Sick! Why isn anyone helping me?

”Traitor! Go faster! ”

A punch landed on Elens back. She hasn eaten since yesterday. Let alone being visited, there was not a single message from his family for Elen. Elens steps were limping, she lifted her head slowly. Someone spat in his face.

”Jerome? ”

The man, his fiancé Jerome stood in front. Now Elen will be saved. Jerome knew that she had not made the alleged mistake. Shes not a traitor. She tries hard to be perfect to become a queen. How could she destroy a kingdom that was guarded with all her might?

Another punch landed on Elens back. She fell, his knees hurting. However, Jerome didn help him at all. As soon as Elen raised his head, the man had left, towards a woman with silver hair. Ariana.

Once at Arianas side, Jerome turned to leave holding the womans hand.

So the news is true? He dumped me.

Elens ankles were attached to iron weights. Then a week ago a guard beat him for no apparent reason. Even though all the bad things kept coming to her, Elen was sure she would be saved today.

Her father loves Elen. So did her two step sisters. She only lost Jerome. She could still survive by only losing Jerome.

However, no matter how far Elen looked, her father was neither there nor her two stepsisters. Are they having difficulty getting onto the pitch where the punishment will be announced? Or are they now going to the king to ask forgiveness for Elen?

The soldier who beat Elen yesterday came, now forcing her to kneel with a stick. Elen felt pain all over her body. However, in her head, Elen said that everything was fine. Because her father and brothers will save Elen.

”Acacia Elenia! Duke Demian has removed you from the family register! ”

”What? ” asked Ellen quietly.

Issued? This means that he is no longer in the Demian family. However, she is the first child. Her father loved him very much. So did her two brothers. So there must be an error here.

”Your Excellency–. ” Elen tried to stand up so she could tell if something was wrong. His Majesty the king must have made a mistake. Not that the king was always like that, but everyone made mistakes. Only she was pushed back to his knees.

”Acacia Elenia, you have dared to try to kill the crown prince! Then gather people to revolt, with this you will be sentenced to death by beheading! Today! ”

The kings decision resounded in Elens ears. This is a dream she said in his heart. However, the pain all over his body was not a dream. The blows lodged into her back by the soldiers weren a dream either.

”You bastard! How can you still act like an innocent person after doing all this! ”

Elens face was wet from the soldiers spit. ”Im not guilty! ”

”If I were the king, you wouldn die this quickest way. I will skin you little by little until you beg to die and then throw you into the forest so that the beasts eat you. ”

”Im not guilty! ” said Elen again.

Her ears were ringing. She tried her best to resist the pull of the soldiers. Her whole body ached and Elen hadn been fed at all since yesterday.

Why? Why? Why? What is wrong with me?

In a flash Elen could see her family, standing among the people. They smile. Why? Ive done all the things you want!

Elen managed to jerk her hand away and run away. She ran to her family.

”Father! This is wrong! I didn do it! ” Elen was crying, trying to reach her father. However, her hand was vigorously rejected. ”Father? ” Elen stammered.

”What are you doing? Quickly take this criminal to the place of punishment! ”

Something broke in Elens heart. Something that is fragile and has been trying to maintain. All of Elens energy disappeared in an instant. She didn even scream anymore when she was forced to go to the place of punishment.

What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong?

That question was still in Elens head.

The soldiers swiftly put the reins on her hands, as well as on her head. Elen could still hear the voices of the soldiers cursing at her. Then he could feel a sharp cold knife cut into his neck.

I will be back!


Someone was talking around him. However, she didn know who. There was also someone who was crying, it seemed like a woman. Wasn it impossible that Elen was now hearing someone. Her head was separated from his body earlier.

The pain that radiated down her neck, made Elen open her eyes suddenly. ”AAA! ” She shouted, feeling for her head.

”A young lady! A young lady! What happened, Miss? ”

People started screaming around Elen. Faces she hadn seen in a long time were staring at him with worry. The servants who took his place were punished for his 18th birthday. They were all sentenced to death on charges of attempted murder on him.

”Im grateful! Im grateful! You passed out earlier while walking in the park. My heart seemed to stop when you suddenly collapsed, Miss. ” Those sincere tears ran down the cheeks of the old maid who had taken care of Elen since childhood.

”Just–they beheaded me! ” Elen informed.

The nanny, Imelda was shocked. She cupped Elens cheek lovingly. ”Miss, you may only be dreaming. ”

”Not! My head was beheaded. I can feel the pain! ”

Imeldas gaze became even sadder. She then stood for a while and told the maids who used to serve Elen to leave the room first. ”Ill call you if you need anything. ” After everyone left the room, Imelda closed the door.

”You don believe me, Imelda? ”

Imelda sat back on the edge of Elens bed. ”Of course, I believe in you, miss. I have great faith in you! ”

However, Elen knew that Imelda only said that to calm her down. She knew no one would believe him because her head was still stuck. However, Elen was not dreaming.

”I don know what can make you believe in me, Imelda, ” Elen muttered very quietly.

”Are you feeling well, Miss? ” Imelda asked more seriously.

Ellen nodded.

”I have orders from Master to prepare Miss. ”

”Prepare? ” Elen doesn understand.

”Yes, the usual dinner that the Demians have the day before each family members 18th birthday. ”

”Eigh-teen years? ”

Elen was sure that he was dead. He died at the age of 22 after his birthday.

”Is there something wrong here? ” said Elen.

Imelda was already at the door and didn hear Elens words anymore.

”When you feel calmer, Ill call back the maids so they can get ready! ”

Elen didn have time to think about it now. She had to get ready for the family dinner first, then meet her father. If so, then today it all begins.

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