chapter: 4 historical drama

• zing yang pov •

my very known name is zing yang, the first and only daughter of the grand duke and also the emperors consort.

for the very first time I met his majesty, I thought he will give me a little bit of his affection but no, he will only ignore me like Im some kind of deceased air even all of his consorts he also never mind them for all these years and two things that I do believe that he is only a cold and also a heartless man.

but everything change when the 1005th invasion begin on the empires left wall.

” general!! the invaders are coming towards the empires left wall . ” an elite soldier shouted in panic, I then widen my eye before frowning in anger.

” prepare all the troops and the elite this instant. ” I ordered and hurriedly wear my armour and get my sword in the bottom of my bed, then walk my way outside before getting on top of the horse, riding its way towards the wall gate, before a horn can be heard on the back.

” charge!! ” one of the elite yelled while making a path for the recruits, I then get down and ran to the front gate top wall.

” general you are here. ” an elite captain said releasing the arrow before kneeling.

” where is tier 3 elite captain ling Wei? ” I ask while looking at the aftermath.

” the captain is on a ran towards the imperial garden where a flame rock that had flown away from the training grounds, that got accidentally activated by a recruit. ” the elite captain explains still kneeling.

” tch… we can wait day long for the elite Captain to come back, ready all the other elites we cannot risk letting in all of the invaders inside the empire. ” I ordered before he nods and jumps on the top wall landing perfectly on the floor leaping his way away.

I then collected myself, unsheathing my sword before sprinting my way to the battleground.

arriving there, hundreds of arrows suddenly came gliding their way all down before they impaled all my soldiers giving them death without even a minute.

” hello there beautiful. ” a voice of a man coming from my left side, then I turn around and noticed the mans sick face licking his lips, looking at him I just want to puke all of the food I had eaten earlier and just composed my self.

” shut up and leave this instant. ” I threatened while readying my sword before I hear a chuckle and he disappeared in thin air leaving all the dust that is flying before he appear in front, luckily for me, I had enough instinct to dodge before a large attack could pierce into my body that could possibly kill me but the only one problem is that a small poison niddle unexpectedly went through a little in my waist part armour and pricked me a bit but I didn care and continue my battle

” my~ Im surprised that you can dodge my attack but this last attack will not, ” he said before his eyes turned red, I just looked at him shocked.

” ** he had consumed a red stone pill, so thats why they
e so confident to invade the empire. ” I thought looking at the man, glaring at him.

[ red stone pill – a rare pill that can be only found in a large, hot and deep mining area near lava Mountain, this pill will give you not only one but two extraordinary strength and speed and even if all red stone pill looks the same the only bad part is the stone will pick a weapon that you will use for example you train all your life from swordsmanship then the stone will pick that will not suit you and the even worse part is that you will train years and also work hard to achieve that. ]

then again he just disappears in thin air and purposely clashes his sword with mine making me unbalanced a little bit before I noticed his smirk, just then he pushes his sword impaling me to the ground, then rises his sword into the air ready to kill me in half and I just closed my eyes pleading for someone to save me.

before I heard a light pop, opening my eyes I then see blood, eyeballs and pieces of meat brain flying to the air before all the flesh mixed into the ground looking up I just expand my eyes shocked to see a platinum blonde hair that is waving elegantly like a string in the air and a golden mianguan that is attached to the head.

” your Majesty. ” that is all my mouth can let out and without even me noticing a tear unexpectedly slid through my cheeks.

” consort yang. ” his Majesty lightly whispered that I can only hear, and without further ado, the Emperor then kneel leaving me stunned

by his actions before he wiped the tears that just noticed.

” consort yang, please don cry. ” his Majesty said in a warm tone which surprise me more, I know I was given warm love from my family but not this kind.

” hey, why are you two suddenly flirting in the middle of the battlefield is this a romance story or something. ” one of the invaders yelled so everybody can hear it and I know very well that the Emperor doesn like to be mocked since I have been noticing his nervousness for years now because of that, so after I heard that I suddenly went triggered and shouted without even thinking that the emperor is in front of me.

” How dare you mock his Majesty the emperor you pig. ” I shout to his face enraged by his actions.

” oh so this is your emperor, I never thought your leader is this pretty, ” he yelled again enough for the invaders to hear before I heard them laugh at the back, and when I heard it I was about to stand up and run toward him and cut his tongue but without even me caught a glimpse I was already in his Majestys arms carrying me towards the gate.

And that was all I could remember before I black out through his Majestys arms, thinking about it makes me want to throw myself in the clif because of the embarrassment I felt, but I somehow feel happy right now since the emperor Is now looking at me like Im a human being.

After imagining things I then put my body to a comfortable spot while snuggling in the blanket sniffing the scent of it softly, smelling the emperors scent makes me calm for some reason, I don know how but the warm lavender and the fresh minty scent that is covering all the huge size room I really love it like it will clear all my nightmare away, after that I then sleep without realising it.

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