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I'm good at playing video games.


This was for sure.
I've always been in the top 1% from the days of elementary school that I didn't know anything to until now.
That's what the game is all about.


But on top of that, there was a bastard, who was chasing after me.
It was four months ago that I felt that reality deeply.


“What the fuck!”


I sweared and slammed the keyboard.
An expensive gaming keyboard flashed with colorful lights.


“I’m carrying this again, like a dog…”


Enemy team ‘Jungle’ was attacking the base and beating the Nexus relentlessly.
I was already dead and stared at the gray-filled screen with an angry expression, then the chat of the enemy team came up in red text.


[All] LVS gamgack (Serrata): ㅈㄱㅊㅇ


[All] LVS gamgack (Serrata): ㅇㅈ?


[All] LVS gamgack (Serrata): ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ (haha)


[All] Hunsu is blocked (Luna): ㅋㅋㅋ (lol)


[All] That Geminion Ie (Umpa): Kya Bus, it’s sweet


What? Jungle (enemy team) chat? My both eyes burned hot.

No, this is the start…
Pros against regular users

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Win the fight and make a difference? Of course, I will! If I had the ability to fight ‘Jungle’ team and make a lot of money as a pro, would you be doing this here? Does that bastard really have no brain?


“Hey, it’s really hot…”


The game ended without a break.
The screen changed and the deal amount window appeared.
The amount of damage I dealt twice as much as those who were in the other team.
You fucking bastards………….


When I turned off the chat window and only sighed, the enemy team Jungle started chatting with me.
However, I was not curious about what was going on, so I quickly pressed the exit button.




Even if I start the next game in this state, I don't think I'll be able to concentrate properly, so just as I was about to turn off the game, a yellow light came on in the friend list window.




After doing something, it turned out that it was a request message from the enemy team ‘Jungle’ to add a friend.
It was a request for a friend from a famous person who is a popular pro, is amazingly good at games, and has a good face and attracts fans wherever he goes, but my forehead was wrinkled horribly.


“How many times is this already?”


It doesn't matter how smart your opponent is.
The important thing is that this guy was the enemy team he just sold, and he's the one, who's given us a humiliating defeat every time we've met up until now.
I raised the corners of my mouth and laughed and pressed the mouse.




Did you think that if you get to add a friend, you would be excited to receive it? Because of my friend, I've been struggling and did things that I wouldn't do before.
Putting that bastard on the block list right away.


‘Now I feel a little relieved.’


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‘Jungle’ team belonging to the LVS team.
An opponent I've met dozens of times so far, but never defeated it.
Unlike me who stays a thousand days and nights in the Grand Master and can hardly go up, he took the top challenger in two weeks and as soon as the new season started, he goes back and forth between the top rankings.


Even if there wasn't a shortage of people in the Celestial Grand Master and Challenger tiers, I wouldn't have met that monster as an enemy.
Apparently, my position is the same as in the ‘jungle’ team, so every time we run into each other, we met as an enemy.


In the end, whenever I met him, I wanted to cry so I had to play the game while feeling how high and thick the walls of the pros were.
Dodge? My pride didn't allow it.


I took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and took a sip of cold water and took a deep breath.


To be honest, the reason I'm disassembling like this is clearly for the defeat in that bastard.
After playing games with me for some time, ChinChu sends me a request message.


With how stressed I was, one day I even dreamed of chatting with a request for a friend sent by the senses.
He said, 'Can I teach you how to defeat jungle?' Even though it was a dream, the message was looked so real.




As I recalled the tremendous insults I had received from the games in the past, I felt like something was cut off in my head, and a huge hit came rushing in.
As the years go by, my age has turned 24, and it is funny to be genuinely passionate about the game.


I returned to my seat and looked at the monitor screen for a moment.


Its full name is Hero of Legends.
It is undoubtedly the No.
1 online game in name, and it was a famous AOS game that even held huge competitions around the world.
The sense of being a popular professional in a game like this will make a lot of money.


'Well, after finishing the last world championship ended, I haven't been active but’


It sounds like you're going to take a break, but anyway.
It is such a great game and there are many users.
I too was ranked in the top 0.01% in such a game, but it felt meaningless.


It's a game I've been holding on to for a while because of one regret that I wish I could beat the game just once.
I closed and opened my eyes slowly and without hesitation, I turned off the game and deleted it.


It was supposed to start next week anyway.
Return to School…


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There were a lot of things to learn and things to learn again.
It was obvious that I don’t have the time to play the game.




My expectations were somewhat beaten.
After returning to school and starting to work as a part-timer, he continued to live a life of not having enough time to sleep, let alone games.


But it's only during the semester.
When the vacation came back, a lot of time was empty.


I'm working part-time, but since I got a part-time job according to the timetable during my school time, I only had to go three or five hours a week and it was over.


During the first week of vacation, I was busy drinking with my classmates, but as soon as two weeks passed, I got bored and struggled to crawl around the corner of the room.


“Shall we play a game?”


The words that came out of my mouth reflexively reminded me of HOL.
After I deleted it, even if I went to a PC room with my friends, it had been a while since I had access to the account as an unconditional sub account, and the account I saw was dusty for a long time.


“What if… … …


While muttering, I steadily opened the Internet window.
Just when I put my hand on the keyboard to check the bulletin board to see what the situation is these days, I saw a familiar word in the real-time search term.




It was an MMORPG game that people say a lot about fun these days.
As if possessed by the mouse, it headed towards the link.


〈The popular game 'Zenoris' is buzzing about the release of a new job….>


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There was a rush because of a new job.
Dark mage? What's with the name like that?


I naturally clicked on YouTube video.
On the screen, a character who appeared to be about 5-figure was holding a staff with a pointed tip and using various skills.




I carefully looked at the video and skill description.


I licked my lips.
It didn't even miss a single timing.
The skill combo was tight.


‘Even if the skill is slightly out of order, only about 70% of the original damage can be done, and more mana is drained, right? The range is also drastically reduced.’


Everyone likes it because it's a new job, but in the end, it was obvious that there would be fewer than one user who could properly digest that job.


Tickling my tongue, I began to download Zenoris.
Ironically, the fact that it's terribly difficult has set fire to my heart.


“Well, let’s play it a little bit…”


Even though no one was listening, I made excuses and waited patiently for the gradually rising installation gauge.


Note [+1]

Dodge: means dodging the game by forcing the player to quit on the screen in which the character is already selected to start a team-based game



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