”I really can sleep for a few more minutes? ” asked Ellen.

She pulled the blanket over him. She still wanted to be like this for at least a few more minutes. Elen was sure there was still plenty of time to prepare because it was still early.

However, her nanny pulled Elens blanket and forced her to sit on the bed. Then the container for washing your face comes, as well as the towels that have been heated. This means that Elen doesn have time to relax because all day long she will be shifted to and fro, shifting from one maid to another to dress up.

”But, the party is held late into the evening, why can I just laze around a bit? ” whined Ellen.

Maybe because the day before Elen remembered that she had slept in prison on a hard bed without a blanket. She remembered how unpleasant it was in prison so she wanted to enjoy his warm bed again.

However, for the other servants, Elen was still there yesterday and yesterday again.

”Don whine Miss, you always ask to be an adult first. Now that you
e an adult, you have to be more patient. ” Elens nanny finished wiping her face and neck as well. ”Come on, Miss, Ill help you change before you make up.

Ellen was surprised. Last night he changed his clothes. Now she wanted to do it himself. While in prison the rogue soldiers tried to get him but never succeeded. Hence, there were many wounds on Elens body. She couldn explain how she got all those wounds if someone asked.

”Miss? ” Elens nanny brought her face closer to him because Elen was silent.

Of course, no one will ask. Elen is now in her past, on her birthday, 4 years before she was later in prison for treason charges and sentenced to death without even being tried. There are no wounds on her body at this time.

”Yeah, please help me! ” said Elen as she shuffled to the edge of her big bed.

The blinds were spread and in front of the two maids stood guard holding another change of clothes in case Elen didn like what she was wearing now.

The nanny herself was standing with her back to the right of the blind, holding the nightgown she had been wearing.

The clothes used are not formal dresses that will be worn to the royal ball. Its just an ordinary dress, more luxurious than a nightgown because Elen will be doing a lot of preparations.

First of all this morning she will be massaged all over, rubbed with honey, and then take a bath. Next, she would be massaged again, this time with scented oil before taking a final bath and putting on a formal gown and make-up.

Its a long journey to become a beautiful noble girl.

”Miss, Mister Demian would like to speak with you in her study for a while before you begin your preparations for the party this afternoon. ”

Didn they talk yesterday at dinner? Whats more important than party preparation?

”Miss? ” Elens nanny again interrupted, because the lady was silent.

”Ill be right there, ” replied Elen.

”You heard, didn you? Miss will be in Masters study soon! ” Elens nanny added and then told the maids to do a little bit of makeup for their lady so she wouldn look shabby.

They have added one more hassle that Elen had to endure. Luckily the makeup show didn last long and she was done in no time. The butler who had announced earlier was back in front of Elens room. They don have to, though.

”Come on, Miss! ” said the butler, letting Elen go first.

Of course, Elen did. She had an expression as if being called by her father was the happiest thing in the world. Elens every move reminded her of being able to deceive everyone in this house. If necessary, deceive himself so that her plan will work.

”Im so glad you seem excited to go to the party with Dad. ”

If only Elen could refuse. Or just so suddenly sick that not having to go to the dance feels better. However, Elen knew that none of that had happened. In the past, she had gone to dances on a sunny afternoon without any problems.

”Of course. Father never took me at all, ” Elen exclaimed happily.

Duke Demian his father smiled at Elen. ”Elen, will you tell me why you want to learn the sword? ”

Elen fell silent, and her smile disappeared. She should have known that Duke Demian would be suspicious if suddenly his daughter who knew nothing but love asked to learn the sword.

Come on Elen, think what a good reason for this! Elen told herself to try harder.

”Because my father and my two younger brothers look stunning with the swords in your hands! ” Elen picked up the quill on her fathers desk, then began to demonstrate perfunctory swordsmanship. She even imitated the sound of a sword swinging with her voice.

While maintaining her expression, she turned to Duke Demian. ”Can I do it? ”

Duke Demian smiled, but Elen was sure the man was still suspicious. ”Of course, you can! But, you remember the conditions I gave you last night, don you? ”

Of course, Elen remembers well. She must attract the attention of the damn crown prince who likes to play with girls and in the future kill her future queen because of a servant.

”Yes, Father. I remember! I will do my best for it! ”

Elen will do her best to stay alive.

Duke Demian was still smiling. ”Then you may return to your room. Remember what you promised Father. ”

Elen nodded once more before the butler opened the door. She was then ushered in by another servant who was at the door of the study.

Elen didn think that her past life was so disgusting. She is required to remember her promise. Most stupid because she does everything with the lure of affection. Disgusting thing. She should have wanted something else. Because in this family, Elen is just a dairy cow who doesn have the right to be wanted.

”Remember what you said? ” mumbled Ellen.

The maid who escorted Elen looked back. ”Yes, Miss? ” She asked in surprise.

”Not. I can wait to go to the party. Its been a while, right? ”

The maids smile in front of Elen was scornful. Thats not the case though. ”Yes, nine hours to go, Miss. ”

Ellen smiled happily. ”It won take long, Ill prepare perfectly, ” she said bluntly.

Deliberately because at this time Elen was Duke Demians daughter who was happy and showered with love. The maid left Elen when she arrived at the room door and took care of her already waiting there.

”Ready, Miss? ” asked Elens nanny.

Can Elen scream like she doesn want to?

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