: Thanks


If there is a buffer job, then the title seems to give you a buff too.
From now on, I have to be friendly with users who have jobs as a buffer.


[Party] Chae Yoo: Should I go after the monster?


[Party] Chae Yoo: I can get 30 Black Ghosts within a min


[Party] I'm sleepy: oo


As he had said it so himself, he quickly dragged 30 Black Ghosts to where I was.
‘Oh, he’s really good’.
He has a skill that draws nearby enemies to one place and deals with the damage impact, it's easier to destroy monsters in such a way than other ways.



So, with the help of Chae Yoo, I completed the quest at an incredibly fast speed and achieved the feat of reaching level 210 within 5 days of taking level 200.


Chae Yoo, who had fun partying with me and playing games, hit the chat right away as soon as I reached level 210.


[Party] Chae Yoo: Hyung


[Party] Chae Yoo: Should I explain to you about Raids?


TL Note (also a bit of the editor-san’s note):

[1] Also could be translated as [Stalker] could mean that this specific title could be used to help him keep track of a certain someone ¬‿¬

[2] Also could be translated as [Leader] was implied afterwards that this title grants the user the ability to provide party buffs



Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Sellychi


Let's just hope that his plan of getting rid of Chae Yoo actually works-

Chae Yoo is kinda interesting~ Wonder what he thinks of I'm sleepy…


O, I need another editor for this novel.
I would like a person, who is confident in doing the editing and a bit of experience.
(P.S./ As much as this is a really hard novel, I have half-confident in completing each chapter.

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