Gifts From Lazareth Ojiichan

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Around the time when I finished pulling all of the weeds with Earth magic and using Psychic to make ridges on the field in the courtyard.
A carriage arrived outside of the mansion’s ground.

I didn’t hear that Tori will come today, nor do I hear that other nobles will come.

Just what is their business by coming here I wonder?

Sara – who seems to have heard the sound of the carriage arriving – comes out from the mansion’s entrance and makes her way to the carriage.

And after a while, the carriage quickly left, and Sara returned to the mansion holding a wooden box in her chest.

For a moment, I thought that a new doll had arrived from Viscount Dole, but I feel -considering it was from the Viscount- that the binding of the wooden box from the Viscount looks plain.

「Sara, what is that package?」

「It appears to be a present from Lazareth-sama for Alfried-sama.
The inside is, the completed product of the spinning top that Alfried-sama made back in the royal capital or someting」

「Ooh! It’s the spinning top! Let me see, let me see!」

Sara starts to open the package on the spot when I urge her to immediately open the package.

The spinning top I made for fun back then is truly made into a product to sell.

As I wait for it while feeling excited, Sara opens the cover of the package and shows it to me.

Inside the wooden box are various sizes of spinning tops from large, medium, and small spinning tops rolling around inside.

I’m sure they made it in different sizes so that children and adults can enjoy playing with it.

The tops are simple and there are no decorations on them, but they have beautiful shapes.

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Looking at the tops that have no irregular shapes on them, you can guess the time and effort it takes for the craftsmen to make each of them.

I take out a small top with the string attached that fits the palm of my hand from the inside of the wooden box.

Then I wrap the string around the top and throw the top toward the paving stone.

Immediately after that, the top given to me by ojiichan began to nicely spin around.

Ooh, ojiichan and the craftsmen did a good job.
The top doesn’t shake one bit.

「Haa…….truly dexterous」

「You only have to coil the string around it and toss it on the ground, anyone can do this」

I collect the top that has stopped turning as I said that while broadly smiling toward Sara.

Un, there’s no problem, you can play with the tops.

I have all of these valuable tops now.
Now I just need to play with Torr and the others by crashing the tops against each other.

After checking the tops’ condition, I take two small tops and two tops for adults from the wooden box in Sara’s hands and put them in my pocket.

「You can put the rest in my room.
Everyone can use them to play when you have free time」

「Where are you going, Alfried-sama?」

「Torr’s house!」

I told Sara that I’m going to Torr’s house and then I rush out and left the mansion’s courtyard.


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「Ohー! It’s Al, isn’t it!」

As I was heading toward Torr’s house while carrying the tops, I met Roomba and Gates who walked toward me from the front.


Roomba is big as usual today, while Gates’s chin is long as always.

「Ah, it’s Roomba and Gates.
What are you doing today?」

「Ou, I was exterminating the monsters around the village with Gates today!」

「And then we were having a meal at Celia’s restaurant」

Gates proudly says as if to follow after Roomba.

「……but you lost to a High Goblin back when we were on our way to the royal capital, are you all right?」

Though it’s a High Goblin, I heard that it’s relatively weak among other monster types.

There are few ferocious monsters around the area of Koryatt village, but I heard that there are wolves and bears on the outskirts.

I wonder if Gates was all right to go to such a place?

「……that was, the High Goblin’s club just made a critical hit by chance, is all.
You should forget that」

Gates says with an unpleasant expression on his face, I guess having lost to a High Goblin was very annoying for him.

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「Gahaha! He and a wild boar hit each other this time! Gates's sword struck the wild boar’s throat while the wild boar’s fang hit Gates’s chin, the both of them are KO-ed!」

「Idiot! Don’t say it!」

Ahー, I can easily imagine it.

Rather than that, I think that a wild boar’s fangs were quite dangerous, but there’s not even a scratch on Gates’s chin.

It feels like Gates’s luck is really good somehow.

Nevertheless, for Gates to have a draw with a wild boar and receive the blow.

I wonder what will he fight and have a draw next? A cat? Or maybe a weasel?

「Don’t openly laugh at my chin.
That’s rude, okay? Humph, next time I will show you how I beat even more amazing monsters completely」

「There are no such monsters around Koryatt village ya’ know」

Roomba throws cold water following after the worked-up Gates.

Well, I’m hoping that he can defeat something like a bear next time.
I have never eaten a bear hot pot after all.

「By the way, what’s that in Al’s hands?」

While I was looking at Gates with a warm gaze, Roomba points at the tops in my hands and asks.

Aah, right.
Roomba and Gates didn’t know about this since they didn’t come with us to ojiichan’s house in the royal capital.

「This is a toy called a spinning top.
I made a simplified version of the spinning top, then my ojiichan at the royal capital made it into a product to sell」

「Ohー, so that was a new toy Al came up with! That looks interesting!」

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「There is a string wrapped around it, and it has such a strange shape.
Do you play it by throwing it, like a sling?」

Since I just made it by imitating the stuff in my previous life, it makes me feel guilty when they say it’s something I came up with.

Oh well, I made them in this world so that I can enjoyably spend my time.
I had some trouble making them, so I’ll think about it some more to find a clear solution.

「How do you play with it? C’mon, give it a try!」

I’m planning to go to Torr’s house and played the tops over there, do the two of you want to come with me?」

Anyhow, I’m going to explain it to Torr and Asmo after this.

So it will be quicker to explain it all at once.

「Yeah! I got no particular plans after this!」

「This might become a popular toy.
So there’s no reason not to join you」

The two of them gave the impression that they were not busy, and sure enough, it seems that they had no plans after this.

The villagers of Koryatt village are frequently interacting with one another, so of course, Roomba and Gates are also acquainted with Torr.

Rather, there’s no way for these two conspicuous people to not be recognized by the villagers.

At any rate, we will take advantage of the fact that Myula-san is not home today, she’s probably spending her time idly at the mansion.

I’m sure that there will be no problem with Roomba and Gates coming with me.

「Now then, let’s go to Torr’s house!」


Just like this, the brave one – Alfried – added two uncles to his party.

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