The silence in the room was deafening and the tension in the air was just too much and Matilda could not hold it any longer.

”Dad why did you call us her? ” She spoke up in concern.

”Are we in some sort of trouble? ” Owen asked sounding more concerned than his sister.

Rachael who stood next to her husband, glared at her son for she knew Owen only spoke in that kind of tone whenever he had done something wrong and he suspected the she and Richard knew about it. Not wanting to stir up trouble for him, she gestured him to listen to what their father had to say. She inwardly smiled for she knew that whatever this kids were about to find out or rather be told, was going to blow their minds away and she could not wait to see their reactions when the bombshell fell on them.

”Dad come on, tell us, You are killing us with the suspense. ”

”Well, well, calm down Matilda, ” Richard softly smiled at both his kids. And the two couldn help but smile back in relaxation for that smile had assured them that it was not something bad that was about to be dropped on them. But the two still had clenched fists as a result of nervousness for they knew how well their parents were at playing mind games on them.

”Your mom and I have had enough of your every now and then nagging…. ” Richard paused and sternly looked at his already shocked bundles of joy.

Nagging? ” Owen and Matilda spoke at the same time, confusion written on their faces and shock clearly detected from each of their voices.

”Yes nagging, ” Richard continued speaking as Rachael nodded in agreement. ”Your constant and endless nags about money are getting tiresome and really disturbing. Any chance that you two spare to talk to your mom and I, its always about money. Money here, money there, money for this, money for that. We are both tired of it. We are fed up with you guys disturbing us. And so we have decided….. ” Richard paused and looked at his wife. Then the two nodded at each other and turned to look at their kids who seem to be dying with suspense and curiosity. ”Come on tell us we are dying here… ” Matilda cried out before the father could speak.

”We spoke and we agreed that the two of you need to have new ways of accessing money…. ”

”But dad, ” Matilda cried out yet again and interrupted her father who was not done speaking. ”You mean that we should start earning money!? our own money?! ” she asked in shock and disbelief.

”The little princess does not want to work, huh? does she? ” Owen scoffed at his sister.

”Shut up you douche face! Some of us were not born to simply fit into simplicity like you, ” Matilda sneered and rolled her eyes at Owen. ”Ouch my heart is dearly wounded, dear sister, ” Owen snapped back at her. Sarcasm clearly detected in each word.

”Now the two of you shut up!! before I reconsider my decision, ” Richard ordered.

”Oh! Dad! please do! please please please please do reconsider, ” Matilda spoke up in all urgency hands entwined as if she was praying.

”For the love of God, would you shut up and let your father speak child! ” Rachael sternly ordered as she glared at her daughter who bowed her face in little shame and defeat.

Between her and Owen, Owen was the chilled, relaxed, well behaved child. At least that is how their parents knew him to be and so evidently he was the most loved though they claimed neither of them had favourites. And here Matilda thought to herself that last born kids in all typical normal families are the most loved. Her mouth and spoilt rich kid behaviour, tinted her character to her parents and hence she was the troublesome who never knew when to shut up.

”Like I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, ” Richard looked at his daughter who tried to avoid eye contact with him, ”your mom and I thought it was high time the two of you got your own credit cards ” He finally conclude with a smile directed to his shocked, speechless yet excited teenagers who sat in disbelief in front of him.

”Are you for real dad!? ” The two spoke up in unison again. How the two always did this as if they could read each others minds, their parents had no clue. Tints of excitement and joy occupied the room that was previously filled with tension.

”Dad for real for real? ” they did it again both smiling from tooth to tooth eyes wide open.

”Yes. for real for real. Buy a ship or a car for all I care. Just do not bother your mom and I asking for money again. ” He said as he opened the top drawer of his office desk and out came two small brown sealed envelopes.

He handed each of them an envelope and the excited teens gladly took them and wasted no time and quickly opened them. In the two envelopes, they each pulled out two credit cards. A black mastercard and a platinum card. The two in unison yet again, looked at their father in shock and disbelief, they then again in unison turned to look at their smiling mother then looked at each other and squealed in joy and happiness. They got up from their sits and jumped on their parents hugging them and showering them with kisses and pours of many thank yous.

”Enough with your excitements dear ones. ” A smiling Rachael said. ”Now family lets all get out of the house, go get in the car that is already pulled up on the driveway so that we can already leave!!! Chap chap kids. We have a two hour drive waiting for us. You can use those two hours to squeal in happiness or whatever. Lets go lets go family. ” Rachael rushed her two kids to get out of their fathers study and finally out of the house and into the car. God knows how many hours she would have used to find them in their maze of a house if she let them leave the study and the house on their own.

Sadly their dad could not be able to go with them as he had to attend a very important meeting that he was only called for minutes before he had called the family for that small meeting. It was some business that needed his urgent attention and could not be postponed to some other day.

As the kids bid Richard goodbye and he got into his car, he promised that he would be the one picking them up from the camp and he would definitely show up for the few days that they were allowed to visit them. ”Matilda, take care of your brother for me. We need him back alive and healthy, ” Richard said as he drove off. ”I will dad, ”

Rachael, Owen and Matilda got into their car after Richard had disappeared outside the gate. This would be their best summer break ever. The kids thought to themselves. But a feeling of uncertainty crept into Owens mind as a racking pain pierced through his already damaged heart.

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