She had tried. She wanted nothing more but just to forget. And for a while, she did. This did come as a shock to both her and her supposedly saviour. Her husband. Where would she be were it not for that guy? She thought to herself.

Even after fifteen good years, it so seems that luck was and would never be her thing. But then, they say that the past always has a way of catching up with you but I say there is nothing better than catching up with our good old friends.

”Hurry up you guys, we don want to be late. Trust me that is not an image we want to portray, ” Their mom who always believed being perfect in everybodys eyes was the way to go, was downstairs shouting her lungs out to her two children who completely disagreed with her terminologies and clearly had no clue that time waits for no man. As if on cue, the two siblings each got out of their rooms, suitcases and travelling bags in each of their hands, quickly climbed down the never ending staircase of their humble abode.

And just at the complete end of the staircase, that is on the last stair, their mother stood glaring at them, impatience clearly showing off from her body movement.

”leave those luggages here, Laura will come take them to the car. Now both of you follow me. Your father is waiting for you in his study room. He wants to talk to you guys before we leave. ” She calmly said and guided them towards the study where their father definitely was. The two siblings, closely followed their mother as they exchanged glances, suspiciously looking at each other to see if either of them had gotten them into trouble or rather, knew what this last minute meet up with their father was all about. From the shrugging of shoulders on both sides, clearly neither of them had a clue.

Owen being the eldest, confronted their mom to see if he would get even the slightest information from her, but she sadly gave nothing away. Their curiosity was put on hold when she asked them for their patience as she was not the one who had called for the meeting, neither was she the one with the news but their darling father.

On reaching the study, their mother opened the door after a little knock and a come in from the other side. She let her children enter first then she followed and closed the door.

Their father truly was extravagant. Just from the look of the clock shaped mahogany book shelf that was filled with lots of books, one could tell that the family was rich. Not like just normal type of rich but super super super rich. Infront of the gigantic shelf, just few metres away were two black leather chairs that looked quite comfy and in between the two chairs that were spinned half way to look as if they were facing each other, were two Ahtamar designer coffee tables that rested on a grey velour carpet.

On the other end of the spacious room, was an Osiris executive desk white in colour accompanied by a black executive leather office chair. On the desk lay a c-shaped reading light, just the perfect size and next to it was a small vase with a cactus plant. There were neatly arranged books and a designer pen holder filled with writing material next to the computer that too rested on the fine and very expensive desk. And on the opposite side of his work desk, two tower chairs were situated on each end of the desk and that was where Owen and his sister sat waiting for their dad who was in the balcony talking on his phone. And yes the freaking study room had a balcony that protruded from the huge window like doors that were pure glass and were covered by blackout curtains probably to block out the excessive light that was pouring into the room for as at that moment, the curtains were open. The damn room had a kitchenette too, with a mini-fridge, a microwave and other kitchen stuff.

With each passing second, the kids grew more impatient as their mom started becoming frustrated. Her husband knew very well how she hated being late on important occasions and there he was chattering away with whomever he was on the phone with. Not that this was an important occasion, it was just her taking her lovely kids to their summer get away camp. The deal was that, anything that involved those classy wannabe moms from her kids school, was important to her. She could not stand their judgemental looks and judy eyes that clearly shouted at her, she was a failing mother and a bad example to her kids.

Karens mother was the worst of all. Ever since they had a huge disagreement that almost erupted into a fight, about their kids dating, the two never got along from that day henceforth. Rachael, Owens mother, did not support the relationship but Karens mom did. Karens family being rich but not rich enough for Owens standards was what people and Owen too thought was the reason his mom and dad disagreed on him dating Karen. But that was barely half the reason his parents never supported the relationship.

Samantha, Karens mom and Rachael go a little way back and Rachael was quite aware of her character. She even knew that Samanthas marriage to the famous, well known and established Arthur Ross was not out of love as many thought, it was all because of the money. And she never once hid it when they were in the same friend group. Seventeen years later, she still knew she was the same. After all, old habits die hard. There was no way she would that greedy and wicked woman use her daughter to take advantage of her innocent son who was blinded by some girl who clearly did not like him or love him for who he truly was. This I can tell you for sure, the apple never falls far from the tree, or does it?

Anyway the two somehow did date but not for long as they kept breaking up and getting back together for like the past two years. Picturing Samanthas judgemental look, threw Rachael up from her sit and the next thing she knew, she was outside dragging her husband back into the study, telling him that they really needed to be on thier way. Luckily he was completing his and so he followed her back in.

The kids who were busy scrolling their phones, on seeing their father come back and take his sit, they put their phones down and they sat up and looked at Richard, their father, waiting for him to speak.

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