chapter: 3 historical drama

after their greeting, I just look at them coldly in the eye.

” Why is there a bolder came flying towards the Imperial garden, are you planning to rebel in the board daylight. ” I said in a cold tone enough to give them shivers while the other in the back is sweating hard.

” no… your Imperial Majesty its just one of the recruits made a mistake. ” the front soldier shutters, before I could start talking a horn sound suddenly interrupt, and I just frown annoyed by it.

” clean up the mess… and if the bolder is still there when I come back I will cut your neck with my sword. ” I said threatening them before running at full speed making my way to the invasion.

[ wow host you are great at threatening people. ] amin compliment, I just smile at her before continuing my run.

while the soldiers who are now cleaning the bolder are shocked at their Emperors power.

” hey guys did you see how his Majesty the emperor cut the flame rock with ease. ” a soldier said amazed while the other nodded.

” yeah you see it to right captain. ” another soldier asked.

” yes I did. ” a man with a scar on his eye said looking at the sky before letting out a sign.

[ flame rock – in this world flame rock is the most powerful weapon to be able to crash or burn an enemy camp, it is a flammable rock that can be lit up by touching it to a fire, this rock doesn need any chemical on it. ]

arriving at the invasion, blood can be seen on the floor.

” RETREAT. ” then one of the soldiers shouts running inside all bloody before an arrow can be seen coming flying towards it and just collapsing the concrete floor.

” amin how many are the enemy. ” quin asks amin while gripping the sword tight.

[ processing…..scanning the area….. ]

[…..processing….scanning complete…]

[ host there are 100 enemies left. ]

” alright thank you amin. ”

[ no problem host. ]

without wasting time I then run toward the gate arriving outside, presenting all the elite soldiers on the frontline dead while the others try their best to not let in the invaders.

turning my head I then see a female soldier who is now on her butt and is about to be killed, but not in my watch, I then dash towards the female direction before I side kick the invaders head blowing it in the process.

” your Majesty. ” the female soldier said.

[ host looks like this is general zing yang. ] amin said, I then turn my head towards the female that tears are now visible in my eye, I just frown.

” consort yang, don cry. ” I said kneeling while wiping the tears that roll on her lovely face.

” hey why are two flirting in the middle of the battlefield is this a romantic story or something. ” a man said mocking me and my consort.

” How dare you mock his Majesty the emperor you pig. ” yang yelled on his face with an angry expression while protecting my pride.

” oh so this is the emperor, I never thought your leader is so beautiful. ” the man said licking his disgusting lips while the other invaders on his back laughed I then gently pick up zing yang ignoring the laughter and make our way to the gate.

” oh Nah uh don turn your back…DONT TURN YOUR BACK AT ME YOU LITTLE SHIT. ” he shouted before pulling the string on the bow while the others copy what he was doing.

before we could even walk a couple of steps hundreds of arrows suddenly came flying toward my back.

” your majesty lookout. ” consort yang shouted while closing her eyes, just then a zap can be heard in the air before all the arrows that is about to hit me hit the floor instead, I then turned my head on the back while electricity can be seen forming in and outside my eye.

” what….. ” the man said shocked by what had happened.

” Who said that you could attack without my permission. ” I said in a chilling tone before continuing my walk.

arriving at gate I then gently put consort yang on the floor before eyeing a soldier who is helping the other that got injured.

” you, help consort yang settle on my chamber. ” I said coldly.

” yes, your Majesty. ” the soldier said kneeling before helping zing yang get up.

I again turned back after I unsheathed my sword and pointed it at his face.

[ whoa this is going to be interesting. ] amin said getting the popcorn out of nowhere.

” now then let us fight, man to man. ” I said just walking my way in his direction.

” tch…. ” he let out on his mouth then got out a katana running his way to my direction at full speed and then rise the sword after thrusting downward but too bad cause his reflexes are in the low ground after we clash our sword he then stumbled on his ass widened his eyes before running like a coward, I just look at him bored while amin scream in agony.

[ ah man, what the hell I thought it was going to be a nice fight but hell. ] amin said annoyed throwing the popcorn on the blue panel that is presenting a 3rd persons perspective outside.

” amin. ” quin called before putting the sword on the silver scabbard.

[ ah…yes host. ]

” can you purchase the shadow summoning. ” quin asks as she looks in the invaders direction.

[ yes host give me a second. ] amin said.

[ shadow summoning skill – purchase. ]

[ shadow summoning – this skill is provided in extreme good IQ and commands also controls of all shadow being that the host summons, the shadow skill is good at attack and defence, since no any damage even if you try using all materials or power in the world. ]

” Thanks, amin. ” I said before I cut my palm and make a summoning circle mixing it with random symbols.

[ no problem host. ] amin announced happily.

after the summoning circle create, I then

whisper something that no one can hear, just then dire wolves suddenly pop out of my shadow one by one presenting 20 of them that line up perfectly on my back, the appearance of the wolves is black while their bodies smoking with dark mist while their eyes are red that can be seen lit up on the shadow.

” devour then my children don leave anyone behind. ” I commanded before all the pack of wolves howl then all of them run at full speed that no normal wolves can achieve, while all the invaders run in horror because even if they stab or fire a hord of arrow all of their attack will only go to waste because it will only go through them leaving all the invaders no hope to live.

while all the empire soldiers can be seen in shock, amazed, disbelief, and admiration expression and when quin lou now inside.

all of them then compose their self before kneeling.

” long live his Imperial Majesty the Emperor. ” they all shouted with their voice unite

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