y, but they seemed a little flustered and nervous.

She heard the uneven footsteps of one of the men; he was either crippled or injured.

Gao Wenwen analyzed their martial strength through their footsteps!

However, after cutting the rope, there was no chance of escaping.

The three men stopped in front of Gao Wenwen.

Hua San looked at the woman in red who was unconscious and tied to a chair.
There was always an indescribable look in his eyes.

“Big Brother, do we really want to do it to such a beautiful woman?”

He made a throat-slitting gesture.

As Lei Wenjun looked at this woman, his eyes were filled with pain and ruthlessness.

He gritted his teeth angrily and said, “Everyone in the city is looking for her now.
For our own safety, she must not appear in front of others again.
She must disappear!”

When he said this, the anger in his eyes was directed at Li Zhengming, who had failed to do his job and ruined everything.

Hua San rolled his eyes.

He smiled and said, “Boss, we’ve already captured her and the consequences have already been caused.
Are we fighting with those people just to make her disappear? In the end, won’t we lose more than we gain?”

Lei Wenjun frowned and looked at him.
He narrowed his sharp eyes and asked, “Little San, what do you think?”

Hua San said, “Since we’ve already captured her, why don’t we maximize her value?”

“What do you mean?” Lei Wenjun’s expression suddenly became stern.

“Boss, why did we capture those women? It’s all for money!” Hua San said, “Since it’s for money, why don’t we just make a big bet? If we succeed, this ticket will be more than the money we earned previously.
With this money, we can retire and live overseas!”

Lei Wenjun’s pupils constricted as he stared at Hua San.
Then, he smiled and said, “Little San, you’re really something!”

… .

Saving people was like putting out a fire.
It was extremely urgent!

If she delayed for a second, Gao Wenwen’s life might be in danger.

When Gu Qingming found out that there was a way to find Gao Wenwen, she took the risk.

No matter what, she couldn’t let anything happen to Wenwen.

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