Before she could answer me, my phone rang. It was my mom. She was probably wondering why I took so long. I had no option but to answer.

”Where the hell are you Owen? ” My mom literally shouted on the other end. ”You better get back here before I….. ”

”Jeez relax mom, I am coming, ” I answered as I hang up.

”See you around, ” I winked at her and exited the restrooms only to realize that I had entered the staff washrooms. Honestly I thank God I did.


Owen huh! It truly was him. After all those years, I literally just shared a moment with him. Twas unbelievable. Surely unexpected situations are lifes gift to us.

Now I really thank the heavens I was pressed and ended up here. I smiled as I remembered the feel of his hands on mine, his blue eyes, his smile and most importantly, his voice. The smile was short-lived as feelings of uncertainty and fear crept into my soul. Speaking of being pressed, I really needed to pee.


”Before you start complaining mom, I am so sorry I took so long, ”

”And why did you take so long? ” Her eyebrows were raised as she asked the question.

”Well I got lost, this place is so enormous, ” I sighed not really wanting to tell her about the incident that happened earlier on.

”Okay, come I want you to meet someone, ” She said smiling as she grabbed my hand ushering me to follow.

Her not scolding me and smiling like that, she was up to no good and when I say no good I mean, she had surely found me some girl that matched my standards or rather her standards.

I hated my life. Being the oldest and only son of a very very rich billionaire who seemed to venture in almost all kind of business that presumed success always making him all the more richer, was not easy. It came with a very hefty price. From the minute I came into this world , my life was pretty much planned.For instance who I could associate with, who I would date and eventually who I would marry. Being successor was definitely a job I was not ready to undertake but sadly I had no option but oblige to whatever my parents saw fit for me.

That was why we were enrolled into this stupid couple matching programme. Billionaire kids and those who came from well known families in the country and beyond, were annually brought to this insanely luxurious Hotel, to meet and be matched with their future partners. Our so parents believed that it was safer if we mingled and finally got married to people of our calibres.

”Mom…do we really have to do this, ”

”Yes…you do. She is a beautiful young woman and she is from the Williams family. ” She said firmly. Damn a William! This should be interesting.

The Williams, just like my family, were ranked among the top richest families in the East and western countries. Well we the Royals were at the very top and they were around number three..four.. I was not quite sure. Our two families had a lot in common. Both heads of the family were legends in the business world and so were their fathers and the fathers of their fathers. The Williams had only two kids. A boy and a girl just like the Royals(us).

My mom led us to the lounge area that was allocated to those participating in the programme as they awaited for instructions and guidance from those in charge. From a distance I could see the rich mommies surrounding one particular lady who seemed to be the exact explanation of elegance and beauty. They all seemed to be kissing and worshipping every word she spoke and any gesture she made. She was definitely the wife to the famous Mr. William.

Just a little further from the small crowd, I saw Matilda talking to a chocolate-haired guy whose back physique for sure spoke authority and screamed popular jock. The ladies seemed to be swooning over him and just looking at several of their faces including Karens, they all wished to be in Matildas shoes. Mom definitely knew how to work her magic.

One Royal down, one more to go.

Sighing not knowing what to expect, it was then I saw her. I stopped right on my two feet and breathlessly took in the astounding, beautiful, elegant goddess figure that stood next to her mom. The hotel worker I had met earlier, was nothing compared to this beauty I was about to be introduced to.

”Alice, this is my son Owen, the one I was telling you about. ” My mom spoke up excitedly and Miss Alice looked at me joy and excitement clearly covering her face before she hugged me saying it was nice to meet me.

e even more handsome in person, ” she said scrolling my face and my body with her sharp mom eyes.

”And well-built too huh! ” She said holding my arms in her delicate manicured palms.

”Rachael, your son is definitely a catch, ” she winked at my mom who was definitely enjoying the endless praises on my behalf. She was all smiles. I just smiled nervously at this two moms not sure what to say.

”This is my daughter, Mikayla, ” Miss Alice said as she brought her daughter forth for me to meet.

”Hi..I am Owen, Nice to meet you, ” I softly said as I stretched my hand to shake hers.

Damn those eyes. She had cat eyes. Her pupils were green in colour. They were smoking hot and when those emerald jewels met mine, I was lost in them and it was as if everything else suddenly disappeared and she was all I could see. She definitely caught my full attention.

When her hand made contact with mine, I could not help but smile from the tingling sensation that ran all over my body.

She smiled back as she spoke up, ”Pleasure is all mine Owen. ”

Leave her eyes alone now, her smile, ….. that smile, was the real deal. I was breathlessly overtaken by that kind smile with really straight white teeth and those luscious succulent lips. I was speechless and my heart was slowly warming up to this fine lady.

This was definitely what they called love at first sight. And if this was a dream, I never want to wake up. I could look at this masterpiece of creation for eternity without getting bored or tired.

I could feel some awkward gaze being thrown our way and when I turned, true to my suspicion Karen sat next to Matilda, eyes glaring coldly at me. Damn this chick never handled rejection well.

Mikayla and I had talked for some minutes, and by each passing second, I was all the more interested in knowing more about her. The chemistry that was there, was quite astonishing. The two of us shared a lot in common than we had anticipated.

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