He was moving around the place like his life depended on it. He was still shaking and breathing really heavily. He used his hands to fan himself as he walked around in haste like a mad person. I was not sure what to do, so I stood still trying to figure out what was wrong and how to help him

Definitely tired from pacing around , he stood still but his body did him no good as it still shook violently. He was now beating his chest with his right hand.

”Are you okay? ” I asked as I rushed over to him.

”I can breathe, ” he murmured as he struggled to breathe through his nose and breathe out through his mouth. It then came to me, he was having a panic attack. Damn it! How could I have missed that. I was the master of panic attacks.

I gently took his hand and led him to one of the black leather bench that were situated just before the sinks. I guided him to sit down and when he was sat, he immediately let go of my hand.


I gasped for air, but it felt like I was getting none. I tried to calm myself down thinking of good things and sweet memories but it was not working. I tried to count from a hundred just like my therapist had instructed me, but I kept confusing the numbers and it was becoming frustrating and it made it even harder to breathe.

No matter how hard I tried, all I could see was blood. Why now? This was what was running all over my mind at that time.

No matter how many breaths I took, none seemed to ever get to my lungs. As I walked around trying to concentrate on my breathing, I could still feel her gaze on me. She seemed confused and unsure of whatever was happening and what to do, so she stood still concern written all over her facial expression at that point.

Thinking of her and back to those dreamy eyes with large black pupils, somehow made me calm down. But the damn site of blood ruined the focus. It got even harder to breathe and it felt as if something was stuck on my chest and throat preventing my airways from getting enough oxygen and so I started beating my chest hoping it would help but it did not.

”Are you okay? ” her sweet melodious voice echoed into my ears as she rushed over and took my hand placing it in hers.

I hopelessly murmured to her I couldn breathe not very sure she had heard it but she did.

She led me to sit on one of the benches situated there. I let go of her hand and this time she took both my hands into hers and turned me to look at her. ”Hey, Look at me, and take slow steady breaths, ” She softly whispered. I surprisingly obliged as those dove eyes offered me comfort and reassurance that I would be fine.

”Count with me one to ten slowly, okay? ” she calmly said and I nodded in agreement.

”One… ”

”One… ” I repeated.

”Two… ” She said as she breathed deeply together with me.

”Two… ” I repeated.

I don know whether it was those eyes , her voice or her touch but one of those or all of them got me breathing normally again and a strange feeling of calmness, warmth and serenity surrounded the room. I had been unaware of how firmly my hands held onto hers until she spoke gesturing me to let go of her hands.

”Sorry, ” I muttered as we broke contact.

”Its ok, ” She said as she smiled nervously at me, eye contact still intact. I couldn help but smile back at her.

She stood up, got some paper towels and wetted them with water and handed them over to me to clean up my face.

My hands were still shaking evidently showing I was still weak and in shock. She noticed and before I knew it, the paper towels were in her hands.

”Uuuhm, sir let me help you with that, ” she muttered softly.

I nodded and she started wiping my face gently and I could not help but steal a glance from her. Her dark caramel skin was flawless, she had small pouty pink lips the kind that just begs for someone to suck on them.

Words could not even explain how beautiful and dreamy her eyes were. She had a small straight nose. Her really dark brows were well shaped and laid. Her ears were just the right amount of size and shape and on them lay white pearl stud earrings that complimented her look.

I could not clearly see her hair as she had a cap on but even without seeing her hair, her face was truly the definition of beautiful. She looked like one of those graceful ancient Egyptian goddesses. She was way too good looking to be a hotel maid or waitress or whatever she does at this hotel.

When she was done she threw the paper towels in the swing bin that lay at the corner of the restroom right next to the last sink. She then took out a packet of energy boosting vitamins from her pocket and handed it over to me. I wanted to ask how and why she had this but I chose to keep quiet. It was too soon to make a conversation with her.

I took two vitamins and returned the rest to her. I really needed the energy.

”You can keep them. You need them more way than I do. ” She said as she refused to take them back leaving me no option but to stash them in my pocket. I muttered a quick thanks and stood up. Luckily I felt strong enough to walk let alone to just stand.Those vitamins did work pretty fast.

She stood up too. ”I am glad you are alright sir, but if you don mind, I need to get back to work. Enjoy your stay.Excuse me. ” She excused herself and started making her way to the door.

Completely unaware, I found myself catching her right hand and turned her to look at me. She was shocked as I was. I let go of her hand and she seemed to really appreciate that.

”Sorry for that. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. And don call me sir. You and I are pretty much the same age.

My name is Owen. ” I explained.

”I did not quite get what your name was, ” I added eager to know her name. I had looked for those name tags the staff usually had but she had none on her.

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