Doing Things While Mother's Away1

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Taking two uncles along with me, I arrived in front of Torr’s house.

「Oーi, Torr! You thereー?」

I call him while knocking on the door, then I can hear noises coming from inside Torr’s house *dotadota*.

After that, the front door slowly opens, and Torr looked at us cautiously.

「……it’s just Al, huh?」

「If you’re looking for Myula-san, then she’s currently having a meal at my place」

So I say after guessing what Torr is thinking, and then he sighed in relief.
And says,

「Oh, that’s good then.
I thought my kaachan2 came back while being angry at me, saying that she not going to meet with Al or something」

「Right back at you, you didn’t say anything unnecessary about me, didn’t you? Because of you, I just helped Elna-kaasan to pull weeds to prepare for the vegetable garden」

「Haa? But I don’t say anything about you to your kaachan, y’know?」

「But you told Myula-san didn’t you? After you did that, it reached Elna-kaasan you know」

「…………haa! I see! So everything I told my kaachan will quickly spread among all of the aunts when they meet…….!」

After hearing what I said, Torr covered his mouth as if he was surprised about that.

……oi, I’m scared to see the result after seeing your reaction you know.

Rather, if you say anything at the auntie’s gathering, later you’ll get beaten by the aun――I mean, the oneesama in the Koryatt village, you know.

「You have to be careful with what you’re saying to women, y’know? Those people will spread that information at such a tremendous speed, yeah?」

「That’s because chatting is like a stress reliever for a woman.
I often heard rumors about Torr, Asmo, and Al, y’know? 」

Roomba and Gates – who are behind me – say that as if they’re talking about a general rule regarding women.

Yeah, that’s right, especially Torr and Asmo who are doing something bad are often being talked about by the oneesamas……eh? How come even I got caught up in it?

「……it’s fine, right? She’s not talking about the complaints regarding Eleonora-sama that Al disclosed to your kaachan…….right?」

「Oi, looking at your reaction, it makes me not want to go home today…..」

It feels like I told a lot of things.

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In order to break the illusion of Eleonora-neesan that Torr has in his mind, it looks like I should tell him about her flaws…..

「……Torr, you didn’t tell Myula-san and Ema-oneesama about the Eleonora-neesan’s flaws, right?」

「No, feels like I said it.
I mean, what Al said about Eleonora-sama being so sloppy was just a complete lie, after all, I think I asked my kaachan and neechan3 since I don’t believe it」

「Oi, what the heck were you saying!?」

「You too, you didn’t say anything my neechan’s flaws that I said before, right!?」

As I reflexively grab Torr by the collar, Torr also grabs my collar and retorts while showing impatience.

「……uh no, Torr was just lying anyway, so I feel like I asked Eleonora-neesan when Elna-kaasan was also there.」

So I said while averting my eyes, and Torr’s face quickly turns pale after hearing that.

So all of those things are going to be talked about in today’s ‘girl’s gathering’, it makes us depressed when we think that they will then be passed on to each of our sisters.

Both of us unconsciously release our hands from each other as we blank out

「Now now, we’re going to play with the tops for as much as we want today, right?」

「There’s no use even if you thought about painful things.
Let’s fully enjoy our time now」

Roomba grabbed my shoulder and Gates grabbed Torr’s shoulder as they say that.

As expected from the freedom-loving adventurers.
The things they say are really different from normal people.

Thinking about staying away from certain thoughts so that we won’t be thinking of totally unpleasant things, I don’t hate that kind of thought though.

「You’re right.
No matter what kind of difficult times are going to come first, our present time is irreplaceable」

「……aah, that’s right.
Though I can’t say for sure, even if you are frightened of the difficult times ahead of you, there is nothing you can do about it」

Persuaded by Roomba and Gates, I – along with Torr – brightly smiles as we say that.

That’s right.
It’s not even certain that we will get scolded.

Normally, our complaints will not come up in people’s topics, but they might be talking about them in their girl’s meetings right now like it’s a normal thing.

So rather than being scared of the uncertain and dark future ahead of us, we should spend enjoy our time right now.
This is a great saying for me and Torr.

「Yosh, let’s go to my house! I’ve done my work for today, and there is no one inside! We can play as much as we want!」

「Un! Excuse me!」

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「Ou! I’m coming in!ー!」

「Sorry to intrude」

Following Torr’s urging, we step into Torr’s house in turn.

It’s kinda fresh experience since this is also the first time for Roomba and Gates to enter Torr’s house like this.

As we enter the usual wide living room, there are tableware, cups that had been used, and cookies that I gave them on a plate on the table.

So he’s relaxing while alone in his house.
Taking advantage of the fact that Myula-san is not home, he seems to do whatever he wanted.

「By the way, is Asmo around next door? I was also thinking of calling Asmo if possible?」

「If it’s that guy, he’s still working」

When I ask while looking in the direction of Asmo’s house, Torr shook his head as he answer.

Asmo is not home apparently.

Should I invite him over after he’s done with his work and he returns?

「Rather than that, Roomba said something about tops before, what’s that?」

「A newly made toy is complete.
So I thought of playing with them today」

「Ooh, a new toy! I’ll be happy if the next toy is not something like reversi, where I have to use my head!」

「As you wished, this next one doesn’t need you to use your head」

「That’s great!」

「Reversi is fun, but it uses your head after all!」

「Exchanging tactics against the opponent is not bad, but I want to play a more instinctive game!」

The three people who are weak in thinking games looks so happy hearing that it was a game where they don’t need to use their head.

Oh well, spinning tops is certainly a game where you play it instinctively, so they are likely to be especially popular with people who don’t like games where they use their heads.

「Show it to us Al!」

Though the toy is not that fancy」

Being urged by Torr to the point like I’m being pestered by him, I take out the tops with the string wrapped around them from my pocket.

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「What is this? How do you play with this?

「I’ll show you how to play with it now.
I’m going to throw this top so can you guys step back a little?」

「……oi, what do you mean by ‘going to throw this top’?」

Maybe it’s because I said that I’m going to throw this indoor that Torr asks with a doubtful tone.

「It’s not a ball, so it’s not dangerous all right.
It’s fine, just step back a little」

When I shooed him away with my hand, Torr moves back while being irritated, and Roomba and Gates – who are unconcerned with Torr’s house – step back obediently.

While being subjected to the three’s piercing gazes, I hold the top with a string wound around it near my chest and threw the top onto the empty floor of the living room.

Due to the energy generated by the spiraling motion from the string, the top immediately spins.

The thrown top was spinning beautifully in midair, then it landed on the floor of Torr’s house with a *thunk* sound.

The thrown top starts revolving in a small circle-shaped motion as it spins on the floor of Torr’s house.

「「「Ooh! It spins!」」」

Looking at the revolving top, the three people raise their voices in surprise.

The reaction of the three people who don’t know about spinning tops is a little interesting to see.

「It’s okay to get closer to this, right?」

「Un, there’s no problem」

I nodded while smiling wryly after hearing something that one won’t say when it comes to a spinning top.

Immediately after, Roomba, Gates, and Torr went closer and approached the top seemingly interested in it.

They leaned forward and observes the top, and closely stare at it while placing their cheeks on the floor.

Despite that being only a top that is just spinning around, looking at the scene of two big adults and a kid desperately looking at the top sure is surreal.

「This is, how does it spin around?」

Maybe it’s because of the string in Al’s hand?」

「……amazingー, it’s beautiful.
It’s so fast that it can’t be compared to a carriage’s wheels」

Certainly, speaking of spinning things in this world, it would be a wheel, huh? The science in this world has not developed yet, so people might find stuff rotating at high-speed to be something curious.

While I was thinking like so, feeling deeply emotional, I saw the three of them nervously reach out their hand toward the top.

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Looking at the three of them, I grin and say.

「Idiots, don’t touch it! Your finger will get cut if you touch it!」


Due to me shouting in a serious tone, the three of them – who were trying to poke their finger to the top – screamed and fall over.

「Uuaaaaaaa! What should I do Al! I touch it with my finger! Blood will flow from my finger……..!」

Torr approaches me with watery eyes as he says that.

As I laugh after seeing Torr’s reaction, he blankly looks at his own finger.

「……oi, there’s no blood on my finger!?」

「Ahahahaha! Of course, there isn’t! It’s just a toy you know? There’s no way I will make something that dangerous!」

Looking at me laughing uproariously at him, Torr’s face turns bright red.

「You! This jerk! You tricked me!」

「I’m just kidding, you know? Don’t be angry, alright?」


When I admonish Torr -who is grabbing my collar-, he releases his hands while groaning 「Gununu」.

「It was spinning around, and Al’s tone was so serious so I thought it was really dangerous y’know…….」

「……ooh, my heart is still pounding……」

I saw Roomba and Gates grabbing their chest while breaking out in cold sweat in my peripheral vision.

……I’m sorry.
I didn’t think it will be that surprising for you guys.


TL Note :


鬼の居ぬ間に洗濯, the original idiom for the title is this which means: taking a break while the boss is out; relaxing while the demon is out. Kaachan – Kaasan – Mom Neechan – Neesan – sister

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