r>woman in her mid-forties.


Pastry has a face similar to his mother's, and from the time he was a small child, he had been a very reasonable and honest boy.
He was a son who received the love of his parents and he loved them.
Therefore, both parents felt the same regret over their son's premature coming of age.
He thought he would have a little more time as a child, and they would be able to love him more.


'”'We' re going out in three days and I want you to be ready for that.
Agnes and Josephine, will you do me a favor?”


It was Pastry 's mother and sister who responded to the head of the family.
It was Pastry’s imagination that their eyes seemed to light up.
It had to surely be


” I'll take care of it.
I'll make sure you're prepared so you won't be embarrassed when time will came.



“I'll help you, Mother.”


They were smiling suspiciously.
Father was smiling ,as well and Pastry was taken aback by the situation.


The son looked at his father for help.
The steeple-colored eyes, inherited from his parents, are slightly teary.
Father is shaken because he does not usually see his beloved son in such state, but now that happened even he is, as head can't stop his wife and daughter.


“Give up”

Pace's face twisted as his father responded in a manner that was both offhand and unthinkable for him .



His mother and sister.
There is a good reason why they are so excited about the situation.


For nobles, going out of their own territory means a diplomatic trip for their own territory .
Whether the purpose is goodwill, outings, , negotiations, or inspection tours, the basic essence remains the same.

It is similar to the way that if the president of a company works outside the company, most of the time it is part of a sales operation.
The person in charge of the territory, or someone close to it, goes to another person's territory.
Even a minor trouble could turned into a military conflict.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rules of etiquette and to behave in a way that no one will be mocking



The most important is clothing.
It is said that 70% of first impressions are based on one's appearance, and the impression one gets from a quick glance cannot be ignored.
If you wear military uniforms, your military intentions and position will be stressed, and if to wear formal wear, it will be an official negotiation visit.
Expensive clothing shows the wealth of the territory, and people with wealth will be attracted to those with money.
On the other hand, if a person is poorly dressed, he or she will be looked down upon, no matter how splendid person on the inside.
If a person does not have even the minimum of clothing for a visit to someone else's territory, he or she is seen as a person without common sense.


For example, if an office worker goes to another company wearing a shorts, a stomach band, and a pair of sandals, he or she will be considered to be lacking in common sense.
At least a suit is the minimum level of good sense, and the brand of the suit and watch can be a convenient bluff.
The same is true in aristocratic society, where there is a minimum level of good looks, and the power relationship is measured by the amount of extra value that can be placed on it.


In other words, it is also a mother's “inside help” to judge her son's clothes.
The older sister, who would eventually marry into another family, must also learn the duties of a nobleman's wife.
As a woman of a noble family, it was only natural for her to be excited about her important job of dressing up the heir to the family.


So, why is Pastry's eyes teary? Is it because he is not good at dressing up in the Japanese sense of the word? If you are a craftsman who can stand on the world stage, It goes without saying that the visual aspect of sweets is also very important.
Since sweets are an art form that can be enjoyed with the eyes as well, he knows the importance of being concerned with the appearance, just like the clothes.


Pastry on the verge of tears because he is adored by the women in his life.
Or, to put it more correctly, he is too adored.


“I think you should wear ribbons in your hair,” she said.
I think it will make you look prettier”.


“Mother, if that's the case, then Liliana's dress would look good on him.
That frilly pink dress that she gave me because it didn't fit her anymore.”



“Oh, my goodness, I love it.
It's nice.
But I think he should put some makeup on.”



Even in the countryside, where entertainment is scarce.
To dress up a lovely child as a dress-up doll is the most excellent entertainment of all.


“Well, mother and sister, I'm a man, so please don't ……
dress me up as a girl.”


That is, if ignoring the sacrifices of the Pastry who is being toyed with.


“You've already finished eating.
Let's get you ready to go.”


” Help me, somebody!”


Casserole watches his son being taken away by his mother and sister.
Casserole looks at him with pity in his eyes, but doesn't seem bothered to stop them.


“Oh, shit.”


He suddenly mutters as if he had forgotten something important.
In fact, he now remembered that he had been told something important by one of his servants.


“I forgot to tell you that you will receive your proper uniforms tomorrow.”


It seemed that the hardship of Pastry was going to continue until tomorrow.



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