Supreme Commander: Re-live

Chapter 1: Bollocks wakie wakie


” Ya serious? Argh…! Damn it, my head is killing me… ” I let out a frustrated groan. With my vision blurred, I did a quick self-diagnosis. I just noticed my head was bleeding when a female voice rang out.

” Instructor! Shes awake! ”

” Let me check her, you go to the others. ” A calm but authoritative female voice replied. I could at least make out the sound of staggering footsteps fading away amidst my ringing ears, thankfully.

” Hold still, you got grazed by a shell earlier. Let me heal your wound first. ” I felt a soothing sensation on my forehead as my vision started regaining its clarity. Soon after, my hearing returned, much to my gratefulness since the ringing sound was annoying.

” My gratitude, Instructor. ” I thanked my benefactor. Now that I could take a closer look at her, I must admit shes a beauty that could tip a castle.

With a quick search of my memory, I recalled that the one before me was my teacher. She called herself Bryn, and she is my Combat Instructor in Asgard Academy. As one of the pureblood Valkyrie descendants, she inherited their trademark silvery-white hair and hourglass body. No one knows her age though she looks like someone in her mid-twenties, which is in my strike range.

” Its good that you
e all right. Our nation cannot afford to lose you right now. ” She nodded to herself, seeing that I had come to. Her mystifying blue eyes still keep a close check on my condition, however.

” Its a bit early to say that, Instructor… How are we looking? ” I scanned the surrounding. Im inside a spacious, borderline luxurious transport aircraft even. Though, it has lost its shine after repetitive attacks from the Ustian aircraft. ” Are the other cadets ok? ”

” We incurred casualties, half of them. ” Instructor Bryn said with a grave tone.

” … Damn it. ” I shook my head to numb the feeling of loss, and to jolt my memory. According to the script, I should be in a Condor, a lightly armed, four-engine transport aircraft, bound for a frontline airbase. As cadets of an Officer Academy, we were heading there to accrue field experience. The academy sent two Bf-109s as escorts, and thanks to my identity, two more pairs joined midway for a total of six fighter craft. It was fine and all until an ambush from the Ustians got a jump on us.

The firsts to be hit was our Condor with half of my class were either dead or incapacitated. Next was our two academy 109s, with little to no combat experience, those seniors didn last long. Fortunately, the Air Force squadron managed to hold out till now.

” But things will get worse… ”

” What do you mean? ” Instructor Bryn questioned when she heard my muttering. Right at that moment, the Condor took multiple hits along the fuselage, piercing and injuring the unfortunate ones. Thanks to my instinct, I duck below those that could leave me with fatal damages. Still…

” This body is too underpowered. ” Even though I dodged most of them, I was still in the line of fire of three more. With cold sweats on my back, I couldn help but complain about the motor skill of this body.

” Danger! ” I was swept up in a warm embrace by Instructor Bryn. With her body shielding me, she deployed a golden barrier that nullified the incoming danger. I said
ullified as in a sudden deceleration of the bullets that touched the barrier, to the point that they felt harmlessly on the floor. It is unwise to use a block-type barrier as the bullets may ricochet and hit something else in this aircraft.

” You saved me again, Instructor. ” I appreciated being held in your bosom but duty calls. ” I think the cockpit also got hit, we need to check it. ”

” Don push yourself, I can go along. ” Still maintaining the embrace, Instructor Bryn calmly replied.

” I know how to handle an aircraft this size, let me go with you. ” I wiggled myself out of her arms and struggled to stand up. Knowing I wouldn take no for an answer, my Instructor steadied my body and guided me to the cockpit. The moment the cockpit door was opened, our face turned grim.

The pilot was dead, and the co-pilot was heavily injured. I wasted no time moving the dead pilot out of the seat, his body crumpled on the floor with flood flowing out of his missing head… Yikes. Anyways, I quickly took control of the aircraft as the co-pilot passed out in relief. Instructor Bryn was performing first-aid on him while I was checking the damages the Condor incurred.

Lets see: Engine 1 and 3 were shot to scrap with engine 4 sputtering in and out of service. We were leaking fuel while flying and the control surfaces weren very responsive. Long-range comm was busted, also. In short, we
e **ed.

” This scrap bucket can stay up in the air for long, Instructor. We need to touch it down somewhere. ” I informed Instructor Bryn, who just sat down on the co-pilot seat.

” Can we make it to a nearby airfield? ” With a deep frown, my instructor questioned. To which I shook my head then grabbed the bloody headpiece that belonged to the deceased pilot. Its gross but Ive been through worse so I put it on and contacted our escort.

” This is Franka 1 to friendly escorts, ” Franka 1 is the callsign of this Condor. ” we took intensive damages across all systems, no long-range comm, unable to maintain altitude, requesting immediate information on any flat terrain in the region ASAP. ”

A transmission came in a few seconds later.

” Franka 1, this is Rigel 1 off to your port side. ” A grey Bf-109 with blue and yellow stripes on the tail flew to the left of the Condor. ” Enemy contacts were taken care of, I will now contact HQ for a secured crash zone. ”

Looking out the window, I nodded at the friendly pilot. ” You have my gratitude, Flight Lead. ”

” Save it for when you make it out alive, boss. ” Accompanied by a raspy laugh, Rigel 1 replied.

I returned my attention to the onboard instruments. The stick sure was heavy for me alone though I think I could manage for the rest of the trip.

” While I never fly a craft of this size, I do have experiences flying smaller ones. Im sure I can be of help to you. ” Instructor Bryn took control of the co-pilot stick, I could feel my burden lessen.

I flipped some switches, pressed a few buttons, then dumped the fuel tanks of Engine 1 and 3. ” Thanks, Instructor. ” Didn forget to give her my gratitude in the process.

” Smart, ” She complimented with the tip of her lips curved upward, very charming indeed. ” It will lessen the chance of us exploding into a fiery fireball when we land. ”

It felt good to be praised by beauty, I couldn help but show a grin.

” This is Rigel 1, we have two locations in mind that can improve your chance of getting through this predicament. They
e all on the same bearing with one further away from the other. The furthest one is a patch of farmlands

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