ng me eat up the food without even blowing on it. 

“Yes! It’s so good!”

I shook my head violently and mumbled.

“You’ll have a better meal than this from now on.
The royal palace food is much better than the temple’s.”

It didn’t matter…

The royal cook that Aquala assigned for me was the worst.
They used to cook me eel pie and haggis (a dish that is steamed with oatmeal and spices in sheep’s bladder).
On days like that, I starved. 

“Thank you, again.
All of you are angels.”

Rosa laughed when she heard me.

“I heard you called Sir Parsiel an angel as well.”

“He will be disappointed when he hears you called us one, too.”

“What to do? All of you are angels.”

The three of them laughed at my words.

“You’re so cute.”

“If you eat a lot and sleep well, you can be like that angel, too.”

Yuzu stroked my cheek with a face full of pity.

“Like who…?”

“Sir Parsiel.
He is the strongest and greatest holy knight on the continent!”

The three started to praise Phaeon at the same time. 

“He joined the Veritas at a very young age and became the leader in the shortest time.
Perhaps because Lux favors him, but he has strong divine power, and neither a strong demon nor an evil wizard can go against him.”

“To add to that, he has excellent swordsmanship skills and excellent healing power.
The people in this temple always look at him with respect.
But, um…”

Sierra’s expression suddenly became dark.

“He’s usually indifferent, but he has been brutal for the last few months.
He was in a terrible war.”

“Siera was transferred to the front line as a backup.”

“Yes, I was able to see him on the battlefield, he rushed to the enemy camp.
It was so unlike him to give out reckless orders yet he managed to bring the devil on its knees.
Kalisa was devastated, it was to avenge the princess- Oops!”

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She was speaking rapidly but covered her mouth in surprise as she mentioned something wrong.


I knew my mother was killed by King Pereus, ‘the King of the Devils’, somewhere near Kalisa, but I didn’t know the whole story.

It is because no one tried to tell me about her since it is considered taboo and the subject is too recent to be written in the history books.

Sierra was sweating and glancing at her colleagues.
Her colleagues glanced back at her as if they were saying, ‘That mouth of yours…’. 

“Princess?… Are you talking about Assha’s mother? My mom?”

I was so curious that I couldn’t help but ask.

“Princess Beatrice…”

Yuzu, who kept silent until now, said with a sad expression. 

“I’ll tell you when I get a chance.
But now you must be very tired.”

“Okay, princess, time to go to bed.
You must have had a hard time traveling in a carriage for so long and being in an accident as soon as you had arrived.
I’ll bring some warm milk.”

Now that they mentioned it, my eyelids were closing.
Haaa, I’m afraid I can’t help it.
But I will definitely listen to it later. 

I thought about what it would feel like as I sat on a fluffy bed I hadn’t seen for a long time. 

‘…How did he fight?’

It made me feel a little strange to think of him fighting with the demon who killed my mother.
Did he feel sad or mad…

I couldn’t sympathize with him. 




“My niece, you are braver than I thought.
To think that you came here.”

“Don’t call me niece.
It’s creepy! I’m not your family!”

“I’m sorry but he won’t love you.
No matter how many times you say that you’re his beloved daughter.”



At dawn, I woke up from a nightmare, soaked with cold sweat.

‘…Don’t be weak.
You’ve already been through this.’

After breathing in and out, I calmed down a little.
I felt like a fool for sympathizing with Phaeon before I went to bed. 

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He’ll never know the pain I’ve been through.

‘Cheer up.
The future can be changed.
This time, I will definitely change it.”

In the morning, three priestesses helped me get ready as best as they could since I was going to meet the king. 

“Oh, princess, you look like a white rabbit.
I just want to hug you tightly.”

Rosa groaned softly.

“How disrespectful to the princess.”

Sierra said with an angry look. 

“Anna thinks like that too.
Assha is so huggable.”

When I hugged Rosa, she let out a low scream with excitement. 

Then Sierra and Yuzu snapped and begged, “Princess, me too!”

At that moment, I heard footsteps, so I turned my head and saw Phaeon with some other knights approaching.

“The angel!”

I shouted as I hopped on him.
The three priestesses laughed when they heard what I said.
I really like the three of them. 

He looked quite embarrassed with his new title and sent a disapproving gaze to the three priestesses.
With a rough voice, he spoke.

“Are you feeling well?”

“Yes! Totally fine.”

Even though I had a bad dream.
After I said those words, he briefly replied, “Let’s go then.”

So fast…

“Then I’ll be on my way, see you angels.”

“Princess, cheer up! Goodbye!”

With their help, I put on my shoes.

“…will his Majesty care for Assha?”

“Of course.
You are such a lovely girl.”

Yuzu said with a big smile.
I can’t believe she said this to a girl who she only knew for half a day. 

She might have said the words since she is a nice person, but I was touched by the words I heard for the first time in my life. 

My courage, which had been reduced because of the nightmare, sprang up again. 

All right, let’s go to the enemy camp!

(TL/N: she is talking about meeting the Emperor.)

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