”Luna dear, Mr. luca needs you in his office right now. ” Mary informed me when we met in the lobby.

Luca and my dad were best friends since child-hood and his son Nick had been my best friend since we were kids too. His mom and my mom were both Africans who had simply come to the states to study only to get married to this two. The two came from the famous African country, Kenya.

Sadly our moms died together in a tragic accident when we were very little. We were around 2 years old at that time. Our dads took comfort in each other and raised us together though mine was not around as much but I had my uncle. They never hid anything from us and each other. This was a virtue Nick and I learnt from them. We both had no secrets and we always told each other the truth. After all that is what best friends are for.

Luca was the one who ran the couple matching programme. He had developed some really cool technology that was able to detect people who were drawn to each other and simply deserved each other and brought them together. He was quite the cupid. I never got to understood how it worked, but feedbacks from previous clients were just something else. They all loved the experience and most of them if not all, ended up getting married and having kids.

I walked to his office clearly knowing why he had called me. My dad had for sure made him promise that he saw to it I got into that programme.Damn it Dad!! I can never get away from you can i?

”Come in, ” Lucas voice echoed through the door after I knocked.

I slowly opened the door. ”You called for me Luca? ” I asked as I got in and he gestured for me to have a sit.

”Yes I did. I wanted to inform you, that I have already logged your name into the programme and so, there is no way you are escaping this. ” He said as he handed over some identification card to me.

”Is Nick also participating in this madness? ” I asked trying to reason with him.

”No he is not, ” He said bluntly. He clearly did not want me arguing my way out of this.

”Then why am i? ” I whined.

”Because I am not your father, child, ” Luca answered thinking those words offered me some comfort.

”This is not fair Luca its not, ” I cried out.

”Stop your whining child. When Nick flies back into the country next week, I promise you, he will join you. ” Luca assured me.

At least I would not suffer this torture alone. But the week seemed too long and to far away.

”Now darling, do me a favour, I urgently have to meet up with your father to discuss some issues. Would you please welcome our guests for me and guide them through todays activities. You are the only one I trust to do this for me, ” He requested and I sadly could not say no to him no matter how desperately I wanted to.

”Okay, ” I sighed as he handed over the schedule and some instructions to me.

”Ill bring back your favourite Ice cream, ” He said knowing how this would cheer me up and it did.

He kissed me goodbye as we both exited from his office and parted ways.

I immediately looked for Mary and the accomodation personnel and authorised for them to meet with me at the lounge area in the next ten minutes.

They all luckily obliged and when I stepped in the space filled with spoilt brats and their pretentious mommies, the staff stood in line apart from Mary who stood infront of them. I went and joined her.

A small bell was rung to gather everybodys attention. When they heard the bell they all turned to face us and silence filled the room. That was my cue to speak.

”Good evening to you all, ” I started off with a smile.

”My names are Luna Richards, Mr. Luca, whom you all know, and for those who don , he is the one incharge of the programme that you have all enrolled to participate in, has stepped out shortly to address an important issue. He sends his apologies and regards to you all and hopes that you are all well and comfortable. He also hopes that everything here is to your liking. He left me in charge of all activities that are to take place today. And please be sure that you are in safe hands. ” I paused and smiled at them.

The few smiling faces that looked back at me encouraged me to keep going.

”Today we do not have a lot going on. I would like to request that all parents kindly leave after this meeting. And as for the participants, all your bags and suitcases have been settled into your respective rooms for today only. The staff you see infront you, will call out your names and hand over the keys to the room that each one of you has been placed. They will direct you to the section of the hotel that has been set aside specifically for this programme.I hope you enjoy your stay here. In case of anything, Mary here and I will be around to cater to your needs. Any questions? ” I finished as I looked around to see if there was any.

”What did you mean by our rooms for today only? ” A chocolate haired lady with emerald eyes asked.

Before I could answer, my eyes met the baby blue ocean eyes from earlier.

I had that same awkward but pleasant goofy feeling from earlier. He smiled sweetly at me and my knees suddenly felt weak. I shifted my attention away from him and turned it to the pretty lady who sat next to him.

One of his hands lay on her shoulder making her lean really close to him. The two looked cute together. I was somehow jealous but oh well…what do I say? He was never mine to begin with.

”Well when the reporting ends tomorrow and all participants have arrived. You will all be shifted to other rooms that you will share with the person that you will have been matched with. ” I briefly answered and murmuring erupted from the already excited teenagers.

Their faces read, ” ”WE CAN NOT WAIT! ”

Some were even eyeing those that they wished they would be matched with. Owen and the beautiful girl looked at each other and smiled at the thought of them being matched and sleeping in the same room.

It broke my heart that those smiles were genuine and honest and how cutely they looked at each other.

”If that is all, Feel free to mingle. Dinner will be served to all at exactly 8 at the dining area that will be shown to you during the tour. For the food, you can order anything in the menu.Have a good evening. ” I said and left the room leaving Mary and the staff to take care of the rest.

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