Superman The Man Of Metropolis

Chapter 1: Welcome Home Son

Jor-El, the best scientist on Krypton, is looking at a screen with a model of a ship on it making sure everything is working. He rushes to the other side of the room with red and white robes flowing behind him as he looks at another screen, this one has a model of the planet Earth.

The ground shakes, making him lose his balance but he quickly leans against the computer to make him regain his composure. Quickly finishing typing on the screen a small silver ship beside him starts hovering a few feet off the ground.

”Lara, its time ” He tells as a beautiful woman with beautiful blue eyes and elegant looking brown hair walks to the room carrying a sleeping infant in her arms. She slowly walks towards the ship, keeping her eyes on her son as tears begin to fall down her cheek.

Jor-El walks to her side, putting a small white dog in the ship filled with blankets. He looks at his wife now tears begin to form in his eyes. ”This is the best thing for him, ” he tells her.

”I..I know ” she replies, her voice shaking with sadness. ”I just wish we had more time. ”

He puts his hand under her cheeks moving her head so he can look at her eyes. ”Me too ” he replies, wiping away her tears with his thumb.

They both look down at the sleeping baby Lara stroking his cheek with her finger. They stand there for a few seconds just looking at their son finally doing the hardest thing for both of them and putting him in the ship next to the small dog.

Jor-El places his hand on his sons head. ”Goodbye my little Kal-El. ” He says placing a kiss on the babys forehead.

Lara starts putting the dog as he lays comfortable next to their baby. ”Protect him to the best of your ability Krypto. ” Lara steps back as Jor-El goes back to his computer both ignoring the room shaking around them.

Jor-El grades a white crystal walking to the ship and placing it in a slot. As soon as he does the ship starts to rumble and a hatch closes sealing in Kal-El and Krypto.

Jor-El puts his arms around his wife both watching as the ship shoots into the emptiness of space far away from Krypton.

The ship enters the atmosphere of the designated planet catching on fire as it sends debris everywhere as it gets closer to the ground. Part of the night sky lights up due to the as the ball of flame is about to crash into the ground of a nearby home.

Rodney Spellman was a truck driver driving the same rig for almost 11 years. Hes driven around the country and has seen all different types of people. Some were bad but most were good. Most everyone would mostly keep to their own.

But the passenger sleeping beside him was different. He couldn point it out but from the first time he saw the young man walking along the road trying his best to hitchhike with a smile on his face something seemed different about him.

Clark Kent was his name and as soon as Rodney pulled over his blue eyes lit up with a joyest smile Rodney knew he was different. They have been driving together for over a day getting to know each other. Clark told him about his travels with his favorite places hes been along with the people hes met.

While Clark was talking Rodney couldn help but listen. The way he would explain things with great detail was intriguing and his smile was infectious. Rodney couldn help but smile with Clark.

Eventually Clark fell asleep and slept for hours, his long rugged black hair covering one of his eyes. When he woke back up Clark told him how happy he was to return home to Kansas after being gone for five years.

But Clark fell asleep again and would remain so for the rest of the journey. When they finally arrived in Kansas the sun was beginning to rise.

”Hey kid ” Rodney said as Clarks head was resting against the trucks window.

”Hey kid! ” He said a little more firmly. Clark jumped a little, rubbing his eyes awake. ”We
e here. ”

Clark looked out the window, his eyes lightening up with excitement. Rodney noticed this and couldn help but smile too.

”Am I going the Right way? ” Rodney asked

”Yeah ” Clark replied ”its just a few more miles down this road. ”

They continued down the road in silence Rodney hands at ten and two his eyes on the road as Clark kept looking out with a


”How long has it been since you last saw this place? ” Rodney asked, trying to break the silence.

”Five years ”

This shocked Rodney; he could tell Clark was young, maybe in his early twenties. ”I left home after high school when I turned sixteen ” Clark continued.

This shocked Rodney even more; a sixteen year traveling alone was definitely not safe, especially these days.

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