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”He sent those Archangel Units back, but why would he do that? ” Luo Xiaoyi was a bit surprised.

That figure then waved his hand once again and this time a huge void corridor had opened up right behind the Rendezvous point of the Second Fleet and the Third Fleet.

The Void Corridor instantly started to pull everything in its surrounding towards itself.

”He knows about the position of the Valkyrie Units? ” Luo Xiaoyi was extremely surprised.

All the Valkyrie Units and the Celestial Realm Cultivators instantly got sucked within it, as the corridor was slowly closed shut.

”Little Commander of the Imperial Fleet, you are quite underhanded. To have made up such plans, you truly were planning to give your all to defeat the Alliance Fleets it seems. ”

”This Old Master is Quite Impressed to see your ways of battle and the ruthlessness which is rooted deep within your strategies. ”

The deep voice reverberated yet again. This time, it was a lot more friendly than before.

”Being out of nowhere, truly suspicious. But I must play along and look for a way to escape. ” Luo Xiaoyi Thought.

”Senior is being too polite. I was simply doing what I must in order to tackle the large enemy forces. ”

”Is my voice even going to reach him? ” Luo Xiaoyi thought.

In The Second Fleet.

After Witnessing the large number of Valkyrie Units and Celestial Realm Cultivators, who had been camping behind them and waiting for an order to strike, he was shocked to the very core.

”I shouldn have been so careless, if it wasn for this Old Mans appearance, we might have already been done for…*

”So, they had prepared a sneak attack from behind… I guess this Old Master is not from the empire. If he was, why would he even reveal the sneak attack? ”

”They seem to be in a conversation right now. Just what are they talking about… ”

”Too bad, I can only hear that Old Masters voice which seems to be reverberating through space itself. ”

Mu Kongdong was a bit stressed out, but after that Old Master had revealed and even seemingly eliminated the sneak attack set-up by the Imperial Fleet, he had a sigh of relief.

”All of you are to come with me, I have a few matters to discuss with the bunch of you. ”

The Old Master said as he waved his hand and created a huge Void Corridor, this one was far more larger than the previous ones. It almost felt like it was endlessly wide.

The suction force it had was also several times stronger than the one from before. It instantly sucked every single starship in the area and closed.

Inside the Void Corridor, all of the Starships were sent to a seperate channel, which saved them from collision.

After sometime, they finally reached the end of the void corridor. They were on a star which was covered with tall foggy mountains, forests and rivers.

The world energy of this star was also very high.

”This star is a Cultivation Paradise. ” Luo Xiaoyi Thought.

”Welcome to this Old Masters Humble Abode. ”

”The name is Shi Wa Elhe and today I have brought you people here to discuss an important matter. ”

After an hour all the starships had settled down, there were small disputes between the Empire and the Alliances soldiers but it didn last long as Shi Wa Elhe had prohibited any kind of Hostility in his presence.

The Admirals and Lieutenant Commanders were led to a large round table hall by Shi Wa Elhes Maid, Li Shuiye.

The hall was situated within a large mansion which belonged to Shi Wa Elhe and apparently this entire star was Shi Wa Elhes private property and he was omnipresent within this star.

At least that was what they were told by Shi Wa Elhes Maid.

Inside the Hall, from the Imperial Fleet, the Five Generals and Luo Xiaoyi along with Lin Feng, standing behind him, were seated on the right side.

From the Alliance Fleets, Only Mu Kongdong along with Lu Piao, standing behind him, and Cao Tian the Commander of the Third Fleet were present. They were seated on the left side.

Soon the huge door of the hall was slowly opened, everyones attention was instantly turned towards it.

As it was opened, a man who seemed to be in his twenties with long red hair and a pair of shiny-gold eyes, entered the room.

Not to be mistaken, this was indeed Shi Wa Elhe. As he was in an extremely high realm of cultivation, his appearance still looked similar to that of a twenty year old but he was in fact far more older than that.

Behind him was his maid Li Shuiye, she followed him from rear as he walked towards the seat at the end of the round table.

”Shes being cautious? No that shouldn be, Shi Wa Elhe is far stronger than any of us present here. ” Mu Kongdong Thought.

”Thats a show of elegance, just like a king who seats on his throne is accompanied by his queen from behind. ” Luo Xiaoyi Thought as a faint smile appeared on his face.

”So, shall we get started? ” Shi Wa Elhe asked as he sat on his seat.

”… ” Everyone present in the hall nodded in agreement.

”How is life as a soldier who fights for the Empire and the Alliance? ” Shi Wa Elhe asked with a nonchalant expression on his face.

”Its far more harsh than one can imagine to say the least. ” Mu Kongdong answered with a tinge of sadness on his face.

”… ” Everyone nodded on Mu Kongdongs answer.

”Then whats the difference between fighting a futile war and fighting for the Empire or the Alliance? ”

Shi Wa Elhe asked as his shiny-gold eyes shone and a smile appeared on his face.

”None, there is no difference between any of them. ”

Luo Xiaoyi was the one who answered this time.

”How can you say that? We all fighting for our nations sake and its long lasting prosperity. ” Cao Tian objected.

”Why are you saying this out of nowhere, Your Excellency? ” Rear Admiral Zhao objected along with him.

”Yes, Your Excellency! Why would you say that? ”

Except Rear Admiral Yang Every other Admiral Objected Luo Xiaoyis answer.

”Admiral Zhang, Rear Admiral Zhao, Wu, Suo and Cao. You can go back. ”

At that moment Shi Wa Elhe interfered and ordered those who objected Luo Xiaoyi to go out.

They didn dare to provoke Shi Wa Elhe and instantly left the hall one after another.

”Well, that was a lot easier. ” Shi Wa Elhe said with a smile on his face.

”It sure was. ” Li Shuiye nodded in agreement.

”Well then lets get to the point. ”

”Rear Admiral Luo Xiaoyi and Mu Kongdong, as you two seem to agree on the fact that the power struggle between the Empire and the Alliance is futile. ”

”Would you like to be my allies? ”

Shi Wa Elhe was himself well aware of this fact.

”What do you mean? ” Both Luo Xiaoyi and Mu Kongdong were a bit confused and asked in unison.

”I was raised in the Alliance, there I was taught of the evils commited by the empire and how our Ancestors were tortured and also how the Alliance is the true and righteous Successor of the Boundless Empire. ”

”But as time passed, I came to understand that these were just ideal blabbering and the alliance itself had also been filled with corruption just like the Empire. ”

”If the Alliance had truly cared for righteousness and such meta-physical ideals, why did they let this stupid power struggle to continue since ages? ”

”The humanity is simply heading towards its end because of this stupid power struggle between these idiotic nations. ”

”As such, now that this Old Master has reached this unfathomable realm, I have decided to do my best to end this power struggle and restart the Golden Age and look for the Great Ancient Gods. ”

Shi Wa Elhe took his time to answer their Question by giving a brief sketch of the situation and his desires to heal the civilization.

”So, would the both of you like to form an Alliance with me? ” Shi Wa Elhe asked.

”Sure. ” Luo Xiaoyi replied almost instantly.

”Are you sure you can trust a stranger you just recently met, your excellency? ” Lin Feng, who was standing behind him, asked.

”Well, we will see what happens. ” Luo Xiaoyi replied with a smile on his face.

Lin Feng simply gave a worried smile and could say anything more.

”Well, I don really possess a force or a faction or anything like that which can give some significant help but I would help with whatever I can. ” Mu Kongdong replied.

”So, what are we supposed to do now? We were in between a battle just a few hours ago and now we are here out of nowhere. ”

”The Decisions we made, even I am not sure if they were a hundred percent correct or not haizz. ”

Luo Xiaoyi stated his Thoughts.

”So you are actually aware of that huh… ” Lin Feng Thought.

”Indeed, this is a lot to digest… ” Mu Kongdong nodded in agreement.

”Haha both of you should take some rest and think if the decisions you made were right or not, I won force you into anything. ” Shi Wa Elhe advised.

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