I felt tired and worn out from just delivering that speech. I ran some few rounds making sure that everything was ready for our guests and every single thing was done to perfection. Mary was making sure that they were settling in alright and being given tours. The place was enormous and since they were staying here for the next three months, they needed to know their way around. Knowing that the guests were well catered for, I retired to my suite to rest before dinner. I noticed the bags I came with, were not in my bedroom. I checked in the closet but all I saw were the clothes and shoes that I preferred to stay in the hotel for whenever I was around. I was too tired to look for the bags.

After my call with Nick, I immediately fell asleep and soon enough, I was in dreamland, far away from the troubles and pressures of life. And of course you know who I dreamt with. As the really sweet dream turned to take an interesting course, a soft knock landed on my door jolting me back to reality.

It took some few seconds for me to be fully awake. A second knock was heard and a third. Before the fourth, I told whoever was at the door to come in. It was Mary.

”Luna dear, did I disturb you, ” Mary asked concern when she saw me eyeing from the corners of the pillows that rested on my head.

”What do you want Mary, ” I groaned as I closed my eyes for the desire to sleep was taking over my body and senses.

”Sorry dear, Its about your luggage, ” she spoke softly not wanting to get me upset.

”What about it? ” I asked

”And by the way I noticed its not here, Where did those maids take them, ” I added now really concerned where my stuff was.

”Your uncle ordered for them to be taken to your new appointed room, ”

Now I was fully awake.

”New room? ” I asked confused

”What do you mean by new room, ” I literally shouted in agitation this time. I clearly knew what she meant. I was just being dramatic.

”Since you
e participating in the programme, they saw it for you to be treated like the rest and you were moved to the same section as them and you have a room there too. ” Mary explained.

”I hate my life!! ” I cried out throwing away the pillows from my bed.

”What room is it? ” I asked.

”Room 204. ” Mary answered.

”Do I really have to go? ” I asked her sadly.

”Yes dear. I am to lock your room in the next five minutes. So child, get up and walk your butt to that room if you want to continue sleeping. Ill be back in the next ten minutes, ” She winked at me as she left the room. As if five minutes extra made a difference.

Gathering the little energy I had left, I breathed in the last of my sweet suite, taking every single detail in. From my bedroom, to my kitchen, to my game room, to my sitting room, to my study, to my guest room, to my bathroom and my sweet darling closet. I took one of my empty suitcases and packed a few of my pjs, clothes and shoes. When I was done, I scurried away to my new prison.

On the way, I met Mary, making her way back to my room. I pouted at her and she softly assured me that I would do just fine.She encouraged me to have some little fun at the process. That was going to be hard. I was a people person but persons my age. I agreed well with those under and above my age. To make matters worse, I knew nobody. What comforted me was that I actually did know someone with smoking hot blue eyes and another someone who would be here next week. But until then, I had no option but to stay put.

Before I got to my door, I realized that I did not pick up my key. Damn it. Now I had to find whoever had my key. I left my suitcase in the hallway and rushed over to find the goddamn key. leaving the suitcase was probably not a good idea but I was in no position of getting myself more tired than I already was.

The few personnel in charge of handing out keys I met with, all directed me to one person, some lady called Keisha. Mary did not even bother to help me look for this keisha girl!!

Just perfect! Really perfect! I was so in the mood of firing someone. One of the Janitors was the one who informed that she had just gone to take care of something and she wouldn be long.

”When you see her or anybody who is heading her way, tell her that I am urgently looking for her before I….. ” I said firmly and left the Janitor all shaken up.I don know what came over me but I cursed several times angrily and this might what shook the poor guy up.

I honestly needed to calm down and so I went to get some cold water that would help calm my nerves down. Feeling a little better, I walked towards my new room,only to find a group of people surrounding something in the hallway. Others were standing outside their rooms watching the drama unfolding before them.

”You stupid peasant maid, look what you did, ” I heard the voice a young probably bitter lady shout.

”Im sorry Maam I didn mean to….. ” a muffled voice of someone probably in tears spoke up.

”Do you much these shoes and jacket cost?Huh! Not even you and your whole family combined when sold, can amount to their price, ” she spat at the poor soul.

”Don they teach you peasants manners here? ” she practically shouted rather than asking.

”But Maam you
e the one who was not watching where you were going. ” The poor soul finally spoke up tints of confidence now present and clearly heard.

”How dare you disrespect me again! ” She spat as she slapped the poor girl who started crying even before she was hit.

I stepped closer only to see one of my maids crying her head bowed down and some tall blonde girl wiping her hands roughly with a piece of handkerchief. Probably from being into contact with the teary cheek of the maid.

If there was one in thing I hated and could not stand was someone in power taking advantage of those beneath her.

”Lay your hand again on that poor girl and I will see to it, you are banned from this hotel! ” I growled anger evident in my voice.

Everyone including those standing outside their doors, turned to check where the growl came from.

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