Tea Sipping Young Master

Sudden Appearance

At that moment, the Second and Third Fleets of the Alliance were reeling from shock, having only just learned of the sudden change of circumstances.

Even so, they had not decided to veer from the original plan and were still advancing toward the battlefield same as before.

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong, commander of the second fleet was observing the battle just now and came up to a conclusion that whoever is commanding the Imperial Fleet right now was no simple guy.

”As much as I hate to say it… theres no other way… this might be my last opportunity ”

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong Muttered to himself.

”We need to get to the battlefield ASAP to reinforce the Fourth Fleet. With any luck, we should be able to strike the enemy from behind. If we do that, we can turn the tide in one fell swoop, sir! ”

Commander Lu Piao said with a shrill tone to his voice.

”That probably won work. ”

Mu Kongdong sounded unconcerned as ever, which almost made commander Lu Piao let his words pass by unacknowledged.

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong had started to turn his head back toward the screen, but he stopped and looked again at the Lieutenant Commander.

”Sir, What makes you think that way? ”

Commander Lu Piao asked.

”The fighting will already be over by the time we get there. The enemy will leave the battlefield, and before the Second and Third Fleets can rendezvous, theyll circle around to the rear of one or the other and launch an attack there. ”

”Since the Third Fleet is the smaller of the two, its almost certain theyll be the ones targeted. The empires taken the initiative, and at present theyve still got it. I don think we need to keep doing what they expect any further. ”

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong replied with a smile on his face.

”What do you mean, Sir? ” Commander Lu Piao asked with a Grim Expression on his face.

”We will change tactics. Instead of rendezvousing with the Fourth Fleet in that battle, we will go rendezvous with the Third Fleet now —without a moment to spare— and prepare for the next battle in that sector. ”

”If we combine the fleets, well have fourty-five thousand vessels, and after that we can challenge them with better than fifty-fifty odds of victory. ”

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong replied with an unwavering faith.

”… Meaning, you want to just look the other way as the Fourth Fleet is massacred? ”

A note of deliberate reproach was apparent in the Commanders tone.

”That is one cold-blooded thing to say! ” Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao Thought.

”Even if we left right now, we wouldn get there in time. ” Rear Admiral Mu Kongdongs tone was curt.

It almost felt like he ignored what was going on in the Lieutenant Commanders head.

”But we can abandon a friendly force. ”

At the commanders words, Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong shrugged his shoulders lightly. ”Then ultimately, their tactic of attacking each group separately will make easy prey of all Three fleets. ”

”Not necessarily. The Fourth Fleet won go down without a good fight. If they can keep holding out … ” Commander Lu Piao said in an optimistic manner

”I just told you it was hopeless. Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao, reality is made up of more than just Heroic calculations. ”

”The enemy commander is a man of utmost Experience and Ruthlessness. ”

”Lieutenant Commander Lu Piao, you are a seasoned warrior forged in countless battles but if Compared to that— ”

Rear Admiral Mu Kongdong said in an apathetic manner, he knew that in front of that person there was nothing else they could do but become as ruthless as him to counter his methods, just like iron cuts iron….

Four hours had passed since the start of battle. By this point, the Fourth Fleet of the Alliance Navy could hardly be called a fleet at all.

There was no tidy, well-organized battle formation.No unified chain of command. It was nothing more than scattered pockets of desperate resistance: isolated, cut off, single ships in every quarter waging a losing battle.

The Starship Enterprise was now a colossal hunk of metal wandering in the void. Within, there was nothing left that lived.

The body of Commander Chen Liang had been sucked out of the starship by the air-pressure differential in the instant that concentrated enemy fire had opened up a large crack in the Starships hull.

What condition his corpse was in and where in space it was drifting, nobody knew.

Meanwhile, Luo Xiaoyi knew by this point that he had just secured a complete victory.

”Organized resistance has ended. From this point forward we
e to switch over to mop-up operations, but … ” The report came in from Admiral Zhang.

”No need. ”

Luo Xiaoyi objected before Admiral Zhang could finish his words.

”Sir? ” Admiral Zhangs narrow eyes narrowed further.

”The battles only one-third finished. You can leave the remnants be—we need to save our strength for the next battle. ”

”Further instructions will follow. Until then, get our formations reorganized. ”

Luo Xiaoyi gave his orders.

”As you wish, Your Excellency. ”

With a solemn bow of his head, Admiral Zhangs image vanished from the display screen.

Luo Xiaoyi looked back at Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng

”Even he has changed his attitude towards you, though just a little. ”

”Yes, he must have little choice. ”

”This is a great first-round victory ” Luo Xiaoyi thought.

Even the admiralty will have to admit his tactical plan worked well. The soldiers will take heart, and the enemy will be stunned when they see their unbeatable formation destroyed.

”Which fleet do you think we should attack next, Your Excellency? The one to starboard or to port? ”

”Its possible to circle around to the aft of either, but surely I have made up my mind already ”

”Pretty much thought so. ”

”Their Third Fleet, positioned as support in the Cerberus Formation, must have the weaker force strength, correct? ”

”Exactly. ”

A satisfied smile appeared around the mouth of Luo Xiaoyi.

”The enemy may be expecting that. And thats the one slight concern that I have, but … ”

Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng Expressed his worries.

”Theres no danger of that. If they do guess what we
e doing, they won continue with a battle plan that uses divided forces. ”

”Theyll try to rendezvous as early as they possibly can. After all, together they still outnumber us vastly. ”

”The fact that they aren doing so is proof they don understand our fleets intent. Well circle around to the Third Fleets flank and attack them there. How many hours will we need? ”

Luo Xiaoyi shook his head and said.

”Less than four. ”

”Look at you, youve worked it out already. ”

Luo Xiaoyi smiled again. When he smiled, his face was like a boys. But what wiped that smile from his face in a heartbeat was the realization that several sets of eyes were looking intently his way. Luo Xiaoyi would not show his smile easily to anyone in such a way.

”Relay that to the whole fleet. Gradually shift our course clockwise as we proceed, and attack the enemys Third Fleet on its flank. ”

”As you wish! ”

Lieutenant Commander Lin Feng replied, but he was looking at his white haired senior martial as though he still had something to say.

”Do you have any objections? ”

Luo Xiaoyi drew his brows together in suspicion and returned the stare.

”It isn that. I was just wondering if we might let the men have a break since we now have some time to spare. ”

”Oh, thats right. I hadn realized. ”

The Luo Xiaoyi issued orders that the soldiers be given breaks of an hour and a half each, to be taken in two shifts. During that time, they were to eat and rest up in their restoration pods.

A restoration pod was essentially a large artifact aquarium made of Vitality Wood and filled to thirty centimeters depth with Source Purification Liquid.

Anyone who lay floating in its interior would enjoy a state of perfect peace and quiet, isolated from all color, lighting and heating, sound, and other external senses.

Spending one hour in the pod was said to have the same effect on ones mind and body as eight hours of sound sleep. There was nothing like it for quickly restoring soldiers worn down in body and spirit by combat.

In small squads where restoration pods facilities were lacking, Quick Heal Pills were sometimes used, but oftentimes these were not just dangerous to the body, they had a bad effect on the military organization itself.

Drug-addicted soldiers had absolutely no value as a human resource, so accordingly, this measure was taken only in the worst of circumstances.

The wounded were also being treated. It had been widely known since in the late Great Change Era that Pills could stimulate the bodys cells, increasing their natural abilities by leaps.

Add to that the development of half conscious puppet artifacts, and an age had arrived in which 90 percent of wounded soldiers who managed to see a military doctor could be saved.

Though of course it was possible to be driven to a state wherein death would be better …

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