When all the party members gathered at the entrance of the dungeon, a system window automatically popped up.
It was a dungeon difficulty selection window.


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: What should we choose?


[Party] Suwon Special City: Hell ㄱ?


[Party] Let’s Go Witcher: Hell is the classic one;


There were three levels of difficulty in Keyrant Dungeon: Normal, Hard, and Hell.
Hell was the most difficult and Normal was the easiest, but it was true that Normal was still burdensome for beginners.


You want to go with Hell?’


Do these people know that I’m a beginner? Do I have to talk about it now?


It was at that time when I just placed my hands on the keyboard to chat.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: There are two newbies you know


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Hell sounds kinda difficult


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Normalㄱ


Cotton Candy Fox chatted in a very different tone from when she asked me if she could call me Oppa.


“Aren’t they a Netkama? [1]”


Since I have played various kinds of games for a long time, I have met quite a few female users who enjoy the game.


What I learned while doing this is that most of the female users don’t chat things like ‘Oppa, I’m scared~’ or ‘I can do this>.<‘.


No, of course, there are some people who do.
However, the person who pretended to be a woman and approached them to eat support or wealth was overwhelmingly likely to be a man.
I’ve often seen these kinds of cases happening around me.


So, I thought that the Cotton Candy Fox was definitely a male bastard doing a netkama scheme.
I’m sure that I may be wrong, and it was too soon to judge what’s going on.


[Party] Suwon Special City: ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: ㅠㅠ


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: I don’t even want to battle in that mode (normal mode)


[Party] Suwon Special City: Normal thenㄱㄱ


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: Ha… Does it have to be Normal mode?


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it and log off ^^


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: Let’s start at 8 O’clock


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Hahahahahahahahaha


[Party] Suwon Special City: Hahahaha


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: For heaven’s sake, it’s the same, fox..


That must have felt so fucked up.
However, the difficulty was set to Normal, so I already selected the mode and entered.
Cotton Candy Fox, after seeing all the nonsensical words of Bumble Wing Wing, selected the same and immediately pressed the enter button.
Soon the screen turned black, and the inside of the dungeon appeared.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Sleepy Oppa




Calling me oppa.
Goosebumps appeared all over my body.
Regardless of Cotton Candy Fox’s gender, it was too bothersome for a stranger to call me ‘oppa’.


[Party] I’m sleepy: ?


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Have you ever seen anything related to attacking strategy for this dungeon? O.O


[Party] I’m sleepy: Yeah, I’ve seen a few posts and videos a few times


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Let’s talk comfortably~>_<


[Party] I’m sleepy: heh..


[Party] I’m sleepy: It’s okay


When I refused with the utmost courtesy, Cotton Candy Fox bursts into tears, this time with a burst of emotion.
A sound effect of ‘hiing~’ was also heard.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: It’s Normal, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!


[Party] Suwon Special City: oo Avoiding attacks is still important


[Party] Suwon Special City: Since you already know the strategy and the attacks, you are good enough


[Party] I’m sleepy: okok


Since I’m a newbie, the party members are probably a bit anxious and feel uneasy too.
I know that the Normal route I saw in the video didn’t have a lot of damage deals, so if I just focus, I’ll be fine.


With the mindset of dying as little as possible, I followed the party members deeper inside the dungeon.
Before long, gigantic monsters that looked like zombies came rushing in.


Dozens of monsters like this came rushing in until we reached the boss room.
There were so many numbers that it was difficult to save the party members if they were to die even once.


I quickly pulled the character back and lifted the staff.
Even so, if you are crowded, you can get that much splash damage[2], so it was good for a wizard with a lot of wide area skills to put a deal.


Tanker What Do You Soy Milk blocked the monsters in front.
The Warlord, Suwon Special City, wielded dual swords, and the Archer, Let’s Go Witcher, fired a poisoned arrow.
As I watched them, I started charging the easiest attack fireball, and found that the cast speed suddenly increased.





Not only casting speed, but also mana recovery and damage?




So, this is what it feels like to be buffed.
This is the first time I’ve actually been buffed by a Buffer, and I really liked it.


Buffer was one of the few jobs with as few users since they had to be healer first, so it was not easy to meet them.
My likeability towards Cotton Candy Fox, who was dungeon crawking, increased slightly.


Thanks to this, I finished charging the skill faster than usual, so I dropped the fireball right at the center of the monsters.
Whoa! With a roar, the blood of the monsters hit by the fireball fell in half.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: That was so Cool! >口<)/


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: How was the fox’s buff? ㅎㅡㅎ


[Party] I’m sleepy: good


It was true that it was good, so when I answered truthfully, the character Cotton Candy Fox, who was standing by the rear while giving buff, hopped up and down.


[Party] Suwon Special City: Hey there haha


[Party] Suwon Special City: Why didn’t I get buffs? damn..


[Party] Suwon Special City: It seems like I will fall behind soon


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: you were buffing?


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: damn, I didn’t even get a buff, so I thought I was just playing


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: ㅋㅋ the buff is only being made for sleepy-nim~


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: I am happy with the heal you gave me lol


[Party] I’m sleepy: ;;


What, was I the only one getting it?


It was only then that I realized that only my character was fully surrounded with twinkling effects.


[Party] I’m sleepy: It seems that since I’m a beginner, I didn’t do much damage


[Party] I’m sleepy: Sori Sori


I was in the middle of dealing with a crowd of monsters, and while charging a Thunder that’s as useful as a fireball along with chatting, Cotton Candy Fox intervened in consternation.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: No, please!!!


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: It’s not like that.ㅠㅠ


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: there’s no one else I could use it on, other than Sleepy-oppa


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: That’s why I only buffed oppa ㅜㅡㅜ


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Absolutely not meant like that


[Party] Suwon Special City: hahahahaha


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Oh, haha this is hilarious ha


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Sleepy-nim noticed pretty quickly lol


[Party] Suwon Special City: really hahahahahaha


[Party] Let’s go Witcher: hahahahahaha


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Okey fox-nim ㅠ Everyone!! ㅠㅠ


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: hahahahahaha


Fortunately, everyone passed it off lightly as a joke.
It was at that moment that I was relieved enough to use my skills again.


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Ah


What Do You Soy Milk, who was standing stiff, was attacked by a monster and flew backwards.
Above the character who collapsed on the floor with all the blood had drained out, the health bar turned black.


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Ah ha ha ha ha


[Party] Suwon Special City: Hey, why did you die here?;;


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: You’re stupid..


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: No Fuck


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Stop sending me messages fox-nim


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: it keeps covering the screen ah haha


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: I’m really sorry for suddenly dying


[Party] Suwon Special City: ? LOL


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: ㅋㅋ


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: ㅉㅉI knew she’d be pissed off haha


When I attacked something, Cotton Candy Fox stayed behind me.
The tank died, but the number of surviving monsters was small, so we were able to clean it up without any major problems.


What Do You Soy Milk, who died alone, expressed emotions in his dead state.


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Spare me!! Fuck ㅠㅠ


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: But hey, that was crazy


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: looks like Fox-nim had to keep buffing


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: You should be busier than us ??


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: I heard that fox was no different lol


[Party] Suwon Special City: Really, why is that bastard the only one receiving? He deserves to die lol


[Party] Let's go witcher: did you notice the difference in operation between him and you?


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: No, it’s not as easy as you say


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Mental attack is coming ㅠㅠ You have to deal with this too, you know Fuck


Finally, Cotton Candy Fox increased their stamina and mana recovery speed.


The buffs received from Cotton Candy Fox reached a great height, and What Do You Soy Milk, who was lying down, continued to chat.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Stop talking and let’s go


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: ????


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Guys, I’m still here…


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: ok okㄱㄱ


[Party] Suwon Special City: Being normal with skills is okay too


[Party] Suwon Special City: Since you’re dead and you don’t have to be a tanker, isn’t it easier for you now?


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Oh you bastards


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Tsk—How could you say that to me?? Fuck hahahahaha


I felt so sorry for What Do You Soymilk, who was heartlessly abandoned after being teased by Cotton Candy Fox.
Cotton Candy Fox and the other party members really got themselves together.


Sympathetic, I approached What Do You Soy Milk lying on the cold floor and pressed the button.
He, who barely survived with my help, said while crying:


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Are you an angel?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


[Party] I’m sleepy: hahahaha


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: ㅠㅠㅠㅠ In return


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Please Have thisㅠ


What Do You Soymilk posted a small soymilk on the trading window.
When I hover the mouse cursor over the item, the information [Creator: What Do You Soy Milk] appeared.


[Party] I’m sleepy: haha thanks..


Anyway, food items had a little bit of a buff effect, so there was nothing bad about receiving them.
When I smiled and said thank you, Cotton Candy Fox, who had been away from me, hurriedly rushed to me and clung to me.


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Sleepy oppa saved you? ㅜㅜ


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: I am not going to let you take away him! Tankers should just die! ㅜㅡㅜ


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: But why are you giving something to him?


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox: Why are you saying thank you to that guy? ㅋㅋ


Whoa, that’s noisy.
Even though the letters were just floating on the screen, it somehow made my ears hurt.
I roughly replied with annoyance.


[Party] I’m sleepy: It’s not a big deal


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Haha


[Party] What Do You Soy Milk: Sleepy-nim’s Secret☆Milk with me


[Party] Cotton Candy Fox:?


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: hahahahahahahahahaha


[Party] Suwon Special City: Kill the Master?


[Party] Bumble Wing Wing: Probably shouldn’t, I’m still not in my right mind


[Party] Let's go witcher: hahahahahaha




I couldn’t just leave the chats alone since the second part of the game was about to start, so I exhaled wearily and tapped the keyboard to do something about this.


[Party] I’m sleepy: Let’s stop this and go to the next room..




[1] Netkama – Catfisher

[2] Splash Damage: It means the damage deal to all enemies and monsters within a certain range, including the point from where the skill is hit.

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