He started Cultivating at the age of five, the Cultivation Manual he chose to practice was the Grand Immortals, Myriad Truths.

This Cultivation Manual is a Grade 6 Manual. It allows the Practitioner to perceive the grand dao and see through the myriad truths hidden within the greatest of imitations and even see the flaw within the flawless.

A Cultivation Manual is a set of teachings on the grand dao which guides the practitioner to the path they desire to follow.

The kind of Qi Condensed by the practitioner in their Dantian also depends on the Cultivation Manual.

These Manuals are divided into 13 grades with each manual of a higher grade providing a better Qi than a lower grade manual.

Although these manuals are ranked in these grades, it doesn mean that lower ranked Manuals can become any better.

A Cultivator can increase the grade and ranking of their manuals profundity and the quality of the Qi through their hard work and efforts.

The Ranking of Manuals tends to change every Century as lower grade manuals rise in Rankings.

After cultivating within the clan for five years, he managed to reach the 4th Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm.

He was ten years old that year. His father decided to take him on a tour in the outside world to gain some experience alongside him.

”Keeping you shut within the clan will do no good. It will be more beneficial to take you out to gain some experience. ” His Father implied.

It was during this adventure that he first saw a starship with his own eyes. Up until this day, he had lived within the Clan Territory and didn have the permission to go out.

Now, as he wandered through the forests, mountains and cities on the Antares Star, He couldn help but feel amazed.

This adventure had lasted for a year, as he along with his father traveled the Antares. On this adventure he had made up his mind that he wanted to be a Commander of a Starship.

On this adventure he had tremendously gained a lot of insight about the world and also broke through from 4th stage to the 6th stage. And Also made many new allies in the outside world.

He also got acquainted with the younger generation of the other God Heritage Clans and learnt a lot about them.

When he returned to the clan, he was happy to be reunited with his family.

”You have actually broken through twice in just a year! As expected of my Son! ” His Mother was Extremely Happy and so was he.

He asked his father to arrange a few books on starships and also books related to the battlefield and tactics.

His father liked the idea and didn deny his request.

. . . —

Four years passed in an instant. In these four years, he focused entirely on reading the books arranged by his father and didn give much care for Cultivation.

He hardly managed to break through to the 7th stage of the Qi Condensation Realm.

But his achievements in the battle tactics had increased by several folds over the span of four years.

This year, he managed to awaken his bloodline and breakthrough another stage of Qi Condensation with the awakening of the bloodline. It was quite rare for a 15 year old person to awaken his bloodline.

This had shocked every member of the Clan. But what was even more shocking was the bloodline itself.

The Bloodline Luo Xiaoyi had awakened was a mutated version of the Heaven Concealing Dragon and Empyrean Inferno.

This Mutation in Bloodline was Related to his Ancestors.

His Ancestors had possessed the Heaven Concealing Dragon bloodline which had been passed down in the Luo Clan since the Great Change Era.

On the other hand, His Maternal Ancestors had possessed the Empyrean Inferno Bloodline.

Both of these Bloodlines were considered as one of the strongest on Antares.

Within the Eternal Empire there were only 7 God Heritage Clans. These clans were the ones who possessed the bloodline of the Great Ancient Gods.

The Heaven Concealing Dragon was said to be so large that it could even bind the entire Star easily with its massive body.

The Empyrean Inferno on the other hand was said to possess the strength to even turn a lively star into a barren star with no sign of a life form to ever again appear on it.

As he had awakened a mutated bloodline, the characteristics of both of the bloodlines were mashed up.

For now, there weren any special signs shown other than the Formless Wings and the Formless Scales which slightly appeared on his body.

It was as if the characteristics of a dragon and phoenix were intermixed with each other.

His father and mother were happy to see that their son had

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