In any case, the crews of the Imperial Navy vessels were visited by a temporary period of peace and tranquility. Cheerful bustles swirled through the mess halls of every vessel.

Though alcohol was forbidden, the crew members were in thrall of a drunkenness born of battle and victory, and the food tasted better to them than it actually was.

”Even our young commanders actually pretty good, don you think? ” whispered some back and forth. ”I was thinking he was just here as a decoration, with nothing going for him but his looks, but hes really quite the tactician. Maybe even the best since Admiral Luo Liang and Shen Xing in the old days … ”

The question of why, and for whom, they and their unseen, unknown enemies were killing one another was nowhere to be heard among the soldiers at that time.

They were simply and honestly rejoicing in their survival and their victory. But within the next few hours, a portion of these survivors would be added to the ranks of the newly dead.

At the moment the Second Fleet was heading towards the Third Fleet and planned to rendezvous with them to give a striking blow to the Imperial Fleet.

”We have no time to waste! Charge towards the Third Fleet! ”

As Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong gave his orders the Second Fleet increased their speed to the maximum to reach the Third Fleets area as fast as possible.

”Calculate the time required to reach them. ”

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong ordered Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao to calculate the time required.

Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao Didn waste a single second and started calculating, he didn want the Fourth Fleets Sacrifice to go in vain.

”. . . . . . . . . . ”

”Itll take us about 4 hours to reach them at the best abilities of our Starship. ”

Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao took 10 minutes to calculate and replied.

”I see, Take out my orders. Tell the soldiers to be ready for War within 3 hours. ”

”Yes Sir! ”

Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao did as commanded and left the room.

”Well, lets see how this Commander of the Imperial Fleet deals with these circumstances~ ”

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong said in a nonchalant manner.

After 2 hours had passed the Imperial Fleets Surveillance Starships finally spotted the second fleet heading towards the Third Fleet, which lay stagnant for 2 hours, at an astronomical speed.

”I see so thats what they are aiming for huh, hahaha! They surely got us now didn they? Not bad! ”

Luo Xiaoyi said with a smile across his face.

”So, what are we going to do next? It doesn look beneficial for us even a bit. ” Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng asked with a worried expression.

”Even if it doesn , there was no option for us to withdraw since the very begining. Well fight it to the very end. ”

Luo Xiaoyi said with an excited expression.

”As you wish, Your Excellency! ” Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng bowed in admiration towards Luo Xiaoyi.

”Even in such a situation, choosing to fight instead of running and calling it an honourable withdrawal, you are truly a ruthless leader. ” Lin Feng thought.

”Give my orders to the Valkyrie Units and Celestial Realm Cultivators. ”

”Use the Cerberus Formation and go behind the enemy units without letting any of them know of their movements. ”

”They will take long route from three directions just like in Cerberus Formation. ”

”By the time the Second Fleet reaches the Third Fleet, The Valkyrie Units should be gathered behind them to take out a sneak attack. ”

Lou Xiaoyi Gave his Orders with a nonchalant expression.

”Thats… Indeed.. a ruthless leader after all… haizz what was I even thinking just now… ” Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng Thought.

Lin Feng simply nodded in agreement with a wry smile, he didn say a word and went back to the Valkyrie Units Camp to relay Luo Xiaoyis orders.

After 2 hours, The Imperial Fleet and The Second Fleet, both had managed to reach the Third Fleet at almost the very same moment.

In the Second Fleet.

”The Imperial Fleet has also arrived in time, sir. ” Lu Piao Said.

”Well, that should have been expected. To choose the Fleet with the lowest fire power than ours, truly a man who knows no shame. ” Mu Kongdong Said with a Smile on his Face.

”Take out my orders, Send The Archangel Units to buy us sometime, as I discuss our plans with the Third Fleet. ”

”Tell them, not to go in a team but instead alone. Keep some distance between them so that enemies have a hard time dealing with all of them. ”

Mu Kongdong had a nonchalant expression on his face. He knew very well that he was sending these Archangel Units to their deaths door and he didn plan to let them all die.

As such he had prepared a plan beforehand so that it doesn take too long to discuss the matters with the Third Commander.

”But Sir, isn this a bit too ruthless? ” Lu Piao Couldn help but ask.

”A force is best confronted with a force of the same nature. ” Mu Kongdong shrugged his shoulders.

Lu Piao stood in daze for sometime after hearing what he said and soon left to relay Mu Kongdongs Orders to the Archangel Units Camp.

Back in the Imperial Fleet.

”Are the Valkyrie Units and the Celestial Realm Cultivators behind the Enemy Fleets yet? ” Luo Xiaoyi asked with a weary expression hanging on his face.

”Yes, Your Excellency. ”

”Did they successfully Camouflage their presence? ”

”From the looks of it, they have successfully managed to hide their presence indeed. ”

Luo Xiaoyi and Lin Feng continued to discuss the matter amongst themselves.

After A few minutes there was a sudden movement comming from the Enemy Fleets.

”Sending out a team of Archangels who have a gap of great distance between them seems like… ”

He paused for a moment and continued.

”They have sent their Archangel Units to buy them some time to discuss their plans. Not bad at all, but… they are just too unfortunate. ”

Luo Xiaoyi saw through their motives with ease, it wasn like he was too fast but rather the fact that the enemies were being too obvious.

”They think that holding us here is enough to buy them the required time haizz.. ”

”Send the message to the Valkyrie Units, tell them to start their Sneak attack. ”

Luo Xiaoyis pair of blood-red eyes started to gleam as he gave out his orders.

”Yes- ” Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng let out a word, but before he could finish it. The Starship Artemis suddenly started to shake wildly.

”Whats happening? ”

”The enemy Archangels still haven started their assault and they are still a bit far, this shouldn be related to them. ”

Right now, it wasn the Starship Artemis which was quaking wildly but rather that the entire space around the Interstellar Battlefield Was quaking.

A certain figure suddenly appeared out of the void. It was too far away to be noticed by the Alliance and the Imperial Fleet.

With a Wave of his hands the entire Spatial Dimension had started to tremble as if it was afraid of this unknown man.

The trembling in the space caused several void cracks to be opened up on their own, fortunately they were too far from the Fleets if either of the sides to cause any kind of damage.

If these void cracks were to pass through any of the Starships, It would have tore through it with ease and the effects of tearing through the ships would result in leaking of all the elements within the Starships.

The air-pressure caused by it would have even forced every crew member to be thrown into space and never to be found.

”Any kind of hostility towards anyone or anything in my presence will be considered as looking down on my authority! ”

A sudden voice reverberated through the entire battlefield, it was stronger than a thunderclap, causing even more void cracks to open up accross the battlefield.

”That sound and strength… seems like we have encountered an old monster here. ” Luo Xiaoyi said with an unfazed expression.

”Being able to cause such destruction to the space laws itself, he is not be messed with. ” Lin Feng said, as he tried to look for the location of this Expert.

In the Second Fleet.

Mu Kongdong wasn affected much by the space-quake as he had experienced it many times as a child back in his fathers commerce vessels.

But when the sudden voice reverberated through the space he was shook to the core just like others were.

”Whoever this person is… I just hope that he is not on the Empires side. ”

This Expert had suddenly appeared out of nowhere as the Archangels were headed towards the Imperial Fleet, it wasn a lost cause for Mu Kongdong to take caution and be on guard.

The figure then waved his hands gently and grasped the space around the archangel Units and threw them back towards the Second Fleet.

Fortunately, because of the great distance between each Archangel, none of them had collided.

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