hira, you reckless scum!!.” In other words, her sister had beaten her to the punch.

(Uhh!! I don't want to lose to my sister…!)

In a panic, she thought she needed to say something more potent and devilish.

“Let's pull out his entrails–! Let's make intestinal necklaces–!” she had excitedly declared.

But after saying those words, she calmed down and looked at the human being again.
Meru's hobby was collecting stuffed fiends, but the human being in front of her was more lovable than any stuffed animal she had ever seen.

Regret surged over her like waves as she gazed at the indescribably lovely human.
His face looked like he was about to burst into tears when he heard them saying they would make necklaces from his intestines.
Intense guilt swirled inside Meru.
The thought of dragging out the viscera of such a lovely creature? No, no, impossible.
What exactly was an 'intestinal necklace' anyway? She didn't need it.
Who would wear such a thing?

She wanted to prostrate herself and apologize.
Such thoughts filled her mind.
However, expectedly, a demon could never bow down to a human.

Still, Meru had one hope.

(Lady Nephira will never let this human who attacked her go scot-free! That's my chance!)

Meru had decided to plead directly to Nephira.
However, the other party was the leader of the Thunder-Lance Charge.
She was a ruthless, inhumane, and unrivaled demon.
Of course, she expected it wouldn't be free.
So she planned to offer one of her own arms as an apology.
That surely would satisfy Lady Nephira, and the human would no doubt be grateful.

The red-haired twin tails of the twin demon sisters, Kiru, also regretted her actions.

Although Kiru was extremely vicious towards humans, she acted differently to her own kind.
Kiru liked to care for young fiends and was a good caretaker for them.
And the trembling creature in front of her, even though she had never met it before, was somehow as lovable as a younger brother.

Despite this…

When their leader Nephira got attacked, she shouted, “You dare to strike Lady Nephira, you reckless scum!” She saw the cute little human shiver a little when he was called a scum.
She really regretted it, but…
well, he attacked their commander.
She gave him full marks for that courage.
The problem was what came after that.

Meru had uttered the devilish line, “Let's pull out his entrails.” Kiru just thought she'd drop a line afterward to keep the momentum going and had blurted, “Gigegegege! How about hollowing out his eyes while he's still alive?” Kiru could not tolerate what she had just said.

It would be insane to hollow out the eyes of such a lovely human being while it is still alive.
No, usually, she would be able to do it as easily as breathing, but not with this human being.
Because if she did it, she would feel sorry for him.

And her biggest regret.
In front of that human, she had laughed with her mouth open wide with a “Gigegegege.”

(What was that laugh sound?! I'm so embarrassed! I want to die!)

Kiru doesn't usually laugh like that.
The only reason she used that tone of voice was to create a strong impression since there were still people alive around her.

What would this lovely human have thought when he heard the hideous, crude laugh she let out? He must have thought it was vulgar.
No doubt he didn't want to be near it.
Aah, she wanted to turn back time and say, “My, my.
We don't appreciate that sort of thing, dear.”

His first impression of her was probably the worst.
But she still had hope.
The ruthless Lady Nephira would surely kill this human who attacked her.
That would be her chance.
She would chop off her own leg and offer it to exchange for forgiveness for this human being.
That would surely make this human see her in a new light.


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