As soon as I wore my work uniform, I rushed to the staff washrooms for I was really pressed and nervous and whenever I was nervous, I always felt pressed. I entered the restrooms and made my way to the ladies section only to stop halfway when I heard a small shrieking scream that made stand straight on my toes.

I stood still and I honestly thought my mind was playing games on me as I heard no sound for some few seconds that almost lasted a minute. Maybe I was daydreaming. I went to take the next step when the scream erupted again more loudly and more clearly this time. The scream came from the gents side and the door to their washrooms was surprisingly closed. Who could it be? I wondered to myself. And what the hell was happening to him?

Fear and fright crept into my nerves when the guy screamed for a third time. Pain, a lot of pain evident in that scream. I quickly rushed to the door and knocked, ”Is everything okay in there? Are you alright? ” I asked concerned as I knocked for a second time. Nobody answered. And that was when I heard it, the sound of someone puking and the sound of puke splattering on the floor. ”Hey are you okay, do you need someone to help you, ” I spoke again urgently knocking the door.

I hated my job at times.I would gladly ignore the poor suffering person on the other end, but it was my job to make sure nobody died in this hotel. The drama would be too much.

Taking two last breaths of the not so fine air in the restrooms that was filled with smells of detergents, sanitizer and a little bit of rosy smell that came from the air freshener, and opened the door.

I was met with a pungent smell of puke mixed with the awful metal smell of blood. In panic, I rushed over to where the sounds of puking were coming from, only to find a young man sitting on the floor of the last toilet stall his head inside the toilet bowl. His right hand held his shoulder long black hair into a really miserable ponytail to avoid it from catching the vomit. And he was doing a miserable job. With him vomiting his guts out, he was clearly weak to hold all the hair together. Some strands had fell loose from his hand. I knelt behind him and held his hair for him with my left hand. With my right hand, I massaged his back, to calm him down as I muttered some reassuring word that he would be okay and to let it all out.

After what felt like forever, he was done and he got his head out of the bowl. The dude had probably had too much to drink and this were the after effects. Stupid teenagers. I sighed as I rolled my eyes. ”Do you need some water? ” I asked as I let go of his hair that was surprisingly soft and had a quite pleasant smell. I could not pin point the scent that came from his hair but whatever hair products he used, damn they had a nice manly smell.

The hair covered his face immediately I let go of it. I stood up and looked at the completely silent figure that now rested on the wall of the toilet and I could not see his face clearly. Who was this dude? He definitely was not one of the staff members as he was not in uniform and from the clad he was wearing and the silver watch that rested on his left hand, none of the employees could afford that. So clearly, he was a guest who must have landed in the staff washrooms in urgency.

Now I quickly put on my guest-friendly face and I squatted to his level and repeated my previous question, ”Do you need some water? ” He shook his head in disapproval. His eyes were now open and they met mine. I could not clearly see him as strands of his hair still covered his face.

I then stood up and stretched my hand out for him to grab so that I could help him up. From the movement of his head, he looked at my hand then back at me. He ignored my hand and tried to get up by himself but his trial was unsuccessful. He had no option but to take my hand that was still stretched towards him ready to help him. But my heart and brain were clearly disagreeing with it. I faked a smile at him as he got up and he shrugged back at me. How rude!!

Not letting my emotions get the better part of me, I reached out to the flush button to flush his mess away, but he caught my hand and I was immediately to an unknown world where my body felt numb and nothing but sparks of electricity passing through my already boiling blood, then to my flesh and finally to the deepest parts of my bones. The feeling was shocking yet pleasant. I think he felt it too as he turned to face and this time, thank the heavens, few strands of his hair fell away from the right side of his face, and my eyes and his right eye met. I was completely sure that my heart stopped beating for a moment there when it resumed to a more unusual fast beating in my chest. I opened my mouth just a little bit in shock as I got lost in the ocean blue eye pupil of this fine young lad that still held my hand. His mouth did open too a little bit as we continued to hold our gaze in silent. From just looking at that visible one eye of his, it was like I could see right through him and vice versa.

He finally broke off the gaze, and for the first time since I encountered him, he spoke up. ”I can take care of my mess on my own, ” His voice was a little bit rusty clearly from the hurt the vomiting had caused to his throat, but it was sweetly deep and kinda authoritative and definitely graceful at the same time.

When his head bowed down to look at the bloody vomit that rested on the toilet water, he gagged and turned to look away. ”Oh crap, ” he muttered in shock. His breathing started to get a little heavy and his shoulders started shuddering out of the blues. His whole body started shaking violently and he seemed scared and shocked all together. He quickly pressed the flush button and left the stall quickly his whole body now shaking.

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