The dresses in Elens wardrobe are mostly her mothers. Then some fruit was bought by her father Duke Demian because she had to attend a party and get a relationship for the future. Thats what her father said. Whereas Duke Demian only wanted to sell his daughter at the maximum price before being thrown away like worthless trash.

”Miss, Master will be angry if you wear this dress. ” The nanny said that in a trembling voice.

However, Elen didn care. It was good that she saw how her father would act now. With that added reason to hate Duke Demian.

A servant sent by her father came and knocked on the door when Elen had finished decorating herself. It was the nanny who opened the door and said that Elen had finished and was going to the main dining room now.

Elen stepped in a little haste towards the dining room. As soon as her arrival was announced and the main dining room door opened, Elen immediately saw the frown on Duke Demian, her fathers forehead. It was very strange, why had he not realized how her father looked at him.

Elen unconsciously touched her neck. She could still feel how much it hurt when her head was cut off. Her body suddenly trembled.

”Is she all right? ” Duke Demian asked.

He had no desire to check on his daughter who had fallen and fainted, even though at every party he said he loved Elen very much.

”Miss just woke up, Sir, thats why Misss condition is still not good. If possible, let Miss return to her room to rest. ” Elens nanny lowered her head while giving the report.

”Sit down and eat here. You
e already in the dining room! ”

Even if it was expelled, it would be better. However, now Duke Demian needed him too much, so he wouldn do what Elen wanted. Slowly, but surely Elen approached. Sitting on the left side of the dining table, the seat is empty. The right side has been filled with his two younger half-brothers.

”Ill give you medicine later, Elen, ” said the youngest to her.

Ellen smiled. ”Thanks, but Im fine. ” She refused most subtly.

”Your sister is worried about you, you should let him do what he can to help. ”

Duke Demians affection for his two sons was indeed the best. Too bad, none of that affection would be given to Elen. Even if its just the remnants.

”Serve the food now! ” Duke Demian gave orders to the servants who had been standing by at the door.

Foods were pushed inside, there were several types of meat and salads too. Everything tasted bland on Elens tongue. She couldn wait to hear what Duke Demian would say to him. Also, say the desired conditions. Elen wondered if Duke Demian would accept his terms.

”You eat very little. In the future, you will work hard to prove yourself. ”

Here she is! Elen exclaimed in her heart.

The announcement that Duke Demian made to Elen, his daughter the day before Elens birthday party.

”What do I have to prove, Father? ” asked Elen trying to be as innocent as possible. Trying to live with her sick past attitude.

”Tomorrow there is a party at the palace, instead of bringing your two sisters, you will accompany me to the party. You must attract the attention of the crown prince, Elen, must! ”

”Why should I make him interested in me, Dad? ”

Back in the day, Elen didn know that the crown prince was a womanizer who could easily be attracted to beautiful women. When her father Duke Demian ordered Elen to approach the crown prince, she did so happily. Moreover, they are lured by the word ”proof as a family ”.

”To prove yourself a part of the Demian Family, Elen. You must be able to grasp the power! ”

Look how his father said that easily. Hearing for the second time the sentence that finally got Elen killed, made her body tremble again. The food being eaten tasted very disgusting.

”Aren you happy? ”

Elen seemed to have to learn to control her expression no matter what. She couldn let Duke Demian know more than her expression and hastened the plan to dispose of him. She didn want to die a second time.

”Father did this for me, how could I not be happy? I just want something? ”

Duke Demian arranged his fingers on the table, staring at Elen without blinking. ”What do you want? ” asked the man who was called Father by Elen.

Right now Elen was like swallowing a needle every time she was kind to her father. How could she expect love from someone who doesn want it.

”May I learn the sword, Father? ” asked Ellen. She was still smiling, pretending that her request was normal. That all of that was a request from the usual innocent child.

”Did I hear wrong? ” Duke Demian sounded displeased.

”You know Im not that pretty compared to the other girls. Im not very social either. How will I survive the election of the crown princess later? ”

Duke Demian massaged his head which might hurt hearing Elens question. ”You can learn to be a good crown princess from now on. After all, you have me and your siblings. You have Duke Demians wealth. ”

”If I can play the sword, surely the king will be interested, right? The first female knight! ” Elen said it proudly. Staring as if she was at the very top.

”Sword training is not the same as practicing embroidery, Elen. Your hands will hurt, as well as calluses. Your skin will be flaky and brown. No matter how much you treat yourself to be a pretty girl, as usual, it won be the same anymore. ”

Since childhood Duke Demian had emphasized to Elen that a noble girl had to be beautiful, soft-skinned, and graceful. Elens request certainly didn make sense to him.

”Not! I will look elegant and become a good swordsman. I will do both! ”

Elen praised herself for looking enthusiastic and excited now. A little more her father, Duke Demian would agree to her wish. Duke Demian must have assumed that Elen would give up after trying a day or two of training. However, Elen would not give up this time. She didn want to die a second time.

Duke Demian subconsciously touched her neck.

”Are you thirsty? ”

Ellen gasped. ”Yes, a little, ” she answered quickly. ”Let me try it, Daddy! ” Elen asked once more.

Elen could hear her fathers heavy breathing and the amused giggles of her younger brothers mockingly. In the past, Elen would have thought all was not horns out of worry and her brother was just teasing her.

However, after having his hand slapped away by Duke Demian in the field of punishment, he knew that all of Duke Demians actions had only been guarding valuables. An asset that would allow them to rule the kingdom. Assets which, if they fail, will be discarded.

”Just do as you please! ”

Elen smiled widely, clapping her hands like a child the same as when she heard that she was going to be taken to the palace in the past. Only, this time she clapped because his wish came true, not because of the expectations of her father and brothers.

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