arance entered his field of sight.
The masked monster bound the man to a chair with a rope.
The man's screams echoed all the way from over there.

“Sa–save me, please!! I'll pay you whatever you want!!”


“I'm a nobleman…! I know! I'll prepare for you a substitute human!”


Did it not understand human language? The masked creature silently slid its hand inside its black robe and pulled out a writhing insect like a centipede.
The bug was inserted into the man's ear even though he tried to avoid it by shaking his head.


The man's screams made the masked creature laugh in a low, muffled voice that seemed out of this world.
The masked creature then silently inserted one bug after another into the man's nose and mouth.
The man kept screaming, blood dripping from his eyes and mouth, and then he stopped moving.

(W-Will we have to go through that too after him!?)


Behind him, the woman in a maid outfit moaned while covering her ears.
If the woman had not been nearby, Takashi might have cried pathetically too.
He could barely keep his sanity in front of the masked creature's torture because someone else was nearby.

The skeleton soldier left, dragging the motionless man with him, but soon after returned and walked to the cell where Takashi lay.
It then unlocked the door and took the woman's hand.

You're next”


The woman cried out.
Takashi's eyes met with the woman getting dragged by the skeleton soldier.
Unable to stand still, Takashi mustered up all his courage and stood before the skeleton soldier.

“Ho–hold up for a bit! Take me first!” Takashi said, his voice shaky.
Even so, he could not abandon the woman sobbing pitifully.

Y–you? I can, but I wanted to take you last…” The skeleton soldier replied as it scratched its cheek with its fleshless finger.

It paced around and fidgeted, as if hesitating, but before long, it made up its mind and grabbed Takashi's arm.
It then spoke, “I understand.
Don't think poorly of me.
This is my job.”

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