foaming at his mouth.

As if weighed down by invisible force, he struggled to get up.
His parents screamed and approached him, but, they too, by an invisible force, fell to the ground.

“This is how divinity is used.”

It gave me the chills to realize that this was the power of the most powerful knight on the continent.

“How dare you.”

Phaeon spoke in a subdued voice.

“I can’t believe you’re talking about child support after you’ve done something like this.”

I wondered if he was really upset, but it was hard to figure out because he had little change in his original expression.

“As soon as you arrive in the capital, you will be immediately taken to the Judithium.”

Judithium is the largest dungeon in Santra, notorious for its high density.
They were all shedding tears, their noses running as they pleaded for help.
Andy seemed to have peed as well.

“That is if you are able to make it out alive and get to the capital.”

• • •

At the very end of the carriage, the three were bound tightly like sausages as they walked barefoot to the capital.

Since it was midwinter and the ground was frozen solid, I thought they would die on the way to the capital.

‘It’s nothing compared to my decades of suffering.’

I have decided to make up my mind.
In this life, I won’t live a tough life.

As we went outside, the other knights glanced at us.
I gave them a bow.

Realizing that a child who manages to live for many years being well-mannered is not hated, I developed the habit of bowing to everyone I made eye contact with.

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“Leader, is she really… the one we’ve been looking for?”

Some quickly saluted me when they saw me like that, but most looked suspicious.

Well, who would think that I am a princess?

“Don’t waste our time and leave right away.”

Phaeon ignored the question and ordered it.

If I were a knight, I would hate to work under such a superior.

“Pardon me.”

He lifted me up to put me in the carriage.
Very carefully, as if lifting a glass statue.

And I,


I trembled with all my might.


He hugged me in a hurry, perhaps surprised.
He was clumsy as if he had never held a child in his arms before.

“I’m sorry, I touched your wound.”

I hugged him with all my strength, not missing the moment where he slightly hugged me.

“It hurts…”

I could hear him at a loss for words as I spoke, already in tears.
Hugging me, he got into the carriage.

“I’ll heal you right away.

As soon as he sat down, he took his hands off me.
I’m sitting on his lap.
He glanced at me, and it seemed like he wanted to put me down.
When you heal with divine power, one would feel really strange during the process…

I clung to him more tightly.
For a moment he hesitated, sighing softly, he hugged me again.

“You may feel weird.
It’s divine power, so don’t be too surprised.”

Warm energy seemed to flow into my body.
One day, when I was seriously injured in the royal family, the priests treated me with divine power.

Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since I felt this warmth or possibly the fact that he’s very powerful, but tears seemed to pour down my face.

‘No, why are you feeling this touched.
He’s just doing his duty.
It’s because I have such a wound near my eyes…’

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I held my heart to keep it from getting excited.

In an instant, the throbbing of my whole body subsided.
Now that treatment was over, he could have let me fall, but I was listening to his heartbeat in his arms, pretending not to notice.

‘He has a heart, too.’

He knew I was his daughter yet he left me alone for all of my life.
Of course, he is the commander of the knights, and I know he does not have much to do with me.

But even though the palace and the temple were attached, and we constantly encountered each other at meetings, dinners, banquets, prayer meetings, and other events, he never once even greeted me properly.

My reputation in the royal court was the worst, and even though you knew that I was hated by everyone, you did not even blink an eye…

It was tantamount to abuse.
And for that, I will probably never forgive this man.

How on earth did he fall in love with mother?

He has a reputation for being the “True Lux’s Apostle.” One who lives solely for Lux is not afraid to sacrifice his life for God’s mission and has laid down all physical and spiritual pleasures so as to not use God’s power in the wrong place.

On the other hand, he was also nicknamed, “Lion of the cruel Lux,” containing here says, which disturbs public sentiment, and has the ruthlessness to cut down fake prophets.

Such a person took a vow with God that he protected fiercely as if it were his life?

No one else could beat it, not even this country’s princess?

‘How unkind.’

Maybe my mother was the first to notice and call out to me.
Her face is so beautiful that it is too precious to be able to live such a long enough life.

However, she was a tyrant, which may have crossed boundaries and barriers such as inhumane characteristics and religion.

But in that case, it is not convincing that this person did not resist the marriage.

Or did both sides? I just don’t understand this either.

Anyway, I decided to bet on him, that he has a little human heart.

‘Just once, I want to live a decent life.’

Neither in the royal palace, which is embroiled in a struggle for succession and must live every day on edge for fear of death nor the street where children have to wander aimlessly.

My goal is to live comfortably, somewhere where no one will go after me.

If…If this man is on my side.

If he becomes a knight who protects me, at least I will have the power to protect myself.

I looked up carefully and made eye contact with him.

“You’re an angel, aren’t you?”

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