” Young master, I greet you happy birthday. ” A maid said preparing the hair of a 6-year-old, after that the child then get down and looked at herself in a large mirror before going out and arriving at a large ballroom with so many guests, and since she won have a partner she just walks her way to a seat hidden in the corner while ignoring every stare she received.

and also hello my name is jin yuung lee the second child of the Lee family as you can see Im rich but not that rich, rich but a family that can buy half of a city, and since Im the second child you must think that Im spoiled but Nah Im just a half-blooded child an accident that born out of the most powerful family or perhaps a cursed child of the family a misfortune, and you might be curious about the backstory.

here when it started my mother or so-called the daughter of the lee family past head got raped on the day she got drunk at a party and that person is an unknown man at the party that got invited, and after my mother got news getting a second child she got excited but after I got born my face does look like my mom but little of it looks like my father so the husband of my mother take a DNA test and was shocked of the result it said that the possibility that he is my dad is zero, since because he is not my father.

and after mom got the result she then wanted to throw me away but failed because the child had the blood of the lee and if the news that the lee throws away a child will be bought a scandal so here I am alone at the party.

then time passed and the party is done while the guests one by one leave the ballroom leaving me alone, I do have siblings but they just bullied me or ignore me like Im some kind of wind passing by.

I then walk my way to the stairs to my bedroom but when I was about to go in, I saw my mother drunk again while three maids support her and were going to stumble on the floor I then ran towards her and was about to help her but when I was about to touch her she then throws a bottle of wine on my head bleeding it on the process.

” useless piece of trash, ” she said making the maid supporting her get startled looking in my direction but didn care and walked their way to a long hallway while supporting her mother.

and years later the child became a smart, cold and strong woman who won so many martial arts tournaments and many more and also a streamer a legendary pro gamer that everyone want to team up and meet with but got rejected instead.

” Its already this late. ” said jin without even care or any emotions before putting a headset on her ear while looking at her phone not even cautious about her surrounding, then a bright light suddenly touch her face and looked where it coming from but just looking at a big vehicle running on a high speed before hitting her body killing her in the process.

[ ding…processing..search…. ]

[ ding…new host has…found ]

[ ding…processing back the memory ]

” huh ” let out in my mouth before looking at a blue panel in front of me while my surroundings are black as a void.

[ greetings host, from now on I will be your system my name is 1.0. ] said a machinech voice that came from a ball that is floating, even if its a device I can still hear a bit of life on this.

” host…?…system?…did I die. ” jin said still no emotions can be heard in her voice shes not even concerned.<

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