Supreme Commander: Re-live

Chapter 4: Planning phase

however. ”

I take out a stack of papers, signed by the leader of our national intelligent group personally, and throw it into the fireplace.

” … I suppose theres a reason for that? ” Bryn quirked an eyebrow.

” For now, do not trust the wood elves. As in taking every word, they said as a lie. ” I then pull out a black briefcase beneath my bed, taking the content inside for Bryn to see. ” Check this out. ”

” This is a map of Bocage… with their defense plan. How did you even get this? I for once, don think this comes from our Intelligent Agency, no? ”

” Nope, explaining may take too long. ” I shrug then carry on. ” Bocage is defended by a motorized battalion and a logistic company. They don have heavy firepower but will receive reinforcement from another motorized company in five days. ”

I change the map for it to show the wine-making village of Bocage.

” Here, here, and here, ” I circled three parts in red. ” are the most heavily defended locations with anti-tank cannons and pillboxes. While the center of the town, a villa, is their command post. The courtyard of the villa housed their mortar squads so its best we not lazying around in one place. ”

” For a small town, they even have a trench system, ” Bryn commented with a squinted gaze. ” they sure are careful. ”

” Well, this was Jeoffs logistic base, after all. This near to the frontline, he probably feared an attack on the supply camp. ”

Jeoff was good, managed to destroy the Belkans here in the original storyline. Its just a bad matchup against me.

I move on to say my tactic. ” To be honest, a direct frontal assault can be costly even though we have a division at play. Peppering them with artillery only has a limited effect when they are entrenched this deep. We still need to get into the town and clear the resistance after all and collateral damage isn what we want to see. ”

I pause to drink some water. ” Thats why I reform our division into a mechanized one. Were we stick to the old division, I can see how we can win this one without heavy losses. ”

” Thankfully, mama went all out in her effort to help me. We have now numbered 14,750 men, numerous transports with 75% of them are half-tracks, and 110 tanks of various kinds. The division is comprised of one tank brigade, one mechanized infantry regiments, one artillery regiment, one reconnaissance regiment, and the following battalions: anti-tank, pioneer, field replacement, and communications. ”

Bryn shakes her head exasperatedly with a wry smile. ” Once your rank is formalized, you will be the youngest Major General in history. ”

I giggle. ” An unintentional award, but I like it. Anyway, I think our attack plan should be like this. ”

” We already have a detailed defense plan of the enemy, so lets have our artillery regiment do an opening blow. The 150mm SPGs will strike at their headquarter while the lighter 105mm artillery suppress the trench.

The recon regiment will flank behind the enemy line, West of the town, to run interference, and if possible completely take out the infantry company thats on the way. Any retreating enemy will be intercepted by the recon regiment.

Under the cover of our artillery, the bulk of our force will advance on the town from the North and South. As most of their defense is concentrated on the Eastern side, it will be fun to see the Ustian running around to mount a proper holdout.

The Panzer IIIs and Panzer 38s will be leading the charge, followed closely by infantry mounting on 251 half-tracks. While not capable of withstanding anti-tank fire, the half-tracks are more than enough to shrug off small-arms fires. Coupled with the modifications that our pioneers are installing as of now, a 251 can serve as a highly mobile base of fire for our infantry. ”

” And here I thought you completely discard the notion of moving bunker. ” Bryn jested.

” This and that are different. ” I quipped back. ” Once we breach the defense line and push deeper into the town, infantries will dismount and clear the way forward for our armored vehicles. They will have to coordinate well with each other as I don want any unnecessary loss in this situation. ”

” Moving on. With us pushing deep to take out a logistic base of the enemy. They will come at us with vengeance, which is why mama ordered the entire front to intensify their attack. This will divert the Ustian resources away from us, allowing us more room to maneuver right until we reach Arash. ”

” We will be stabbing deep into their guts. How are we supposed to handle the ground that we covered? ”

” A separate motorized division is tasked with cleaning up the mess we left behind. We only need to focus on charging ahead. ” Bryn nodded at the explanation.

” The only issue we may have is a potential enemy air raid while we are moving. Our division is one heck of a lucrative target for a bombing run and this issue can hamper our progress a lot. As a precaution, I have ordered modifications to some of the half-tracks, installing anti-air weaponry on them. A dedicated fighter patrol will be assigned to cover us also. With all of that, hopefully, it will be enough. ”

” Assuming we successfully taken Bocage, what next? ”

” Reno is our next stop, a town situated near the river La Pucelle. If we capture it, we can create a foothold in the region to allow us a safe river crossing. All the other bridges are blocked by the Ustian army, so our best bet is to make our own at Reno. ”

” Good idea. Though going past Reno, we will be coming face to face with the White Rock fortress. That will be a tough nut to crack. ” Bryn said concernedly. She is right on that one, we are ill-suited for a fortress assault.

” I have thought it through. While I do want to use another route, nones as fast as getting past White Rock itself. Such is the reason why I want your help. ”

My words caught Bryns interest. ” Oh? Do say. ”

” How do you feel about leading a squad? ” I grinned dangerously.


It took a while but we did finalize the plans for the upcoming push. After we brought it to officers, it then turned into a brainstorming session on how to pull it off, successfully. Contrary to expectation, the ones below thought very highly of the idea. They
e excited to see such a bold maneuver, saying It will bring out a new doctrine, upheaving the current concepts of war. ”, and couldn wait to partake in the fray.

Smiling at the fact that these guys and lasses may be battle freaks, I told them to follow me out to a clearing. At the site, multiple vehicles, and equipment are laying about, gathering a crowd already as they
e wondering what is the stuff for.

” Ok settle down people, ” I ordered as made my way to the forefront of the gathering, standing next to a pile of military crates. ” your questions will be answered shortly. ”

” With the recent refit of our division, many of you should have known by now that we
e about to do a big job. To save me the trouble of explaining, you guys can go pestering your commanding officers once we
e done here. They made me miss my lunch for a reason and Im sure they won mind you guys having them miss their dinner. ” I jested, earning the laugh from the soldiers while the officers can only smile wryly.

” Jokes aside, the stuff behind me contains new weapons and munitions for the tasks ahead of us. Let us start the showcasing from small to big, shall we? ”

I have two soldiers carrying over a green crate, unlocking the locks reveals the content inside. Picking the cold piece of metal, a Mauser C96, I play around deftly with it in my hand.

” This pistol should be familiar with many of you so I will have the expert explain this one. ” I give the gun to a middle-aged officer, he respectfully grabs the gun before going on to address the rest.

” Thank you for entrusting this to me, Your Highness. This here, my friend is a Mauser C96, a stable pistol of the nations arsenal. While somewhat heavy, its a robust, accurate, and powerful weapon to have by your side. When joining the military, all of you should have learned a course on how to perform maintenance on this pistol so I would skip most of the technical details. However, this one here, and the ones in the crates, are different. Unlike the pistols in the Bootcamp, the C96 Enhanced or the C96E is chambered in the more powerful 9x25mm and has a fire selector switch. Yes, this bad girl here can fire either on semi or full-auto. ”

Many of the men and women let out voices of surprise and excitement. They can help but expect that what comes next could be beneficial for them all.

” Many doctrines have stipulated that pistols can only be carried by officers, as only then they can show off their elegance. Well, we here beg to differ. Whats the point in being elegant on the battlefield? A pistol should be put in the good hands of a soldier instead. For when ones primary weapon fails to perform, a pistol like this one can buy him good times in dangerous situations. Thats why Her Highness has given us the C96s. From her coffer, the Princess gives each one of us a pistol for she cares for our lives. So I dare say, aren our Princess the greatest?! ”

Surprisingly to me, the veteran soldier suddenly started a spiel to hype me up. ” Eh… ”

My words were left unsaid when all the men and women present, officer and infantrymen alike, gave their shout of approval. Knowing I can not do anything, I just let the veteran carry on.

” Its good that you know then. All soldiers will head for the Armory to receive his or her C96 with four 10-rounds magazines and two stripper clips when this is over. ” He then hands me back the pistol which I take and holster it on my right side. Taking a breath to recover from the sudden mental attack from the entire division, I continue.

” While Im thankful that you all love your new toy, please don make me die of embarrassment, ok? ” And the peanut gallery laughs again, I promptly ignore it this time. ” The next showpiece, would you kindly? ”

This time, with a heftier thump, a long grey case is laid on the ground. Inside contain an infantrys answer to the increasing presence of enemy armored vehicles.

” This here should also be familiar with our anti-tank groups. ” I pick up the launcher, allowing everyone to take a closer look. ” This is a Grenade Buster 39, basically a converted Panzer Buster 39 rifle that has a shortened barrel and an affixed firing cup threaded to at the end of it. The cup is the standard type used with the Kar 98k and the ammunition is also interchangeable; there were three types of grenades, two of which are already in usage: an anti-personnel grenade, a light anti-tank grenade, and a newer large-diameter anti-tank grenade. The grenades are propelled by a special cartridge with a wood bullet. And the rifle itself is outfitted with a special sighting arrangement for firing up to 150m range. ” I then crouch down to pick up the new anti-tank grenade.

” Capable of penetrating up to 100mm of armor, this should be the strongest handheld infantry anti-tank weapon today. The fact can also be said that the grenade is also fin-stabilized, to ensure optimal accuracy at maximum range. Such can also guarantee the safety of the operators since they might not need a follow-up shot and expose themselves to retaliation. ” This earns the fervent looks of the anti-tank squad. Some did express concern about the fin-stabilization technology being untested in combat but I was quick to persuade them. ” Don worry, I have ensured the grenades will work wonderfully. Dwarfs and dark elves have worked ceaselessly to make this weapon after all. You can have a crate of ammo to test it out on the wrecks later. ” Fun fact, the weapon passes all trials.

” Last but not least for you all, colored smokes and signal flares. If none of the previously mention weapons can pull you out of a pinch, then its time to call in some help. While not at all lethal on their own, these tools allow you to have the means to quickly communicate with supporting units. Each squad should have at least one person carrying smokes and flares to signal for fire support, reinforcement, or just to mark an ally position. ” The auxiliary equipment was well-received by frontline infantries.

With that said, I leave the troopers to play around with their new gears and turn to to the vehicle crews.

” And you guys won be forgotten. You will also receive the C96Es while your vehicles already have modifications installed by now, right? ”

” Yes, Princess. ” Came the reply of a Colonel.

” Good, then, ” I open a crate and pick up a 20mm shell. ” this should be quick. This is a High-velocity armor-piercing tracer shell, capable of penetrating 64mm of armor at 10 meters, it will improve the firepower of all 20mm autocannon we have in service. The scout cars, half-tracks, and Panzer IIs gonna have some fun at killing enemy armor soon enough. ” Dangerous grins are the response now as the light vehicles finally have the means to bite back.

” Next up is the infantry support Panzer IIIs, you will receive a batch of new High-explosive anti-tank shells, this is an improvement of the older shell and it can punch through 100mm of armor no problem. ”

” Sadly I can provide you with much more due to the time constraint we are having right now. But Im glad that you all have accomplished my task wonderfully. ”

” The honor is ours, Princess. ”

I smile, and together with Bryn who has been staying quiet all this time, head to a corner of the bustling clearing. We stand and watch the merry gathering of soldiers and officers mingling with each other, regardless of their ranks. And to our right, we can see a lineup of vehicles of all sorts: Panzer IIs, Panzer 38(t)s, Panzer IIIs, half-track that is fitted with a 37mm cannon, or another one with 20mm autocannon,… all the vehicles our division has at our disposal are there.

” You know, I am glad that the division is shaping up so well. ”

Despite the short time frame, all the pieces are coming together. It is a pleasant surprise when the reply I receive is Bryn gently grasping my hand.

” You did well. ”

” Heh… Thanks, Bryn. ” To be honest, all I need was a simple compliment to end one, long day.

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