chapter: 2 historical drama

From the Imperial palace to the emperors chamber you can see a pale person bloody all over and who is also stabbed in the throat.

• jin pov •

waking up all I can see is a blur and my head hurts like I got bolder on my head, but that didn stop me, I then tried to lay up on the bed but before I can even sit up I then coughing blood I then realised that I have a dagger on my throat, I then search for a thick fabric before I take the dagger off my throat and block the blood who is overflowing on my neck with a cloth.

” amin. ” I said slightly like a whisper.

[ yes ho…host what happened. ] amin shouted with a vastly worried tone.

” amin calm down, by the way, is there any healing thingy in the store. ” jin asks amin and the system nod.

[ here host this is a healing pill. ] amin said, handing me the pill.

[ healing pill;- purchase. ]

[ healing pill – can heal anything but corpses or decayed bodies, the healing pill can cover any injuries or burn any poison in the human body. ]

” thank you amin…, and where I am? ”

[ no problem host and you are currently in the Emperors chamber. ]

” is that so…then amin can you give me the owners memory? ”

[ sure host. ]

[ processing memory.]

waiting for the memory to process I then feel a headache so I let my body lay down on the bloody king-size bed and close my eyes.

the original owner was named quin Lou, quin you is the first Princess of the zingquang empire and also the twin sister of the crown prince quing Lou but after Prince Quing got poisoned by arsenic he died because of shock from the chemical, so the emperor or the father of the twin has no choice but to disguise the Princess to be a man and since Princess quin Lou Still did not have a debut in public anyone know that she is a woman, she then live all her life as a cold emperor but then problem struck when she now has hundreds of jade beauty consorts from every powerful family, plus quin needs to give birth to an heir.

” wow, who would think that she needs to give birth…carry on amin continue the story. ” I said kinda amused.

[ yes, host.]

then the story started presenting the male lead Jia wien, the ml is a commoner soldier but one day in an invasion attack when he got injured found and entered the imperial underground treasurer without permission and found an ancient pill that locks on the box, that pill that had been lock up for the emperor of the empire after he takes the pill he ran away and come back all-powerful after five years, he then recruits himself again as an empire soldier and got promoted as a soldier commander after that he seduces one consort of the emperor quin Lou and uses the female as an entry pass of the palace.

the ml then ready his plan to weaken quin Lou and successfully stole the throne but got stopped by the female general zing yang the God of war in the empire and also the emperors consort, when the battle start the hopeless general got over power by the new emperor after that quin Lou and zing yang got executed in the towns square and the rest of the story is the journey of Jia wien then found his true love the female lead ming Xie and they live happily with their five children.

[ and thats is all host. ] amin said.

” how come the male lead is arrogant and a thief. ” I thought

” amin what part are we? ” I ask.

[ host we are in the part where the male lead stole the ancient treasure of the Imperial family. ] amin replay and I just nod.

” and also amin, did zing yang truly love quin lou that she accepted to die with her? ” jin or quin ask again.

[ ah yes host the general loves the emperor that she will do or even sacrifice herself on the battlefield and will kill herself so that she can be with the Emperor in heaven or even hell. ] amin said before transforming into a little bird and resting on her hosts shoulders.

” is that so… ” quin mumbled then stand up while patting amin on the head and take the bell that she spotted on the side of the bed.

* ring….ring.* after she rings the bell she put it on the table before wiping her bloody hands on the bed fabric, and then a knock can be heard on the door.

” come in. ” quin announced then the door opened presenting five maids, and then they widen their eyes before kneeling their heads.

” We greet his Imperial Majesty. ” they said perfectly at the same time like they did not see any blood, I just look at them before I nod slightly.

” clean up the mess and inform the others to help me dress up in the other room. ” I said before going outside and making my way to the next room.

” amin can you open the store. ” I said.

[ gladly host. ] then a panel is present in front of me, I then proceeded to pick- 10 types hand to hand defence, medical knowledge, and 16 types of martial arts plus sword.

[ random 10 types hand to hand defence – purchase. ]

[ medical knowledge – purchase. ]

[ random 16 types of martial arts – purchase. ]

[ silver dragon sabre – purchase – this sword is made with a saint silver dragons scale and with much unknown iron on it even the scabbard is the same material as the sword and the one who made it is the underworld, unknown blacksmith. ]

” thank you amin. ” I said from our mind link

[ not a problem host and also host you can take them all or store them on your inventory. ] amin said cheerfully.

after arriving in the next room 16 maids were already present.

” We greet his Imperial Majesty. ” all the maids let out with respect while kneeling.

” your Imperial Majesty the bath is ready. ” said an elderly woman who is bowing, and I just nod and then make my way to the next room.

after I finish my bath I then get out with a white robe going to the middle they then steadily put the cloth on me that had a light golden colour with jade that is perfectly tied in my waist before putting the mianguan on my head carefully after the dressing, all of the maids then leave one by on until I am the only one on the room.

without wasting time I then equip my sword putting it on my left waist before I tied it in perfectly.

” amin can I ask what is the original owners task? ”

[ here you go host ] the blue panel appeared.

[ find happiness. ]

[ pick one of the consorts worthy of the empress title. ]

[ make children. ]

[ that is all host. ]

” eh…make children….. ” I thought stunned.

” nevermind…I think I can make one I guess. ” I mumbled in my breath while rubbing the bridge of my nose before I proceed to walk outside with four servants and one elite soldier.

” amin what time is it for the invasion to begin. ” quin talked in her mind while continuing to walk towards the treasure room.

[ its going to begin in the 1-minute host. ] after amin said I am already inside the room.

I then walk towards the box that had the pill, after arriving at the box location I then switch it with a strength pill that I again purchase.

[ strength pill – purchase – the strength pill is a medium quality pill that can increase your stamina by 5 percent and increase your strengths to 30 percent it is a permanent ability this strength is higher than a human soldier. ]

” amin keeps an eye on the male lead, I don want him to destroy my plan. ” I said before putting the Imperial pill on my inventory.

[ copy host I will not make any mistake. ] amin said and I just slightly giggled at her personality.

then after arriving outside a huge bolder suddenly came flying towards me, but too bad I then unleash my sword before cutting it into two and putting the sword inside on the silver scabbard, just then a couple of soldiers suddenly came running their way to my direction.

” We greet your Imperial Majesty. ” they all exclaimed kneeling on their one knee while bowing their head.

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