Superman The Man Of Metropolis

Not In Kansas Anymore

ed shyly.

”I can see that, ” she told him.

She continued down the list of questions such as where hes staying and his job occupation eventually getting to the medical section.

”You mentioned you have hearing problems. Will that affect you negatively in any way? ” She asked

Clark paused for a moment to think of the right thing to say.

”No its nothing to major just comes and goes ” he told her hoping shed move on.

Offer Smith wrote something down then looked back up at him.

”Any other medical conditions? ” She asked.

”No, Im healthy as a horse. ”

”Okay ” she replied. ”Now I just need to make sure the facial description fits.

Smith went back to her pad looking at his face from his black hair to chiseled jawline. Eventually she stopped when she looked at his eyes.

”You eyes are really blue ” she told him almost like she was in a trance. She quickly regained her posture going back to what she was doing before

”Alright ” she said standing up. ”Now all I need are your fingerprints. Then you just wait here until the mandatory search of your vehicle is being done ”.

Clark did what he was told, letting the officer take his prints a little hesitantly. He didn realize how tight the security was.

Once he was done the officer left the room leaving Clark alone to his thoughts. He knew he didn have a say while his truck was being searched. He fully understood it was for safety but still wouldn be nice to have a choice.

It didn take long, maybe a few minutes for the officer to come back confirming everything was good to go.

”Don let the city eat you alive ” she told him as he was beginning to leave. ”And it might be a good idea to get some protection too. ”

”Thanks I keep that in mind ” Clark said, getting in the truck and starting the engine.

Driving on the highway was an experience to say the least. It really was a highway which means it was high above the ground. It was important to avoid traffic to get to the other side of the city but Clark would be lying if he said he wasn the least bit nervous.

He wasn scared of heights but that was because whenever he was up in the air he had control. However the view was really nice. He could see what looked like an endless row of skyscrapers along with a great view of the ocean.

It wasn until he got lower to the ground when the enjoyment was beginning to disappear. The east side was where Clarks apartment was which happened to be on the edge of the city where the giant waterfall was at the end of the city that went out into the ocean.

It wasn the safest part of the city but at the same time it wasn the worst either. But it was starting to look like a dump.

Trash was littered on the ground and graffiti was spread on buildings. Some homeless where there on the sidewalks while others were tripping high on drugs.

He could tell by the way they were acting and the horrible smell. Even from his truck he could smell them. One of the downsides of his powers were his enhanced senses and really good smelling happened to be one of them.

He could smell their bodies starting to die with the smell of rotting flesh that surrounded them . The street even smelled bad and he could even feel the germs touch his skin making him feel dirty.

Clark just looked around sad with remorse as everything seemed bad to him. Lower parts of the buildings had bars on their windows to prevent burglaries. Cameras were on the side of buildings that looked old and dingy

That was just this section he hoped other parts of the city weren like this but his first expressions weren the best.

Clark stopped at his new apartment building parking on the side of the road. The building itself definitely needed remodeling. It stood tall around three stories and started to show its age.

Clark hopped out and began walking to the front door till something caught his ears.


Clark turned his head towards the noise seeing a kid around eight or nine heading across the street not noticing a van driving through the green light.

The van got closer to him as he began to cross. Some people began to notice while a couple ran to stop him but it was too late.

The vehicle got closer and closer now only a few inches from the child. The woman who yelled for the boy to stop began to run faster but she was too far away as were some other people who began to leap towards the kid.

None were close enough to do anything as the van got closer as the boy froze when he noticed the van a touch from him.

Fortunately the van stopped along with everything else. Time was completely frozen with nothing moving. Not even flickering lights turned on and off while falling water droplets completely stopped as everything was completely frozen.

Everything except Clark who began to run across the street moving as if he would normally. He got closer wrapping one arm around the kids torso and his other to keep the boys neck as to not give him whiplash.

He placed him gently on the sidewalk before standing up and running back to his truck. He hoped hed moved fast enough so security cameras around didn catch him.

When he got back to his truck he got back in the same position he was in before all the excitement happened. Finally feeling confident that everything was alright he stopped moving and relaxed his muscles.

Time began moving normally as the van passed the spot where the kid stood before skidding to a stop. The driver got out quickly looking panicked.

All while the kid laid there with a shocked look in his face. His mom picked him up and took him into a big embrace.

”When I tell you to stop, you stop ” she told him with tearful eyes.

Clark smiled as he looked at the family and he felt very delighted helping them. He looked away and walked into the brick colored building and stopped at the counter.

An overweight man stood behind it with a comb over his head.

”Yes, ” he said to Clark with a deep voice.

”Im Clark Kent… ” Clark said, caught off guard by the mans voice. ”Umm…you have an apartment for me ”

”Can I see some valid ID along with your Metropolis Residencial card? ”

Clark handed him both items to which the man scanned at his computer.

Man they really like their security. Clark thought to himself waiting for his second check up.

The large man turned around with both of Clarks ID cards on one hand and a set of keys in the other.

”Here you go room Apartments 3D ” he said, handing the items to Clark.

Clark took them, thanking the man who went by the name skimpy. Clark unloaded the boxes from the truck onto the cramped elevator and pressed the button for the third floor.

At his stop he quickly moved the boxes out the elevator in front of the door with 3D on it. He turned the key into the nob, unlocking it and opening the door to his single room apartment.

To his surprise it was bigger in person. It was all one space except for the bathroom it worked. It had a small kitchen with an oven, stove and microwave all made by Luthorcorp except the small round table.

The bed was in the corner of the room by the window next to a small closet. In the center of the room was a brown couch that faced an empty wall.

But the best part was the view from the window. Clark could see the ocean along with the sky; he even had a view of Gotham across the bay.

All this for the low price of fifty bucks a month it truly was too good to be true. He took a moment to take in the sight and let the fact that he made it sink in.

He made it to Metropolis and got his own place. He was feeling both excited, joyful but also scared. Because if today proved anything he wasn in Kansas Anymore.

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