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[Rotel] Yesterday’s Zenorisian Love and War [Comments 30]


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All the guys who played the game at 8 o’clock yesterday are all gone.


Early Evening was the one who started the fight unreasonably.


(Image file)


Fuck lolololol Really Ignorant and the way they lead lolololol


The funny thing is that Early Evening and One Heart One Will are in an alliance with each other ㅇㅇ


Why did these bastards suddenly rush out like a sergeant who didn’t wake up during dinner time?


(Image file)


(Image file)


Did you see the Yoo Chae server chat? LOL That’s why hahahaha


(Image file)


(Image file)


Damn it, I wonder who that Sleepy Hyung is, everyone keep a note of that guy in your heads.


(Image file)


Sleepy Hyung, etc.―manager


That’s right, Isn’t that greedy? Fuck Hahahaha


(Image file)


(Image file)


I hate the legend fuck..
what about the live chat reaction?

(Image file)


I don’t know what happened so I’m in the dark, sorry, I was hunting.
I hate it when I saw everyone talking about it ㅋㅋ;


(Image file)


It looks like the deep-seated newbie was trying to compromise using server chat lol, but that newbie was pissed off.


(Image file)


Hahahaha But Yoo Chae immediately rejected it hahaha I think the progress went too fast lol

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Last but not least, there was no other server chat, but anyway, it was like a fucking dog fight.


So, it’s roughly because of the preliminary round that is around the corner, it seems that Early Evening and One Heart One Will is fighting over a newbie lol


Rumor has it that he was kicked out of the One Heart One Will Guild, but I can’t confirm that.
oo but it’s a shame that he’s leaving One Heart One Will ㅋㅋ


I’m sleepy < If you accept this person to join the guild, you’ll get beaten up by Early Evening, so be careful hahaha


Three-line summary


Yoo Chae is being Yoo Chae


Early Evening Gilma challenges ㄷㄷ


Demands newbie back


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Galbi flavor cereal [Like 21 | Dislike 0]


So, he’s a newbie who hasn’t even reached max level.
What’s really going on in the game? He was taken in by Early Evening at the beginning;; If it were me, I would just delete it neatly.


ㄴ ㅇㅇ It’s okay, but damn you bastard, what are you doing all this time in Zenoris hahahaha


ㄴ I’m sleepy.
He acted like he could stop anything, so why did he stop the chatting?


ㄴ What’s this? Open your eyes and read the article properly


Written by Amunik [Like 15 | Dislike 0]


He comes up on social media every day and I look forward to seeing him all the time.
Apart from that, it’s true that the newbie is pitiful…


Aldzlaz [Like 12 | Dislike 0]


It’s really strange of Early Evening..
Looking at the screenshots, I’m Sleepy has already explained in advance that he was leaving, but the guild who accepted him was reckless and still went on war mode.
Both of them are victims.


ㄴ That’s shame on Early Evening ㅋㅋ Even calling it a guild made up of only scumbags and gambler bastards, it’s absurd.

ㄴ Still, it’s a guild that ranks first in Rotel, but isn’t it just a bit of an idiot ;;


ㄴ Let’s sing a song every day for the right of the server transfer Written by Rotel kids~


It’s cold, it’s cold [Like 5 | Dislike 2]


Isn’t this something the management should ban?? Persecution of the influx of high-profile people? If I were to act like that, who wants to play a game? It’s Early Evening that did something wrong.


ㄴ Seems like we have to write correctly and blame the management hahahaha


ㄴ That’s what I mean, the old people who acted like assholes are finished, but the newbies would get kicked out? LOL


ㄴ Do you mean to be in the wrong? It’s beneficial to just go to war and settle it.


I’ll sweep it out [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


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hahahahahaha I’m so tired


Reigane [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


Ah, Shit hahahaha Gaychat was so funny hahahaha


Yongpo [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


Are you harassing newbies now? They really went all the way for this haha they even advanced to the level of a war this time ㅋㅋ


Pikanu sucks [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


I say that this is just another story, another story, ㄹㅇ so I just take this as an opportunity ㅋㅋ Anyway, after a month, I won’t even remember a single thing anymore ㅅㄱ


Kuungpu Panda [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


That guild


I want to eat [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


In each server, there is no one guild that can break the balance alone, but Rotel has that guild.


I’ll be that guy [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


No, can you please change or remove the Guild war system? There is no training in alternative games, there are only a few hitting and fighting..
In RP…
If you just want to hit an enemy with common sense, is this Hero? or is it Zeno? Haha


ㄴ Even though Zeno has some popularity, there’s a reason why it doesn’t get 1st place like Hero.
The management team doesn’t do anything.


ㄴ No, the comparison between RP and Eos is a bit more than just that ㄷㄷ Hero changes items and maps every season.
Zeno, who is RP, can’t; Let’s compare Eos with RP


dfafda [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


Let’s be honest.
The Guild war system is really useless.
Please, just get rid of it.
If you hit another guild for something to brag about, you might be advertising a local roommate, and fighting between guilds is enough in the preliminary round.
And no matter what, isn’t it that only the large guilds have an advantage? Please get rid of it.


ㄴ It’s true, but if I tell you about it later, will the management see it? lol


ㄴ It’s good idea that a preliminary round is enough.
There are a lot of things that are advantageous to the guild besides the war, do a lot of people already know that? People who spend a lot of money on stagnant games are here too haha


ㄴ Yeah, if you’re envious, you’re also going to throw money into the game~ Anyway, this kind of bullshit is always just beggars hehehe


ㄴ Shield bastard has appeared


ㄴ oo, did you spend money on the game and start your life? The delusion of a pig scratching his stomach in front of a computer lol


Brain wave [Like 0 | Dislike 0]


Just clean it up already.
Early evening is fussing over I’m sleepy.
One Heart One Will is where that I’m sleepy is, I am losing my brain now lol


ㄴ This is it.
That’s the whole thing.




“Customer number 17, the set you ordered has arrived.”


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When I took the tray with the hamburger set at the counter and went up to the second floor of the store, Kim Dae-Seok, who was sitting opposite me, whistled, and poured French fries on the tray.


“No, it’s been a while since I came here, so what does a hamburger taste like? Let’s eat beef or something like that.”


“A hamburger is enough.”


In response to Kim Dae-seok’s words, I opened the hamburger package and took a bite.
The slightly salty sauce and the taste of the patty spread throughout my mouth.


“I’m sorry, though.”


“It’s not your problem, what are you sorry for? I’m fine.”


Yesterday, with the rejection of the guild war with Early Evening, I finally got out of the guild .
First I told them that I would go because I felt guilty of staying in the guild because I didn’t want to drag them into a war because of me.


Unyum was deeply sorry for forcing me to leave.
And he has been sending out additional friend messages asking if I needed help with anything.
He was a good person in many ways.


‘In contrast, this bastard, Yoo Chae is…’


As I remembered the server chat I had with him, I only sighed.
Kim Dae-seok opened his mouth, noticing me as I took a deep breath without eating the hamburger.


“Hey, are you really okay?”


“What else would be wrong?”


“It’s true that dogs are like that.
What are you going to do now?”


“I have to give up.”


A guild was needed to quickly finish the raid quest and reach the max level, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach the max level without a guild.
Of course, it will take a little longer, but…
I can’t help it.


“It’s not like the situation is going to go away just by giving up on joining guilds.
I sent you the link earlier.
Did you see it? Your username became popular in the Forums.”


“Um, I saw it.”


I looked, but nothing really affected me.
There was nothing unfair about the comments posted as they knew who did the bullshit.


Kim Dae-seok shook his head at my sarcastic attitude and began to put the hamburger into his mouth militantly.
After eating a large hamburger in less than two minutes, he reached for some fries.


“There’s going to be a lot of fucking bastards coming to see you, right? Wouldn’t it be better to just open a new account?”


“In that case, I should just throw it away and do something else.
Do you know how much I have done and to just throw it away after ten days of hard work?”


“Hmm, it is… It’s amazing to reach lvl 200 in ten days.”


“Even if I were to hold it in, the bastard who caused the problem should be the one to hold it in.
Anyway, stop making weird noises and eat quietly.”


Kim Dae-seok, who had lost his appetite at my words, quietly shoved French fries into his mouth.
Kim Dae-seok, who participated in a local basketball tournament in high school, was quite tall and large, so he ate a huge amount.


I also ate the hamburger I had in my hand and thought while biting the straw in the Coke on my lips.
Nurture a new account.
Just thinking about it makes my chest tight and stuffy.


It’s really terrifying to see your ten days of efforts of reaching level 200 turn into rubbish.
Above all else, it was someone else’s fault, but I didn’t want to run away.
My pride wouldn’t allow it.


‘Even if there are a few bastards who recognize my username and become aggressive, it won’t last long.’

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If another incident happens like this, it will be buried soon.
So, don’t do that again.


After meeting with Kim Dae-seok and returning home, I took a shower and then turned on the computer.
When I connected by clicking the Zenoris icon, a screen appeared with the character standing still just before entering the channel.


“It’s a new account……”


When I was eating hamburgers earlier, I firmly thought that there would be nothing new to grow, but it was also true that I was worried about entering the game.


Growing up slowly without being disturbed by anyone with another account? Of course, it’s good.
It’s good, but it was also true that a lot of regrets remained on the ‘I’m Sleepy’ account.


It was the first account I raised with the intention of wanting to try an RPG game after a long time, so I felt a lot of affection for it.
It’s so sad that I have to end it because of this issue.




After squeezing my sore eyes tightly and arguing, I finally pressed the start button, instead of logging out.


Yeah, let’s do what I want.
I’m going to have to shoot out all the annoying bastards as soon as possible.


The location was in the middle of the central city because I left the guild yesterday and turned it off immediately.
I turned off the event page and reward message that popped up and looked at the chat window.


[All] Orubi: hahahahahaha


[All] Orubi: Friend, have you left the guild already?


[All] Air Guys: Could you please tell me the skill tree to being a comedian here??


[All] Eongmwoeongmwo: Ugh hahaha I’m envious of you


[All] Limbom: ForumㄱㄱPeople


[All] Sweetic: @@@ Banned 5 turns / Waiting in the front yard / Current / Person / Recruitment of 3 people / Cut @@


[All] Blackshire: Buy a term book 0.5 per 1 book, 200 ginseng ear


[All] Given : We are looking for cute new recruits for the friendship guild ! Newbie welcome! Friendship! ><


Fortunately, no one recognized me and talked about it or quarreled with me.


Looking back, this would be natural.
Most of the users will laugh at what happened yesterday, and only some of them will talk to me.


Feeling relieved, I turned on the inventory.
I must quickly move to the battle area.
I tore the scroll that could be moved directly to the desired area and arrived in the southern volcanic zone.


In front of the restricted area where the Red Dragon Raid takes place, it was crowded with users who came first.
It was at that time that he was about to move towards the red shining rock to participate in the raid.


[Yoo Chae: Hyung!]


[Yoo Chae: Hello haha]


Beam, Beam.
A message came from an unexpected person with a lively message sound.
Astonished and hastily opened the window of my friend, I found the nickname and frowned.


“What the fuck?”


Why is this bastard in my friend’s list?


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