Of course, it was lower than the worldwide hit game HOL, but Zenoris was also a pretty good game.
It's been two years since it opened, and it's still maintaining the top spots, moving back and forth between the 2nd and 4th places.

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Once a new job appeared on the list of real-time search terms, I told myself.
It's been a while since I've played other games because I've only been playing HOL.
Thinking these thoughts, my hands felt itchy, and I felt a little excited.


If I want to deeply immerse myself, RPGs are better than AOS.
It's worth the time and money I put into it.
I smiled happily and pressed the button to start the game.


A loading screen appeared with a bright and cheerful intro song.
First, I must choose a server.
For a game like this, a server with a lot of people was the best.


I took out my phone before selecting a server.
I have already decided who to call for help in the selection process.


-Hello? (Another person)


As soon as the other person answered my call, I asked which server he was on.
Kim Dae-seok.
He and I went to college together from high school to college.
He lightly skipped the hello and asked.


“Which server are you on?”




Which is the server?”


-Why are you asking? Are you playing Zenoris?


Kim Dae-seok had been telling me again and again to play it together since the day Zenoris opened.
The guy, who understood what I said at once, picked up his loud voice and exclaimed excitedly.


-Is Gura good? Guramyeon is dead! (Server name is Guramyeon *구라면) +they are talking about having less people.


“I’m on the server access window now, but if I don't tell which server within 10 seconds, I’ll just turn it off and delete it.
10, 9…….”


– Rotel, Rotel! oh shit.
I am on that server, and it has many people.


“Is Rotel the most popular?”


It eats everything there.
It's definitely Rotel.
(He says that the server gets the most out of the game, also meaning it has a lot of people and that’s probably the most popular.)


Let's choose Rotel then.
When I double-clicked the server in the center, a wonderful queue appeared.
Looks like a server that is popular after all.


-Hey, I'm going in now too, so send it* to me via Kakao Talk.
(*it-they are talking about requesting to be friends in the game.)




-I'll give you mine first.


Kim Dae-seok hung up the phone without any care and focused on the screen.
Finally, the queue ended, and the game screen moved to the character creation window.


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Before I put the cache (as in weapons), I decorated the character.
Anyway, I just chose the normal brown hair and the best-looking features and entered the game.



Of course, I chose a mage for my job.
I had to pick a mage to become a dark mage at the next job change.
(He wanted to get the dark mage job, nice)


Now all that's left is to set a nickname (game name).


“It's a nickname.” (Proclaiming of what to choose as his nickname)


There was nothing I could do.
Since it is a popular game, the good names must have already been preempted (already taken) ………….


After thinking about it for a while, deciding ended up bothering me.
So, I copied the nickname of the original game (HOL) account as it is.
After that, the character creation was completed without any problems.


[I'm sleepy]


I don’t know that anyone has already taken away such a cute nickname, but at least I can use it though…
Being Satisfied with the selection of my nickname, I sent Kim Dae-seok the nickname through Kakao Talk, and then connected to the server with the newly created character (like he just entered the game for real, not entering the server again// if you played game, you would know clearly.
It shows connecting to the servers.).


[2000 years ago, the world was born…]


I skipped over the opening video that appeared as soon as it started, with the ESC key and started the tutorial right away.
As soon as I finished the small quest for beginners, a request to add a friend came.


[Soeso: Ya, to 12 ㄱㄱ] (he talks about his location.)


As expected, it was Kim Dae-seok.
Why did you name the account like this? Once I moved to 12, the guy standing in the center of the city recognized me and ran towards me.


[All] Soeso: Hahahahaha


[All] Soeso: I’m sleepy… lol


[All] Soeso: You named it* weird lol (*game account)


He talked about my nickname as soon as he saw me.
I walked over and frowned a bit and looked over Kim Dae-seok's character.
It was a girl with wavy blonde hair and a bright pink dress.


[All] I'm sleepy: Better than you at least, your character is shorter than me (**Right, that’s for sure! says his own words back to him like provoking him for saying about his nickname)


[All] I'm sleepy: What a *Soeso like** (*it means female's appearance or behavior)


[All] I'm sleepy: Are you Nekkamajit(넷카마짓, male to female said by google)? **Sell out! (쪽팔려서, kinda like he is saying that he’s offended)


As I wrote down my thoughts in the chat, Kim Dae-seok was the flagship and quickly invited me to the party.


[Party] Soeso: Are you rapping while cursing me?


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[Party] Soeso: And what about the girl (referring to his own character)?


[Party] Soeso: It's worse for a man to be male.
** _ _ (wwww, seriously! The fact that he is saying this.
Just to provoke.


[Party] I'm sleepy: Okay


[Party] I'm sleepy: Just give it to me now or give it* to me as a gift.
(*They are talking about starter packs; they are not saying this directly.)


I sent the link I had been looking at (which starter pack he wanted to use) for a while in chat.
It was a beginner starter pack.
There were several, but the most expensive one was worth using.


[Party] Soeso: What? Are you really going to continue playing this game?


Kim Dae-seok, who saw the link, showed a bewildered reaction (as in the fact his friend was going to continue playing this game, not the price of the pack or something).
Well, I haven't touched an RPG since high school, so it's worthy of a reaction like that.


[Party] I'm sleepy: Oh, so buy it for me


There may be few thrilling and breathtaking fun games like AOS or FPS, but RPG games have their own fun.
Above all else, the number of people who throw and troll from time to time will be a little bit low.


[Party] Soeso: Hahahahaha


Kim Dae-seok gladly sent a 35,000 won starter pack as a gift.
He lived in richness, so he had quite a lot of money.


[Party] I'm sleepy: ㄳ


[Party] Soeso: If you don't know something while oo (eyes of expecting something), ask me


Then, the party ended.
Most of the early quests had to be done alone without anyone's help, so it was natural.


After I opened the starter pack, neatly organized the items obtained from it, and put the Zenoris strategy page on the sub-monitor, I started the game in earnest.





[whisper] Soeso: To/Lai New/Ki (또/라이 새/끼, to/ry sae/ki, not sure what that means)


It was the first chat that Kim Dae-seok gave me, exactly after ten days since I started playing the game, after I reached level 200 and finished the next job change.
For reference, the max level of Zenoris is 250.


There were 50 levels left until max level, but to be honest, it was a real fight from now on.
(it will be harder to reach levels later).
Previously, I had been doing well as a solo player, but it was difficult to do so in the raid dungeon, which can be reached from level 210.


‘I have to join the guild.’


Even if I looked at the strategy, it was obvious that I would be lost or made a mistake if I continued like this.
It was too inconvenient to be with people who I had never met before.


So, I knew I was a newbie and needed a guild with someone to help me.
Fortunately, I had a scoundrel named Kim Dae-Seok with me.

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[Whisper] I'm sleepy: Hey Dae-seok


[Whisper] Soeso: Huh?


[whisper] I'm sleepy: Are you in a guild right now?


[Whisper] I'm sleepy: I think I'll have to enter a guild if I want to continue playing safely.


[Whisper] Soeso: Is it time to go on a raid already? You are crazy about the game**(include the fact he completed the character level 200 in 10 days)


[Whisper] Soeso: But our guild is not in the recruitment period, so it's a bit unclear (unclear about the fact that he can join the same guild as him)


[Whisper] I am sleepy: ?


This is an unexpected twist.
I quickly moved my fingers (on the keyboard) and asked.


[Whisper] I'm sleepy: what should I do now? (에반데?, *I personally don’t understand what that says)


[Whisper] Soeso: Hahahahahaha


[Whisper] Soso: Hey, other guilds, other than our guild, are being recruited.


[whisper] I'm sleepy: No, I’m fine, that’s just looking for a guild.


[Whisper] Soeso: Oh, don’t be upset lol


What are you on about? (To the ‘don’t upset’) I smiled and opened the guild list window.
I can't go to the guild where Kim Dae-seok is anyway, so I guess I'll have to find it myself.


After choosing a few good guilds, I closed the guild window and saw a whisper sent by Kim Dae-seok.


[whisper] Soeso: Early evening 〈〈This is the number one server guild here.


[whisper] Soeso: To be honest, it's not a place for a scoundrel like you to enter…
(what good friends they are I say sarcastically)


[Whisper] Soeso: The recruitment is Just once a year (the recruiting for that guild is up on the list right at that moment)


[Whisper] Soeso: You and I knew a little bit (so, let’s teach each other… is what I think it means; he trying to tell him to choose which guild while persuading)


[whisper] Soeso: I'll teach ㅇㅇ you well ㄱㄱ (잘 찔러줄게ㅇㅇ여 기ㄱㄱ 하셈)


[Whisper] Soeso: We are friendly in our guild, so come here or there, that's it


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The number one guild on the server? I turned off the guild-list page to view that guild.


I turned on the list window again.
Obviously, the guild name of Early Evening was engraved on the first line of the front page.


early evening | Guild Level: Grand |Inn circle: 172 | Guild Leader: Chae Yoo]


Is it ok? It’s 1st place after all.
I felt suffocated (by the high ranking).


[Whisper] I'm sleepy: Can I really join?


[Whisper] Soeso: ooo Gilma nim (구라아님) (the name is confusing, nim means dear)


[Whisper] Soeso: I'm with Bou-gilma right now.


[Whisper] Soeso: Bou gil-ma(길마보다) can help you with that joining guild, so if you get permission from Bou gil-ma, you can join.


That’s Right.
If it was possible to enter a guild that could be used with a parachute or anything else, there were no complaints.
(Means if he uses the correct steps to enter the guild, there would be no complaints)


[whisper] I'm sleepy: haha (ㅇㅋ)


After sending the chat, I looked around the auction house until the conversation between Kim Dae-seok and Bou Gil-ma was over.
Now that I'm constantly leveling up, I don’t have to buy any expensive items right now, but once I hit the max level, I'll have to match my equipment to a certain level.


While looking at the items on the auction house and tapping the calculator (of the prices of things in the auction) in my head, Kim Dae-Seok sent a whisper again.


[whisper] Soeso: Yaya Yaji (야야야 유지) {Happy feeling}


[whisper] I'm sleepy: o


[Whisper] Soso: Aren't you running around the dungeon right now?


[Whisper] Soeso: Bou gil-ma noona says that you are going to see her, okay?


See her? What is this interview feeling? I just wanted to do everything in the game, but when I think about it, HOL had to have a simple conversation with the manager to join the clan.
(Yes, that’s what’s happening.


Seriously, there are a lot of crazy people these days, so it would be more comfortable for them to have an interview.
After thinking about it, I answered lightly.


[Whisper] I'm sleepy: ㄱㄱ (okay)







Note: In game, high-level users form a party with low-level users to help the low- level users hunt or catch monsters instead.

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